How to find a mentor and Why the hell You Need One

If you feel like life is nothing but a goddamn struggle, you may be right…

How to find a mentor in 2018

How to find a mentor in 2018

If you feel like life is nothing but a goddamn struggle, you may be right about that. But the “struggle” often comes from not aligning yourself with your truth. So what is your truth? That’s something that someone outside your head can help clarify. Here’s how to find a mentor.

Over and over again, I have seen the benefits of being professionally guided by a mentor or coach. When you decide to let someone into your life—someone who can help you unclutter your mind, which is fenced in by different belief systems and barriers of fear—to observe and lead you on a journey of self-discovery, magic happens.

Why are mentors so important?

If I’m going back to my own childhood, which was a rough and often scary period of my life, I can’t recall any mentors who stood out. But I do remember my first coach.

He was a Taekwondo black belt, and the other students and I called him Sa Bum Nim (a respected trainer). This guy was responsible for helping me undergo a huge life transformation when I started practicing in 2001. He’s the reason I became a black belt trainer, essentially taking over the entire Taekwondo club after four years.

How to find a mentor for life
Gran Canaria, some time ago.


Yes, life can be shitty. But having even ONE individual whose energy, words, and behavior impacts you to steer your life in a positive direction can make all the difference.

One person, one mentor.

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Mentors—well-meaning authority figures and motivating relationships—are so important. If there’s someone who inspires you, even observing them from a distance can lead to positive changes in your own life.

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Some of the most successful people out there speak often about how mentors have played a crucial role in their growth. Among successful people—the rich, famous, or hustling goal achievers—it’s common knowledge that “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

So what do YOUR relationships look like?

There’s nothing wrong with having friends who are couch surfers or pot smokers. But let’s be real! These people are not typically dream builders, motivators, or believers in their potential.

By all means, they can be. But you get the point.

For my part, I can handle and care for just about anyone, but I don’t choose to associate with them. I have seen where that path leads.

For the purposes of this post, a mentor is an individual who’s outside of your typical social circle. Someone who is not a friend with an emotional investment in your relationship.

The benefits of mentoring

When you decide to [tweet_dis]reach out to a mentor or coach, I promise your goals will begin to accelerate[/tweet_dis] faster than you’d believe possible.

It’s so important to have a mentor who can see your world with a fresh perspective. One who can observe and provide you, who’s too close to your life to see it clearly, with the kind of insight you need. Someone who can advise you on which path to take, and then hold you accountable for staying on course so that you actually accomplish your goals.

That’s it. [tweet_dis]You want a mentor because you want something better for yourself.[/tweet_dis]

How to find a mentor and invest in yourself

Mentors and coaches are an investment in your life, purpose, and passion. Something most people don’t put any currency into. Instead they buy stuff, dope—things that keep them happy for a few hours, days, or maybe weeks. The best investment you can make is in YOU.

Prices for mentoring and coaching vary.

But let me first give you some great advice about how to start with a very affordable option—

Go to The Awakening Mindset Summit. This is a new mentor platform for transforming your life, increasing your energy, and discovering your hidden potential. Here you will find over 20 mentors included all in one membership and have access to the special offers they’ve provided.

Last tip: Summit members also have access to an audio session on the topic of how to find a mentor. And you can download the free, mind-bending tool that will reveal your hidden truths, qualities and passion in life.Surpising method to find your passion & purpose in life

You can pay double, triple, and even tenfold the price of The Awakening Mindset Summit for ONE mentor relationship.

If you are looking for a personal mentor, here’s how to find a mentor for life and business.

Virtually connect with a mentor online

Today’s world makes it easy for people who want to connect with like-minded individuals. Using applications like Skype, Zoom, or to conduct online meetings, we can host video calls and screen share.


Think about who you follow on social media that you look up to. Athletes, writers, fitness trainers, spiritual gurus, technical advisors—some of them will offer coaching programs. Find out who.

If they don’t, why not reach out to one and tactfully ask to have an informational interview? Be prepared, and don’t ask for too much of their time. Twenty to thirty minutes max. Then see where the relationship goes.


Google “your topic or interest + coaching program.” For example, type “clean food coaching program” into a search engine and look through the results. Did you find anyone who can help you? Even if you don’t join a coaching program, the people who run these programs will most likely be on social media or have a blog with plenty of free advice. Start there.


Send an email to someone you admire, but don’t be pushy. There is a big chance the individual you want to connect with will have a busy schedule. But it’s still worth a try. Be short, sweet, and clear about what problem you wish to solve or what goal you want to accomplish. Let them know plainly how they can help you.


Join a free webinar or online event—this way you get a sense of what the host can offer you. Webinars are now held daily all over the planet. They are an awesome way to train, serve, and offer people lessons and products that wouldn’t be possible otherwise (other than traveling across the world, of course).

Get in touch with a mentor in your local area

For me, coaching people one-on-one on camera works well, but I often have an even greater impact when meeting in-person.


Do you have access to your current boss or a former leader who you’ve worked with? Those individuals have reached their position for a reason. If you enjoy their energy and personality, find out if you can buy them a coffee and ask a few questions.


Maybe you know a person in your social sphere who has accomplished some great things. If you have kids, maybe they attend social activities with leaders who you could connect with. Find ways to get in touch with people and make the most out of the circles you already find yourself running in.


Join a local event or seminar—stay updated by reviewing information walls and activity boards at your local library or town hall. Do you find anything that connects to your interests and goals? Going to these events can often put you into contact with very interesting people. Not only the person hosting the event, but also other attendees who’ll have merits of their own.


Be open. Start talking with your most enlightened friends and their network. Don’t talk to your family—keep out of that arena. When you begin making real steps to set things in motion, your effort will be rewarded.

You never know who will be that one person who comes to affect your life in such a way that it shifted everything! Don’t underestimate anyone. Sometimes the most unexpected people can have hidden, golden nuggets. The key you need to move on.

Inappropriate methods (a.k.a. what not to do)

To make sure you never miss out on an opportunity, it’s important to know that there are also things you should never do when attempting to find a mentor. Some of which may speak for itself, but still, we could all use a reminder.

  • Tugging on someone’s shirt and telling them “I want you to mentor me” is not a good idea. This is especially true when you plan to approach someone directly. For you to simply walk up to an individual whom you find interesting and say “Hey, you got what I need, so please spend your precious time with me” is bad form.
  • Unless you’re paying for a service, don’t expect a one-way relationship. If you connect with someone with the sole purpose of benefiting from their experience, don’t expect your mentor to do all the heavy lifting. Consider how you can form a mutually beneficial relationship.

The most important thing we can do in life is to keep trying. Set one foot in front of the other, create motion in your circumstances, and put energy into whatever you aim to accomplish.

If you decide to align yourself with a mentor, sooner or later you WILL find one. And when you do, things will shift for you faster than ever before.

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I’ve had mentors and attended coaching programs, but nothing has shifted like it did last year when I decided to sign up for a mentor program on my own level.

I paid $5,000 for that.

I think your life, truth, and deepest desires are worth jumpstarting your life with a mentor platform like The Awakening Mindset Summit. Join, download the goodies and workbook, and begin your journey.

Are you welcome to connect with me directly?

You are! I invite everybody to get in touch. But do I offer free mentoring or consultation? Nope. Both you and I are worth more than that.