Most creative individuals share a deep longing to embrace their true calling and express themselves through their creativity. Unfortunately, fear and doubt can sneak up on us in many cases, and we never end up turning our dreams into reality. However, it’s important to remember that these feelings are entirely normal and that we don’t necessarily have to overcome them as much as we need to embrace them in order to achieve our creative goals. 

Whether you dream of becoming an author, painter, photographer, or any other form of creative genius, here is how you can confidently pursue that artistic calling:

Accept your individuality as a gift

How to accept my inner artist

Many creatives feel like they are competing with other artists, constantly comparing themselves to others and thinking they aren’t good enough simply because they are at the beginning of their journey. But the truth is, if you are an artist now, you will always be one, and your aptitude will be expressed through your ideas, creations, and the way you live your life.

As an artist, there is truly no reason to compare yourself to anyone. Each individual has their own authentic voice, vision, and point of view, and that is wonderful! This is exactly what makes you unique, and it is a great gift you should feel confident in pursuing and glad to share with the world.

Turn self-doubt into motivation

Turning doubt to motivation

As humans, however, most of us have a tendency to get lost in negative thoughts, critiquing ourselves, our talents, and our creative processes each day. And while our inner critics are certainly a hindrance to progress, the good news is that they are nothing more than a habit, one we could attempt to break.

So, make it a point to change your mindset. Take note of any negative thought patterns, and don’t let your doubts take over. Rather, make an effort to replace these thoughts with positive ones, in turn motivating yourself to continue forward and pursue your creative calling with more enthusiasm.

Put in the needed work each day

Put in the work

Although inspiration is an incredibly important part of the creative process, you simply can’t sit around all day and wait for inspiration to strike before you start working, as that’s quite a good way of never actually accomplishing anything. Instead, you should put in the work every day, whether the inspiration strikes or not, in order to achieve progress.

If you’ve decided to express your artistry by creating resin jewelry or home accessories, for instance, buying a beautiful resin color to experiment with can be a great idea. From pearl and metallic to glitter and holographic finishes, new pigments could easily motivate you to create something new. And even if inspiration doesn’t come, you can still enjoy the sense of accomplishment knowing you have managed to make something wonderful each day.

Continue investing in growth

Investing in myself

Working on developing the technical skills needed to make beautiful art is another crucial aspect of successfully engaging in any creative endeavour. For that reason, continuing to practice regularly, investing in new learning opportunities, and prioritizing both personal and professional growth should be your main focus.

This could be as simple as reading books or watching YouTube videos on improving your techniques or even more elaborate like investing in professional courses and workshops; whatever allows you to grow, develop, find a new creative outlet, and possibly breed inspiration. However, try not to look at self-development as a requirement, but rather as a helpful tool that accelerates growth, in an effort not to lose your motivation.

Try to enjoy the entire process

Enjoy the artist process

Every creative process is meant to be fun, enjoyable, and fulfilling. While it’s entirely natural not to feel overly motivated and eager to work each day, expressing yourself through art should still be a positive general experience. You should always feel like your creative endeavors are allowing you to enrich your life.

That being said, if the entire artistic process seems like nothing more than a necessary chore to you, it might be time for a change. You might realize that you’ve chosen the wrong calling and that drawing might suit you more than painting for example, or you could simply need a change and a fresh perspective, such as photographing people instead of landscapes; whatever allows you to have more fun while expressing your talents.

Pursuing your artistic calling is never an easy task, as it requires plenty of confidence and self-assurance. But as long as you believe in yourself and your abilities, you can easily let your talents shine through.

The world is changing rapidly. Mass urbanization, technological advancement and transformation, and the fact that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to establish a work-life balance can make it feel like we are constantly wandering, struggling to find our purpose, our lives imbued with stress and anxiety. Here we look at how nature is healing for the mind so you can regain your power.

The hectic modern world is definitely making it difficult for younger generations to find their purpose in life or set things into perspective.

Unfortunately, this should come as no surprise, because modern life seems to be designed to weigh you down, and keep you from achieving greatness. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find your true purpose and set off on the right course.

What you need is to regain inner peace and stability, expand your awareness and perception so that you can put things into perspective. And there’s no better way to do that than to spend time in Mother Nature’s embrace. 

