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Manifesting a new Realiy

Harness your manifesting power, Jump Timelines, and Experience an Exceptional Reality Living with the Abundance You Deserve.

"It was like magic. Like a sudden shift in my reality for me"
E.A Carter
Fiction Author, Canada

What if you suddenly discovered and understood the mental algorithm that shapes your reality?  What would you create in your life?

This manifestation framework is a simple step-by-step mindset training for both beginners and spiritually informed people to drastically re-shape their life and transition into a new improved reality where their dreams already exist.

The  The Reality Shift Template

Your mind-power could greatly benefit you

The Reality Shift Template will teach you the steps to drastically take charge of your life and how your future will be created. It’s a step-by-step process to become aware of one's personal reality and drastically increase the chances of fulfilling healthy goals and future dreams.

This framework WILL gradually cause positive changes in your reality. People who are looking to manifest their life in a conscious way may even find the power to exponentially shift and "jump timelines".

Your future reality already exist

If you are overwhelmed and ever felt that life is too "random", that you have little or no control, the Reality Shift Template Course will end the days of confusion. By tapping into cosmic laws and understand ancient teachings, life will make more sense and you will be the one dictating your own future.

  • Discover why and how "reality shifts" are possible
  • Understand that concept of Jumping Timelines
  • Make use of filtering and manifesting techniques to see results in your life

Allow dreams to happen instead of "accepting what is"

You were not taught to focus on your unique qualities and personality. Now is your time to change it. By living in an empowered state, you become the architect of your destiny. See how "filtering" your reality and doing manifestation techniques will move you into a new improved reality.

What’s in the Reality Shift Template training?

How to shift reality - free guide

The Reality Shift Template video and eBook (+ mindmap)

For you to keep: The original eBook for the course. In the video on eBook you will gain valuable knowledge, like:
  • What one of the most important steps in shifting your reality will do (you may be surprised).
  • Discover how you are being influenced RIGHT NOW and how to take control of it. 
  • 5 immensely important life-hacks to filter out what keeps you from moving forward in life.
  • The four effective manifesting techniques and practices to set tings in motion "out in the field".
  • + you will get access to...

    Done-For-You Research - Access to exciting facts about parallel realities and the topic of timelines (Members X-Files Archive)

    Reality Shift White-Paper - Realise the inner workings that makes shifting reality, possible for you. 

    A  session to get clarity, focus on your dreams, and how to manifest it (Video)

    Training session on Timeline Jumps (Video)

    Money back guarantee

    Accelerate your life in the right direction today - right now

    Get into the power of shaping your reality starting today.
    One time payment and instant access
    Keep your training for lifetime
    Access via computer or your mobile
    The training are being expanded. The price will go up to $147 in the next version. Buy today and get future updates for free.

    The Reality Shift Template Course
    Harness Your Manifesting Power, Jump Timelines, And Experience An Exceptional Reality Living With The Abundance You Deserve.
    You will be automatically logged in with instant access after purchase.
    Soon to be $147 $79 One time
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