How to work remotely and live your dream

I’m loving digital nomads lifestyle and freedom, and will never go back to the some…

How to work remotely

Since I finished my school years some time ago, it wasn’t really easy to get a job. The recommended and advertised path of Great Success wasn’t any success at all. Even the school sucked. So I started to hunt for my own jobs. And now? I’m loving this freedom and will never go back to the limited lifestyle. You want to break out? Be inspired on how to work remotely and live your dream.

When my sister lost her “secure” job

I remember well all those times where (usually the same few people) friends or those “common folks” have been telling me “why don’t you just get a job, Johnny. Be secure and have a steady income”

Right. No thanks.

Tell me about that security! Like a few months ago when my sister had just become a hard working and respected Store Manager at a local and well-known hardware store. She was happy, proud and really improved this stores department into better routines. Finally, she GOT something!

Until she didn’t, just a few weeks ago.

The company suddenly decided to close down the department. So what could she do? Nothing. She was an employee and had nothing to battle the resignation with. She was expendable.

In fact, while I sit on this café this snowy evening and write this blog post, a friend of mine just called me for some advice on starting something on his own. He had a well-paid job as a grocery store manager. But now, everyone got fired after the store chain was bought by another company.

They all had to leave.

So that “security” of having only one income stream by serving a company where you are only a regular cog in the machinery making the business run, it’s one of the riskiest assets you can have.

ALL jobs are not bad. It’s not necessarily bad to work for someone else. I mean, someone has to work regular jobs, and many people love it. But when I talk to different people, too many are talking about totally different wants and dreams not related to the work they do.

They just hustle their survival jobs.

I’m not going to spend more time on this topic. I just wanted to make a point on why I stick with choosing my own dreams and building my own income streams. AND the freedom I get to have. And if you have been or are in some kind of the same situation, break out and seriously start choosing something else.

This digital nomad life where you spend your precious valuable time and life energy on your own passion AND get to LIVE at the same time, are exploding all over the world now.

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So I wanted to share some examples and inspiration for you.

How to break free from work and start living

First, do something for me…

Tell me in the comments below what your dreams are. If you really could choose, what would you do? I’m grouping this into two main categories:

  • Is it to have an important title, degree, plaque on your wall or to brag about your education or status?
  • Is it freedom. Both in a choice of work, financials and to experience life?

So you should choose something for yourself first. Know what you want. If you don’t, download my One-Page discover planner below and get some clarity.

You know, it’s not that education, a fine job and nice title is ridiculous. Only when you were misled by someone else, got stuck in debt and your years of education doesn’t give you any job as advertised by your family, a flock of people stuck in a limited mindset, or “the system” telling you to do it.

The first choice has a tendency to be a little strict, limiting, regulated, passion killing and including a lot of money owing discomfort.

The second one is something I will tell you is very possible, even without education at all. So without too much investment it is in fact very affordable to make happen.

So start figuring out what your passion is. Start dreaming and decide that you WANT to find the way!

Espresso House, one of my favorite cafés to work

Et bilde publisert av Johnny  (@fastone)

And be sure to read the right kind inspirational books to change your life. Don’t talk too much to your regular friends and family, most of them don’t break out like you do. Instead, look at what others did before you. Just like Elon Musk, Will Smith and Steve Jobs.

Now let me share with you some very cool resources and links where you will find examples with a lot of inspiration from people who have done this already. It’s wonderful human beings, LIVING. Many of them don’t even call they job “work”.

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Take a look at these possibilities that can just as well become a reality for you. If you choose it.

I bet you will find this inspiring. Don’t forget, inspiration is what drives us. But you also have to make things happen. If not, it will only be that dream.

So what are you dreams? What would you do right now if you could?