Here are the five ways nature can heal your mind and make 2021 the best year of your life

Escape the stress and find your sense of calm

To discover your true purpose, your passion, and to be able to create a concrete plan for the future, you first need to deal with the stress in your life. Stress is the killer of dreams and anxiety is the weight pulling you down. You can’t hope to achieve your goals or build a thriving life if you’re constantly weighed down by these invisible demons. 

Best ways to remove stress in nature

Mind you, if you don’t minimize or eliminate stress and anxiety, these could lead to serious issues down the road, such as depression. Fortunately, escaping into nature is one of the best ways to battle chronic stress, fatigue, and regain your sense of calm to banish anxiety and panic attacks. Immediately as you find yourself surrounded by nature, you will feel that ringing in your ears start to subside, you will start breathing deeply, and you will feel at home. You will quickly get the sense how nature is healing for the mind.

Regain mental clarity and build your vision

Once the feelings of stress and anxiety have started to subside and you find yourself truly immersed in the here and now, you can start regaining some much-needed clarity. This is the first step towards finding your purpose and defining the vision that will help you achieve your goals in life. It’s the first step towards regaining your spiritual, physical, and mental energy, all of which are essential to build a life imbued with health and happiness.

How to heal in nature

To regain mental clarity and banish that dreaded brain fog that’s keeping you focused on survival and your basic needs, you need to focus your attention on your surroundings. It will be difficult at first, but you can use mindful meditation, breathing techniques, and your yoga flow to empty your mind of worry and focus on the sounds, scents, and signs or the natural world around you.

Spend time in nature to shift your perspective

You can’t hope to change your life for the better without self-actualization, and without shifting your perspective and priorities. Right now, you are focused on the paycheck, pleasing your boss, and staying in line with societal expectations. That’s not going to change without deep introspection. You need to get moving, and you need to explore the natural world.

Camping in nature to remove stress

Be sure to spend enough time in nature, and bring a tent and other equipment needed for a lengthier stay. It’s important to have multipurpose tools with you like the reliable OTF knives to help you pitch a tent and mold your surroundings. Then, you can set off on brief but transformative exploration journeys from your campsite, paying close attention to how the natural world lives and breathes.

During your walks, you will slowly start to realize what matters and what doesn’t matter to you in life, how simpler and more rewarding it can be, and what you should prioritize. Your walks will allow you to get rid of psychological and spiritual burdens, and find your true purpose.

Stay grounded and rational but dream big

Establishing a deeper connection with the Earth is one of the best ways to stay grounded in life. The time you spend in nature will help you reconnect with your rational self as well, to better put things into perspective and improve your spiritual health in the process.

Removing stress to find clarity

That said, in this rationality you will find a higher sense of freedom and courage to take on even bolder goals and dream bigger than ever before. Nature has that funny way of telling you that you can do better, and that you have the potential to achieve greatness, whatever it may entail for you.

Work on finding balance in life

You are bound to return to the hectic urban environment where you live and work, but it’s important to return to nature on a regular basis. Remember, your living environment is not what’s affecting your well-being – it’s you who needs to learn to stay grounded, balanced, and happy amidst the noise and the confusion.

Yoga in nature to remove stress

Make sure to use your time in nature to find balance in your life and make the most important decisions that will affect your daily routine, and your future. In a very practical sense, you should use your natural surroundings to devise a plan to enjoy your life more, worry less, and strike a balance between your career and your leisure time used for rest and mental rejuvenation.

Over to you

In the hectic modern world, nature is the place you want to be if your goal is to find your purpose and change your life for the better. Make it a habit to visit Mother Nature often, and use these tips to make the most of your stay. 

Being alive in the 21st century is no walk in the park. In fact, the hectic modern lifestyle has the power to completely ruin our emotional and spiritual well-being, and set our lives on a downward spiral if we’re not careful. Between your stressful job and societal expectations, all the way to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic and the constant worry about money, these and many other stressors are difficult to overcome. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t naturally take control of your health, nor is it too late to regain it.

In fact, you have what it takes to make 2021 your best and most successful year yet, but only if you apply yourself, make a conscious change, and take the right steps towards personal and professional freedom. You can do it, but you need help and guidance.

