How to focus on what matters and win back your time in life

How often have you felt like a wet cloth, just laying there? After realizing that…

How to focus on what matters in life

How to focus on what matters in life

How often have you felt like a wet cloth, just laying there? After realizing that hours, days, and months of work just went by and your progress is so ridiculous that you just cry for a group-hug. ZHow to focus on what matters and win back your precious time.

For creative people, freelancers, entrepreneurs and outsiders of the norm who struggle with the 9-5 and bad education, we’re on our own.

I mean in the sense that we don’t follow the conventional system where we are told what to do, focus on, fulfill and complete.

So when we set out on our journey, seeking happiness and freedom at the same time as we wish to make use of our skills and build our own income from it, we tend to bounce all over the place at times.

One of the most beneficial traits people like us should practice and slap our faces to keep on track with is FOCUS.

Focus condenses time and raises its value

We have the freedom to play, try out new things, stumble over stuff, lose focus, jump into new ideas, creative works, and simply decide to not-give-a-shit, at times.

So the result of that is creating “fast time”. You look up from your desk to visually navigate the current moment of your reality only to discover you made shit-progress. And for some super-weird reason, at the same time, you made a quantum jump into a parallel reality, in the future.

Being captivated and focused on cool stuff is wonderful. But not when that focus is spread out into 11 different areas or totally different goals or projects.

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I think to be creative and blissfully fascinated like a newborn baby cow in the spring, bouncing all over the place, can be a good thing. But usually, we want something out of life. We got goals and dreams, and grind on a few tasks that will bring us closer to them.

Unless those tasks you invest your time on got nothing to do with each other.

Being busy is kind of a cool thing when talking about being a business owner, online entrepreneur and self-made-salary freelancer. But those with experience will tell you that it’s not the busy-ness that’s cool, it’s working smart and actually achieving stuff that rocks!

Life deals with one currency only: Your time being here

It’s a pretty valuable currency that you can spend as much as you want, with. But what crap are you investing your time in?

How do we win back time for what matters in life?

And how do we invest this time in something that gives us the sense of purpose and reason, so we channel the best part of us into our chosen areas of life? [tweet_dis]That’s a clue! You want to CHANNEL your-best-self.[/tweet_dis]

Important Clue Number One

I know for myself that I have a lot of interests. I’m good at many things. I know I can create, handle, dive into, manage, maintain, entertain, and have fun with a lot of, stuff.

But I also know that if I spend too much time on many of these things, I wouldn’t be happy. In the long run, it wouldn’t make sense. It wouldn’t align with my true core and deepest purpose.

And for the last years as I have spent more time connecting with this purpose.

My method of staying free in my work, to have the freedom that I want and not stay stuck fiddling with some shit-job to serve another master, has been my craft as a Web Designer. I have loved it.

But I came to a point where I was missing something.

Another big life arena of mine has been my 17 years of martial arts. I have been a trainer for 15 years, and I leveled up to my 1.Dan black belt degree, spring 2001.

As I spent time figuring out what the hell got me in the flow, giving my the juices and innate power to shine, I discovered a clue. Every time I had client or work meetings where I shared my knowledge, I snapped into a mentor slash coaching role. Almost every meeting.

This became especially evident when I had moments where I could go deeper with the person and bring valuable and deeper life lessons.

The clue here is to make sure that the time you invest and spend your mind-energy and focus on should align as close as possible to your true core values.

We can play around with many things, and we should. But that area of your life where you need to invest the most, especially to make an income, have to hit home with your innate, maybe hidden qualities and skills.

Important Clue Number Two

So the day you drop all your clothes, scream eureka and bounce happily out into a field of crops high on your self-discovery, that’s also the day you will have to take inventory on where to distribute your time.

[tweet_dis]To win back time and make significant progress in your journey, limit the number of cups you’re trying to fill up with your brain-power-juice.[/tweet_dis]

Focus. It means focus.

Now that you know you’re investing time and energy in life-goals and business projects that are more aligned with your super-human self, you will make damn-fast progress as long as you are limiting your tasks, focus on your goals, and make sure you complete them!

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There’s a much bigger chance of you actually fulfilling your goals and dreams now since there is more soul-energy into the driving factors.

So, to abruptly end this post without any more fancy-talk:

  • Make sure you dive deep to get closer to your hidden purpose and skills
  • Limit your focus to a few selected tasks that will take you to your goals

Hail to your awesomeness.