Why does astrology work and your horoscope matter in life?

I live a lifestyle with daily routines that don’t really conform to the norms. I…

Why do astrology work?

Why do astrology work?

I live a lifestyle with daily routines that don’t really conform to the norms. I don’t like sheep herding. I like to be more than that. I love deeper knowledge and to truly understand my existence and concepts within “ancient wisdom.” So, why does astrology work and our horoscope matter, and how can it help us?

Okay, I’ll intro the new film I just posted to YouTube with giving you a little background. Skip it, or read on and understand where I come from.

Many years ago I quit the last job I had. Damn that 9 to 5 work-life! It was my employee job number 3, and I kept them all for years. A stable and hard working employee you might say, but that didn’t mean I liked it.

I ended that segment of my life by instead hustling my own jobs as a freelance Web Designer. GOD, I enjoyed getting that freedom! So this is what I have been doing for years while having a very active lifestyle within martial arts. It’s been 17 years of Taekwon-Do, and 15 years of those as a trainer and coach.

A lot of my daily routines in that have included meditation and mindfulness practices.

Why do I bother with understanding deeper knowledge?

My life sucked when I was young.

Early on at 18 years old, after leaving my stepfather number five, I had to move into an old shitty house with my dog. The roof was leaking when it rained, and the wind blew through the windows keeping the curtains in a steady motion.

Concerning the life-suck-scale, that’s just 5% of it. Now, [tweet_dis]when life sucks vacuum, and we have struggles and uphill battles, we tend to learn things on a deeper level[/tweet_dis].

From when I was a kid, up to my drivers’ license and beyond, I didn’t really spread out like most kids, and young rebels do. I never went to parties; I didn’t drink, I never smoked, and (almost) didn’t do any illegal stuff. At least if you could look away from blowing things up with dynamite and driving like I had stolen both the car and the gasoline.

There was something in me that made me not fit into the chaos, noise and standard way of living a young life.

And later, after moving into my own apartment, I began reading more and more and doing my own wake-up education. That’s knowledge and lessons you will never find in schools. In fact, school is not about deeper knowledge and waking up. If it were, you would have left it after two months for good reasons!

So I have always been interested in and open to understanding life and our existence genuinely. And for me, astrology came along as a natural and logical part of that.

But could you just read the daily horoscopes in the newspaper or your favorite lifestyle magazine? Nope. Don’t bother.

Another work road-trip, speaking to an astrologer

A few days ago I came home from another weekend trip working with a spiritual and mindfulness magazine in Norway. One of the owners is probably Norway’s most respected astrologer. He also wrote a pretty fat book now sold on Amazon called The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology.

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