How to find your true self when your life force feels drained

Walking through life playing your cards close to your chest is no way to live.…

How to find your true self

How to find your true self

Have you ever heard of channeling? That’s when a person lets the consciousness of another entity flow through them to learn life lessons and receive guidance. And it feels great. Now, what if you could channel more of your true self and get the same results?

I have been observing people since I was a kid. It’s not a habit I was aware of back then, of course, but it’s one I formed while living alone with my mom, moving thirty-two times, and being raised around a lot of shitty people.

There’s a lot of acting happening.

It’s what most people do. Acting seems to be the default state of all humans because we try to blend in and survive in a world filled with scary people.

Learning how to act—our attempts to survive—is part of the learning process for us as reincarnated earthlings. We’re innately scared because when our fragile newborn human body vessels have been formed and are ready for the soul to enter them, we become detached from the awareness to the source of all knowing.

We forget.

We can’t remember what we are and where we come from, so everything begins again. We go on assuming that this is our first and only life, and we struggle with this knowledge every day in order to survive.

Knowing this, we have a choice to learn, to remember, and to develop a stronger connection to our higher self. That’s when the magic happens in your life.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Acting seems to be the default state of all humans because we try to blend in and survive in a world filled with scary people.[/tweet_box]

I learned to observe all the acting and misaligned behavior

As a child, I was always on the alert, looking out for myself, my siblings, my mother, and not least, several of my unstable stepfathers. If you’re observant, you’ll become aware of people’s patterns, body language, and mood changes.

So I started to see how often people acted like someone other than themselves.

I’ve also had a series of regular jobs since finishing middle school—four altogether—until I quit the nine-to-five work life years ago. Working everyday, stuck in a system I was not a part of, with colleagues I didn’t connect with and a boss who operated on a totally different level also gave me the chance to practice human observation.

So I started to see how often people acted like someone other than themselves.

You must learn to dodge, please, interact, observe, and calculate. Try to observe how people behave where you work. Do you sense that they are being themselves? Or are they “faking it” and merely acting out a role?

When I was nineteen years old, I started practicing Tae Kwon Do.

Early on, I became a black belt trainer. That was when I began observing humans even more, becoming especially aware of how unbalanced people are when not acting as their true self.

I’ve spent seventeen years training and working with people. That’s basically seventeen years of education. But where do you go to school to learn all of this?

Over the years, I’ve developed my own methods to improve my senses and my ability to “feel” and see how people behave. I really enjoyed and connected with much of the knowledge about body language in former FBI agent Joe Navarro’s book, What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People.

How do you act out your life?

If you could connect more with your truth and your divineness, you would channel more of your “force” and be happier and full of energy.

You can learn how to observe yourself and align more with your true self

Observing other people is a good way of educating yourself about, well, yourself. Here’s what to do:

Sit down at a café and “extend” your senses. If you’re a woman, you innately have more of this ability already built-in. If you’re a guy, open up to it. You may see some sweet looking people as you observe, but this isn’t about sensing with your dick (or even your brain, really). Feel the air and use your body energy to observe the other people in the room with you.

How do you think they feel about the space they are in right now?

If they are having a conversation with someone, do they seem calm, at ease, and natural? Are they being themselves? Watch their body language—their hand movements, eye contact, posture, and especially how their feet move.

Also observe how a lot of people use their cellphones as a comfort blanket that allows them to stay in their bubble and avoid eye contact with anyone.

While you’re sitting, think about how you behave and interact with the world.

Decide to rediscover yourself and let the truth come out

I began this post by asking if you’ve heard of channeling, and it took me a while to circle back to that. But I wanted you to think about how we present ourselves to the world and have you observe yourself before making any changes. If you are new to the concept of channeling, it may sound weird, or even scary—especially if you’ve been too conditioned by Hollywood or religion. But channeling is when a person gets into a meditative state and “channels” information and deeper knowledge from a “higher” being (or group of beings).

Channeling is a natural ability all people possess, but we’re taught jack shit about it.

The reason it’s natural is because you are more than just your mind and body. You’re also a soul. It’s in fact WHAT you are, and the body is simply the vessel you operate that makes it possible for you to experience this reality. Luckily, the vessel also comes with a mind so you can think for yourself and make decisions.

When the day that you want to upgrade your life and become happier and healthier arrives—connecting with your true self—everything will change for you.

Channeling is a natural ability all people possess, but we’re taught jack shit about it.

Instead of adapting to the world, make the world adapt to you.

Rather than through force, your life will change naturally because you’ll have shifted your body and mind energy. When you’re being your true self, you’re no longer acting.

Your reality will change because the frequency of your whole being will have also changed. You’ll be operating on a different channel that renders a different reality. You will also raise your energy levels. Expect to feel stronger and healthier.

Expect to see some of your relationships with friends, family, and others around you change over time as a result of you living your true self instead of acting out a role based on society’s expectations and the programming you’ve received from your past experiences. Especially your childhood.

Acting makes people feel so sad and sick that they give their power away

One of the saddest things I observe happening to many people is them giving their power away. They allow themselves to be shaped by situations, people, and their environment. This downgrades their life force so much that over time it makes them sick.

People who give their power away are not allowing themselves to take their place in the world. So often, they feel like telling everyone, “excuse me for existing.”

[tweet_dis]There’s a fine line between being nice and polite—in making yourself small—and allowing yourself to be diminished, silenced, and pushed around.[/tweet_dis]

Walking through life playing your cards close to your chest is no way to live. You should stand tall and radiate your light and aura in a loving way so that people turn their heads when you walk into the room.

Jesus was like that. Just like many other highly educated and enlightened souls who have walked this planet (and the people who still are).

How do I rediscover my true self and find my purpose?

Ah, thank you for asking. I believe I have talked about that a few times. In fact, I have an e-book about that subject to help people reconnect with their true self.

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I’m also the host of the Awakening Mindset Summit, an online event with over 20 speakers from around the world sharing their best life expanding tips.

I think both the e-book and the summit could be great places for you to start.

Rise above the norms.