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That’s why today I’ll be sharing the top five tips you can start using today to take control of your health and prevent the modern lifestyle from weighing you down. Here’s what you can do.

Respecting yourself and your well-being

First and foremost, to stay in control of your life during these hectic times, you need to respect yourself. Oftentimes we think that there is only one way to respect ourselves, but in reality, you have to learn to respect yourself in your personal and professional life. 

Mindfulness in nature

Are you constantly putting the needs of others in front of your own? Are you a people pleaser? Do you respect your body and are you listening to what it’s trying to say? Do you know how to say “no” to others or to yourself when faced with a proposition that directly affects your well-being, career, or personal life?

This proposition can be a craving for something utterly unhealthy that you know you shouldn’t eat, or it can be a request to pick up someone else’s slack at work. Do you respect yourself enough to take a stand?

Self-respect is one of the most important ways to stay in control of your life, your mental health, and your physical well-being. So tomorrow when you get up, the first thing you’re going to say to yourself is that you’re no longer going let other people or unhealthy vices dictate your well-being.

Train your mind to be in control

Your mindset can influence your life in a negative or positive direction, but things are often not so black and white. Nowadays, there is a lot of gray area in our everyday lives that tends to cloud our judgement. Sometimes, we can feel perfectly content with the current situation while deep inside something is telling us that this is not how our life is supposed to pan out.

How to heal naturally

And so, we start to drift, procrastinate, and slowly we fall into negative routines. Your goal should be to train your mind to control your life and career, and always stay on the positive path. The path to happiness and success.

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You can only achieve this kind of mental freedom through self-actualization, and by making a conscious decision to pursue the goals that bring you happiness, while helping others along the way.

Physical health builds mental fortitude

We can’t talk all day long about mental resilience and freedom while ignoring the painfully obvious truth that’s staring right at us – mental health is deeply tied with physical well-being. Remember, within a healthy body resides a healthy mind, and aside from a myriad of health benefits that a healthy lifestyle brings, it simply makes you more confident and self-reliant.

Healing in nature

And when you’re self-reliant, you’re in control. When you’re in control, you can shape your life how you see fit.

That’s why it’s so important to exercise regularly and eat well. What’s that, you’re too tired and busy? Then make a workout schedule and find the best preworkout supplement that will give you the energy you need to exercise even when you just feel like procrastinating on the couch.

What’s that, you can’t eat healthy because of your hectic schedule? Learn how to prep your meals several days in advance, put them in glass containers, and bring them with you on your day. There is always a solution no matter how busy you are, the only question is are you willing to commit to a healthier you?

Finding your peace amidst the chaos

If you’re wondering why you constantly feel tired and drained, like you’re low on energy no matter how much you sleep, it’s probably because you’re living in a chaotic modern world. While you can’t change the way the world works, you can definitely detach yourself from the chaos and banish the noise to find inner peace.

How to self rejuvinate

Peace is what you need to collect your thoughts, steady your mind, and make better life decisions. You can’t expect yourself to make the best decisions for your future when you’re constantly bombarded by your environment, so make time to disconnect and venture inside to find your true self. All of a sudden, the path forward will become clear.

Organize your life and prioritize tasks

Last but not least, you can’t run around through life expecting things to fall into place all on their own. If you’re disorganized and if you don’t have a healthy routine, there’s no way to build a healthy future. With that in mind, now is the time to take control by adopting the right organizational habits.

Change of mindset

Prepping your meals, exercising regularly, going to bed at the same time, writing stuff down, using a calendar app for all your appointments, setting timeframes for everything you do – these are all small lifestyle changes that have a big impact. Most importantly, they help you stay in control of your everyday life.

Wrapping up - Naturally take control of your health

The modern lifestyle can often seem too much to handle. If you’re feeling like you’re being dragged down, then the time has come for a reset. Use these tips to take control of your mental and physical health, and pave the road to a happier life.

To find a yoga retreat in Thailand is not hard. But to find a local gem? That might take a bit of searching. I’m lucky because 45 minutes outside of our city we found a magical yoga retreat that is not overpriced, hyped up, or too crowded. 

If you’re looking for a yoga retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand, then you should continue going to this retreat. Plus, they have Hobbit-like houses!

