I'm John Mac
Private 1-1 Sessions

Rewrite your Story, Activate Your Potential, And Shift Reality

I help people get clarity in life. I will work with those who feel alienated, not fitting into the conventional norms of society. People who think for themself. I help find their strengths, truths, and built an independent lifestyle. A full mindset rewrite to make you a powerful manifester.

This is your time ????
John Mac - Mindset Coach
Work with me

Reality Shift Coaching for Awakened Souls and Rebels of The Norms.

After I went through the "System", I quickly found out its not for me. And I have met A LOT of people feeling the same the last years. 

After leaving my last, shitty, and meaningless employee job, I decided to go solo and create my own path.

What a damn blessing ????

After 17 years of Martial Arts (Taekwon-Do), building my own online business, and doing a deep dive into spirituality and metaphysics, I turned completely incompatible with societies norms.

Whether you're from planet Earth or the Pleiades, I get how you feel. But there are options for you. And by having someone to work with you personally, to raise your energy and teach you the methods, you'll discover a completely different possible timeline for yourself.

You will be going through my coaching principles from my new book called "Filter & Manifest". This mindset re-programming will be very empowering when learning to manifest your dreams and move into another timeline with a new reality. 

What do you REALLY want to experience in life?
John Mac

Life Upgrade and Clarity

As you start to wake up and see the world differently, its getting harder to be part of the grind. It can also be a lonely journey. Remember: You become like your 5 closest friends. So having someone to connect with on 1-1 to focus on your clarity, inner truth, and path forward is going to be crucial.

You and I will work, privately, to built inner strength, clarity, and confidence. 
How to shift reality - free guide

Some loving feedback from a few

Nives Kurjak - Podcast Editor

To me, John is someone who is a mentor, brother, teacher, and friend all at the same time. He pushes you out of your comfort zone gently and wisely.

I always tried to set plans and goals by myself but with no execution in sight. However, with Johnny, I actually manage to accomplish the plan that we set out together. It’s was a powerful experience.

Nives Kurjak
Podcast Advisor and Editor, Serbia
Sebastian Weiss

“John was super sharp in isolating what my skills were and how I could turn these into a business/gig for myself. He helped me get clarity on the things I really liked doing and sparked the ideas for possible ways to turn this into MY LIFESTYLE”.

Sebastian Weiss, England
Sean Martin - Reddest Beard Podcast

"John came help identify what I really wanted to do with my life. And he came up with a coaching plan that worked for me. This is the reason I have the business I have today."

Sean Martin, Thailand
The Reddest Beard Podcast

This is how it works

You will have 2x Empowering Monthly Live Zoom sessions, 1-1 with me. 
You'll get an invitation to join the private access for the Creators Tribe monthly membership while you're in the program. (Free)
1-1 conversations to discover, motivate, and raise your energy. You will learn powerful manifesting techniques that few people know about.
You will create a road-map to put focus on a different Timeline and new reality.
You will get resources on ancient knowledge, spiritual awakening, and personal growth.
You get a space to safely discuss metaphysical and important spiritual knowledge to grow and become healthier and stronger. 
Upgrade my Life- Book free Session
Interested? You start right here. Our first session is free. If you still think you are ready, there will be a quick and simple sign-up process. 

You are here to experience greatness, earthly magic and abundance. 

You where never taught to focus on YOU as a person. How to "create" your life, or how to use natural laws of the universe to manifest your desires.

You're just going with the flow. Led through a system without questioning anything. This usually becomes very limited and mundane. Do you like the low-vibe energy of mundane?

Step out of the cycle of no-change, and learn to shift reality so you can experience better relationships, meaningful work, more travel, uplifting friends, and a little more magical in your life.
John Mac - Mindset Coach
Upgrade my Life- Book free Session
Interested? You start right here. Our first session is free. If you still think you are ready, there will be a quick and simple sign-up process. 

Creators Tribe FAQ

You can read more about the monthly Creators Tribe membership here. 

What is The Tribe?

It's a virtual, online, live video call Mastermind group to connect with like-minded, find motivation, and a breakthrough with your goals in life. You'll get an invitation to Tribe only monthly video calls to your email. And can join where ever you are in the world.

How does it work?

You sign up for a monthly membership (sign out any time). You get instant access to a Tribe-only email list and get private invitations to join our monthly calls to cover various topics.

Will it benefit, or work for me?

If you're missing connecting with some open-minded and bright souls, value and understanding of life's deeper mysteries to live better and wish to create passionate work in a business you'd love. Then YES!

Do I need any special software

We will be using the worldwide well-known Zoom app. You can then join from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. The link will be sent to your email after signup.

What topics will be covered?

The Tribe is intended to cover four main life arenas to improve your quality of life. Healthy habits, mindset, spirituality, and online business. You can bring your questions and topics to every Tribe call.

How long do I sign up for?

Your access to The Tribe will be on a per month basis. You can sign out at any time.

I'm John Mac
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