My 7 Top Motivating People and Inspiring Mentors This Year

Inspiration move like Chi and changes over time. Here are my seven top motivating people…

Top motivating people this year

Top motivating people this year

I want to motivate you to find motivation. If you do, you will find inspiration, which will drive your creativity and give you the fuel you need to move forward and get shit done. Inspiration moves through the body like Chi and changes over time. Here are my seven top motivating people that don’t know they’ve fueled MY motivation this year.

But first, why do we need inspiration and motivation from others?

I read on the internet not so long ago that motivation is NOT something we need. Some people claim motivation is not necessary, and that instead, we should figure out our own lives. Hm…

Sounds weird. That might be fine if you know exactly what you want and precisely where to go to get it. If people who have done epic, awesome things are of no inspiration to you. Smells like fried ego.

Our lives are driven by something. In everything we do, there is a “fire of desire” to have something or experience something. This inner drive or passion can have either a short-term impact or produce much deeper connections, like the desire to get a new iPad (a short-term impact) vs. changing someone’s life by writing a book (a long-term, long-lasting impact).

We need inspiration and motivation from other people to keep us on track. To remind ourselves of new possibilities. To ignite even the smallest spark inside of us, we need to look at what extraordinary and amazing things life can bring about.

Why do we need inspiration?

When you find yourself motivated and inspired by someone else, that is a sign that something they are doing or have accomplished is connecting to something inside you.

Most of us have had days with little drive or passion to do anything. Those days, we might not even have the urge to get out of bed. While this feeling is quite normal, the problem lies with people who have yet to find their passion. People who do not believe in their ability to reach their goals, so instead they keep hitting the snooze button on life. There are likely many reasons why you lack the energy, drive, or creative juices to create the life you want.

Often we need someone to help us take the first step. We need to observe others who are reflecting that which we want to experience ourselves.

Okay, enough about why we need motivation. Below you will find a pretty varied list of interesting people and reasons why they fuel MY motivation for my business and personal life. You will see that all of these wonderful human beings come from different backgrounds, but each of them connects with me and explores the various aspects of life that are important to me.

It is my hope you will find value in checking out the following mentors:

Gary Vaynerchuk — for his drive and for following his own rules

You might think following Gary Vee would only be useful for those building their own business or running a side-hustle.

It’s not.

Gary is currently one of the world’s best-known business owners. He’s a speaker, a BIG social media hustler, and a marketing ninja for big brands. There are so many other cool things about Gary I could mention, but that’s for another post…

Gary Vaynerchuk in the car

I have been following Gary Vaynerchuk for a long time and watched his DailyVee shows on YouTube for breakfast. You see, the reason I do so is not just because of “the hustle,” as he calls it, and the business-related knowledge he provides. It’s about Gary’s energy, drive, and the way he paved his own way. He created brand new rules for the world’s biggest companies to adapt to. Gary is like Elon Musk—they’re both rocking world-disturbers who have decided to make shit happen and completely change the game.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Gary is like Elon Musk. They’re both rocking world-disturbers.[/tweet_box]

Gary moved with his family from Russia when he was a kid. He worked at his father’s wine shop for years which taught him some valuable skills that he would later continue developing—experiences that have turned Gary into a self-made Master of the Business game without any formal education. He’s a boss with a smart, loving smile on his face.

Here is Gary’s YouTube Channel, Instagram, and Twitter account

Casey Neistat — for his vibrant, lovely personality NOT shaped by rules

Casey is one of the most popular and well-known YouTubers. As I write this post and sip some coffee, Casey’s films are reaching an audience of over 8.1 million followers. That is more than me…

Who is the coolest YouTubers this year?

I’m not following Casey’s adventures because of his hairstyle or the coolness factor of being a Jedi on his Boosted Board. I connect very much with his story—how he took off and left all expectations, like school, behind, preferring to do his own thing.

Casey is a juggler of work, play, and fun, but he’s also serious about using his voice to share his passions. He is stretching his preconceived limits and doesn’t give a crap about what other people think while he moves through the landscape with his Gorillapod and camera.

He loves to create movies and has landed some really nice gigs while living in New York City. He is a funny guy, and people love his presence in the streets as he skates around on his board.

Here is Casey’s YouTube channel, Twitter, and Instagram account

Peter McKinnon — for his self-made success in visual storytelling

If you love to learn about photography and filmmaking, Peter is either a YouTuber you already know about, or should probably consider following today. He is a self-made filmmaker wizard and craftsman, passions which have now carried over to his professional life. A few weeks ago, he reached 1 million subscribers and is now one of the top YouTubers.

