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What is Self Mastery and why Empower Yourself this way?

So what is Self Mastery and how to learn it

When was the last time you had confusing, scary, insecure or overwhelming thoughts about your current life situation? Feeling that you are not in control and life is just happening to you. Carry this heavy energy for too long, and it shows in your face. Time to take control. What is Self Mastery and why Empower Yourself this way?

Life struggles, whether it’s going on in school, your job, your business or personal life is about not being in the flow with yourself in such a way that life play in harmony with what you prefer.

Picture this: Going to school in the current system and methods of education is pretty well known for being a hell-hole for even the brightest minds, creating a lot of stress. Not to mention the often, inevitable, experience of failing to complete.

-That’s a ton of negative energy going on at once on this planet.

Picture this also: Going to work every day is something most people on this planet need to wake up to every day to sustain themselves. But did you know that 70-80% of the workforce in the US and England have said they can’t stand their jobs!?

-That’s another huge life arena with millions of people emitting a lot of negative energy.

I just wanted to mention these to common areas of life that take up much of our time being on this planet. And thus, should, in fact, be more fun and enjoyable. But it seems that for most people, it sucks vacuum.

Okay, school and work may suck. Then there’s life itself

Then we got life in general. A 3D reality experience on this planet that involves regular interaction with fellow earthlings. This creates drama with highs and lows, with love and hate, and expectations, and tricky interactions, and with dreams and goals and moments of utter bliss and even some unexplainable, unearthly experiences at times.

[tweet_dis]Do you feel that you can float your boat and be in control of your ship in this vast ever-changing ocean of constant motion?[/tweet_dis]

Do you think life is random, just happening to you, and you just go with the flow of whatever positive and negative events that come into your life?

Or could there be order in the chaos, with a divine grand plan, with an option for you to learn the “code of the matrix”?

DO YOU know that there is a giant library of ancient knowledge available that would probably piss you off, fuck with your mind for a few weeks, and wake up to a whole new awareness about life?

[tweet_box design="default" float="none"]DO YOU know that there is a giant library of ancient knowledge available that would probably piss you off?[/tweet_box]

As soon as your fog-head clicks into generating a spark that makes you want more knowledge, holy mother Mary! It’s like magic happens. You just unlocked the next level and a new path emerges before you.

There is more to it. Nothing is random. There are no mistakes in the Universe. Humans make mistakes, the Universe doesn’t. YOU make mistakes unless you want to reframe that as nuggets of learning. The mistakes that you and I keep making is not mistaken, it’s nuggets of upgrades and totally necessary Breadcrumbs of learning.

I know it’s sad that neither you or I have been told how things really work when we started school and should be prepared to join the scene and act out our lives. Your parents never spoke about any deeper knowledge that would help us take control of life, right?

What is Self Mastery? It's about being in control of your creation

I embrace those clever individuals that had enough of a random life. Those that often come from a place of feeling misplaced, not fitting into the societies Mary-Go-Round. People whos soul have reached a level of awareness that makes them incompatible with structures and rigid systems.

I teach them Self Mastery. Instead of crawling through life like a victim and limping on to the next random event, we can choose to learn how our bodies and mind actually work.

It’s almost like seeing the light. With some simple adjustments to how you take on your day every time you wake up, a new life will begin to “happen”.

Self Mastery is about being in control of your own life. It’s about knowing more about what you are, where you come from, and the power your mind has to has to make decisions so you can have a life that you prefer.

Self Mastery is about knowing for a fact, that you can choose your own thoughts. And those thoughts make you do clever decision about which leg to put on the floor first, every day when you got out of bed. What clothes to wear, which food types to stuff in your mouth hole, and what kind of people and knowledge you emerge yourself in.

[tweet_box design="default" float="none"]Instead of crawling through life like a victim and limping on to the next random event, we can choose to learn how your bodies and mind actually work.[/tweet_box]

All that, my friend. Is about Self Mastery.

For the past months, I have been getting more and more questions about my concept and teachings on Self Mastery, and what it contains.

So, instead of you reading a whole bunch about the topic, let me share with you my recent appearances on some of the podcasts and summits I have been on.

Learn the 7 Steps to Self Mastery

As way back as about 104 moons ago, I wrote my first eBook teaching people about the lessons I have compiled to make a dramatic shift in your life.

I was thinking, how can I, they incredible handsome son of the South of Norway, be part of the lightworkers who influence and slow down the out of control spinning on this planet?

Below you’ll find the free edition of the book for you to download and consume during a weekend of slowness. Master yourself, choose yourself, decide to be in control and not being a victim of the illusion that you are not in control.

[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_7]

Amen to that brothers and sisters! From this very day, tune into empowering yourself to the fullest. The knowledge is there and you have to capacity to make use of it.

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