What to do when you dont fit in: Choose Yourself

Maybe you will recognize the kind of story I’m about to share with you. I…

When you don't fit in

Maybe you will recognize the kind of story I’m about to share with you. I wanted to write out this true tale about a guy that went from being dark, miserable and feeling like a misfit. To becoming your next teacher!

For me, it’s been some outstanding changes to witness. I have seen positive changes happening again, just by having people thinking (understanding) differently. So the story has become a good example for how things can turn around for one guy. From experiences that many can relate to, to what he now is turning into and are about to start.

He agreed to put out this blog post as he wants to be an example of what happens when you make a choice, follow your calling. And don’t let the “norms” drag you down.

This summer, my own coach in the USA told me to collect some testimonials and personal stories from people I might have impacted. So I did, and I was surprised! A little overwhelmed, because even just asking them had an awesome response. And one of the guys writing his feedback to me agreed to share his story.

Let’s call him Andhi

A few years back, Andhi was, in fact, one of my Taekwon-Do students. So I knew him from before. He was quiet and shy at practice and didn’t really stand out in any way. At times, he was very insecure and uncomfortable. The other instructors didn’t read this fully, but I could tell.

He was different.

Andhi had a calm and chill presence, and he was damn talented. For us, he was one of the high hopes among the students to maybe become a next black belt. But, after some time, he became distant, sporadic at practice and dropped out. I later found out why.

Rumors spread, and I usually always get to hear things. Andhi started to nudge off into badlands. Because, as I said, he was different.

Why and how?

I could have said a lot about this, but it’s better intended for my mentorship students, who really wants to learn deeper insights. But let’s just say that a lot of people are born on this planet being different from the very start. I’m one of them. It’s the reason I do what I do.

For Andhi, it started at school. Basically, he didn’t attend the school that much. The format for learning and educating students didn’t fit him, and teachers were in fact very little impressive and motivating. Andhi was told that if you don’t struggle yourself through this, your life will be miserable.

After several attempts to fit in, school ended badly.

Then he went on and complied with societal norms and got a job. Actually, several jobs but nothing worked out. Times got worse, and before you know it. Andhi had written a very early life story with drinking, drugs and hell making.

He spent more time in his room than what was good for him.

Two different realities

He had gotten himself into a reality where I for sure didn’t exist. I love all of my Taekwon-Do students, so it’s sad to hear about such a downfall. We lost contact for years, until one day…

I had posted an update on Facebook in my personal profile. It was about mindfulness and meditation. It was the one thing that got Andhi to contact me again after all these years. And now it was the 7th of December 2014. It became the day where he connected with a more suitable person which impacted him in a whole new way and created a series of positive changes for him.

We had tea and we started to talk.

At our first conversations, I saw again the “difference” in Andhi. Even more strongly shining through this time. I recognized myself in him with the way his mind and words were different. Most people don’t show this expanded awareness and understanding in this age. No wonder his school years, jobs, friends and sometimes family never matched his energy pattern and way of seeing the world.

I decided to take on this conscious life-student and fire him up to new heights.

I wanted to turn limited belief systems around. We talked about mindsets, past lives, family connections and a lot of new understandings. I also shared necessary insights for de-programming of the norms and the expectations given in school, work and from his relationships. By using methods and life changing instructions like in the upcoming Vigor Mentorship Program,

I basically told him that he was not crazy and a misfit.

Then we spent time together discovering who and what Andhi really is. It seems we have found something awesome. Because this guy is now totally different. You can even see it in his face and tell by the energy trail he leaves behind. Also, what kind of new people he attracts.

For the last two months, we have talked about possibilities, methods and ways Andy can be 33 times more amazing and awesome as a person and a leader.

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So what is he up to now?

Well, he started his own blog. Hi is helping people resolve and understand “life-stuff”. And promotes a total change in food diet.

Let’s present to you “Andhi’s Journey”

He did this himself. He made the choice to make things better for himself. He dared to stand out and follow his passion and found a way to make the journey possible.

He is good to go!

You can read Andy’s and others testimonials here. And you can check out his new blog at

So, it’s been told.