Who is Peter McKinnon?

It’s refreshing to know Peter’s time in school was not a success. Though photography has been his passion for years, he taught himself. Now his videos have a very smooth cinematic style. He also loves coffee.

Peter is an amazing example of what’s possible to accomplish in life, even if you don’t fit the classic image of “success.”

In his YouTube videos, Peter shares a lot of good content to teach people how to increase their passion for photography and improve their filmmaking skills.

Here is Peter’s YouTube channel, Instagram, and Twitter account

DRock — David Rock, filmmaker for Gary Vaynerchuk

Since I started enjoying Gary’s films, consuming his energy and content, I couldn’t help but notice the work of DRock. I also love the story of how David connected with Gary—a connection that resulted in being hired by Gary to work at what I consider one of the top, benchmark examples of a well cared for and lovingly mentored media house with motivated employees.

Filmmaking has been one of my “secret” passions for years. I have done a lot of film work, but I have never advertised it as a service. The work I put into film productions now is for my own content and message to the world on my YouTube channel.

When looking at DRock and his work, I love the format and quality of the edits he creates. He is living a life many people only dream about, and he’s an example of what can happen if you put in the work, dare to dream big, and focus on what you really want.

Here is David’s Instagram and Twitter account

Tom Morkes — for his methods of teaching, clarity, and mentorship

Tom is a business mentor who helps both new and big-name celebrity entrepreneurs with clarity, tactics, and business marketing plans.

He got his start as a writer and book publisher. He gave his first book to his followers for free. The second one was sold using a pay-what-you-want model, which pleasantly surprised him.

I have been following Tom for a few years, and we’ve been having a lot of conversations. He is also my go-to mentor for my own business and growth. Like I have written about before, everybody needs a mentor on an individual level in their personal and professional life. I have been blessed to be able to connect with Tom.

The boost of energy and the motivation I get from our “office hour” calls is basically priceless. They are the reasons I have accelerated in three essential areas: clarity, focus, and productivity.

Here is Tom’s Twitter account and website

Bradley Friesen — for his decision to follow his dream, share it with others, and remind them of the planet’s beauty

Bradley, along with his dog Bentley, is a helicopter pilot and YouTuber who flies around with celebrities. Finding motivation and inspiration from Bradley’s lifestyle and work could PROBABLY have something to do with the fact that I’m like a kid around helicopters. Just the sound of them makes me smile.

In the past, I have done a lot of flying for various film productions. There is nothing like sitting out of a helicopter with a camera on your lap.

Bradley Friesen is a helicopter pilot and YouTuber

Bradley decided very early on that he wanted to become a helicopter pilot. And he did. Now he flies over Canada with all kinds of people to bring them magical moments at a high altitude, sharing with them unforgettable and epic scenery. People who fly with Bradley and his cameraman Treven get the rare chance to reconnect with nature and be reminded of what this planet is all about.

Bringing joy into people’s lives is something one is remembered for. Bradley runs his own YouTube channel, and his partner Treven creates beautiful cinematic films from their mountain expeditions.

Here is Bradley’s YouTube channel and Instagram account

Victor Oddo — for being a mindful warrior and leader of new spiritual insights

Out of the many enlightened and insightful human beings currently on this planet, I consider Victor to be one of the most important spiritual teachers we have.

For me, expanding, growing, and nurturing my spirit and higher self is a very important part of my existence and personal growth. I do not follow any religion—those are just limiting and nasty old belief systems that have created nothing but confusion and mayhem on this planet for centuries.

Victor Oddo - Spiritual awakening mentor

Not everyone is spiritually focused, but everyone has a spirit. To expand my knowledge and take care of that part of me is my first priority. If you leave that part of you out, all you’re left with is a brain and a body of meat.

Victor is one of the “cool” guys on the street who presents his spirituality in a natural, clear, and well-spoken manner. He delivers insights in a format that has garnered him thousands of YouTube followers. I always say, for people not sure which direction to move at the start of their awakening process, that connecting with Victor and his insights will bring clarity.

He is one of the good teachers connecting the dots between many different aspects of this planet and universe that humans need to wake up to and understand before this world can truly change.

He is also one of our society’s rebels who chooses not to conform to the norm, speaking his truth with clarity and strength. Yes, Namaste, my friend.

Here is Victor’s main YouTube channel and Instagram account

Did you find the motivation you need?

So now I wonder, have you found the motivation you need to move forward in life? Or do you struggle with feeling stuck and having no idea where to go next?

Feel free to share your own situation below, and maybe I will suggest some motivational sources to provide clarity and fuel your “fire of desire.”