How did I begin my journey?

Hey, I'm John Mac.

How does one find their strength, courage and path in life when there was no one to help establish the foundation?

And when you take into account their childhood was filled with violence, several mysterious and no-good step-fathers, alcohol, and a repeat pattern of losing one’s homestead and closest friends over and over?

Plus, they never liked school either. Not because the environment was shitty and unsuitable for learning. But because of their troublesome childhood (barely described in the previous paragraph).

Everyone's upbringing is different. And the capacity to fit into the “system” won’t work for everybody. Especially when you’re incarnated on this planet with a different energy signature than what your family, friends, and society seems to be guided by.

But, eventually, I did find my way. But not by doing what everyone said I should do. 

My life started out scary and rough. But finally, after moving away from stepfather number five, I settled down in a scary old house, in the countryside, with my dog. I started practicing Taekwon-Do and the Martial Arts.

It became a discipline that made sure I continued an uncommon path of self-discipline and a learning curve towards life’s deeper purpose, mysteries, and even metaphysics.

To make a living, I had three long-term jobs, but found them too limiting.

Making a personal shift to escape the system

After five years in my last job as a hotel receptionist, I had enough of that life-sucking work environment and the misbehaving earthlings who were having weekend fun in all kinds of intoxicating states.

At that time I had built up a customer base of Web Design clients from my two years of education at private school. I willingly jumped into the freelance water, hoping to swim by myself. And I did. 

For the last few years, I have been doing full-time at work by creating my own business and income. And by becoming a Web Designer and later a Shopify Expert and Partner, I got the freedom I wanted...

A lifestyle I love, improve, and now teach others to pursue. Over the years my focus has moved back into training and coaching. And I combine my teachings, my methods from Martial Arts, and my entrepreneurial background to help others who do not fit into the conventional system. 

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