When you’re searching for the best yoga retreats in Thailand, the place I’m about to suggest probably won’t come up in your results. 

To find out more about this magical place, keep reading. I’m sharing more details and prices! Plus, here’s my YouTube video from that weekend. 

If you want a local wellness retreat that offers yoga classes, organic food, steam baths, ice baths, and various events then this place is for you. 

Peaceful Yoga Retreat in Thailand - The Mala Dahra

We came here by chance because a few friends suggested coming along to a peaceful event with them for the weekend. And? We don’t regret it. 

The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm is only about a 45 minute drive outside of Chiang Mai in Thailand. We live here, so it was a speedy trip through booking a Grab Bike.

Magical Yoga Retreat in Thailand, Chiang-Mai
A hobbit house at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm in Chiang Mai.

We only stayed for one long day during our visit.

But I’ll share some of the features here for you to skim through:

A Wellness Center in Chiang Mai to Visit and Relax

Months before we came to visit with our friends at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm, I had spent a little too much energy on client work and my business project. I was stressed, fatigued, and low on energy.

Coming to The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm in Chiang Mai was a blessing. Though my girlfriend was the only one attending the yoga classes and taking steam baths, I was able to relax with good food, some reading, and I was able to meet new amazing people that I will connect with later.

I believe more people should take time to honor their wellbeing and search for a relaxing wellness center in Thailand (or wherever you are in the world!).

Magical Yoga Retreat in Chiang Mai Salt Water Pool
The salt water pool at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm in Chiang Mai.

During the last few months our minds have been tossed all over the place because of the madness from the pandemic and the various lockdowns around the planet. 

Coming to a grounding and rejuvenating place like The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm truly slows down time, gradually recalibrates your energy and heightens your senses again. 

We Joined a Sound Healing Event and Had a Magical Experience

I will never forget the sound healing event that took place at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm. I have never attended any gathering like this before. But my girl and I wanted to try it out and soak up as much of our time at the retreat center as possible. 

It turned out to be powerful, uplifting, and balancing.

The individuals conducting this sound healing event at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm also gave us a training session on breathing techniques that have a huge impact on the body. 

You may have heard about different yoga-based breathing techniques or maybe the Wim Hof method? What we learned is somewhat the same principle! 

Coming to a place like The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm is like getting back into the “right place” if you’re a conscious, aware and spiritually connected person.

It's needed from time to time, as you won't find this type of energy signature in the typical everyday life. 

A Chiang Mai Yoga Retreat Worth Visiting - (Video)

We visited The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm on a Saturday to partake in a special event they were offering that weekend.

We paid 200 Baht for the day, plus another 100 Baht to join the sound healing event.

That’s under 10 USD. Is your wellbeing worth that? 

One of our friends traveling with us for the weekend did rent her own private bungalow apartment. We stopped by to leave our stuff there. She paid 500 Baht ($16 USD) for the night, which is a very low price to be part of an event like this.

Her apartment was a round-shaped building with a queen size bed. A couch with a small table, and a double swing door into a bathroom that was, in fact, partly outside. It was placed below the roof alongside the outer wall. And it had a nice sink and an open shower that was covered by yet another thick wall reaching up under the roof of the building.

I don’t know all of the prices for staying at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm.

You should get in touch with them and check for the time you want to stay.

Here are a few links to check out The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Follow them on Instagram @maladhara.

You can also check out their Facebook Page to stay up to date with their prices and events.

Picture this: You grab the laptop you already own and spend a few hours doing two things! First, dig up the BEST form of motivation you can find and achieve a winners mindset. Second, without any former knowledge, learn one easy way to make money online, have more freedom, and start exploring life. Does this sound like a plan to freedom? It is. That’s why I’m writing this article from a café in Thailand.

When you’re tired of your current life situation regarding work, your current job, or even school... What are your options in life?

I’m going to talk about mindset motivation and one easy way to make money online --  a creative way that lets you work from home (or anywhere!). 

Tired of your meaningless life and lack of passion?

Maybe you are a free soul that is suffering because you’re not interested in this conventional, mundane life that all the earthlings simply accept and go about in their everyday lives.

I get you. And it's totally fine that you are tired, unmotivated, and silently depressed from this non-passion driven and meaningless hustle. Because I’ve experienced the same feelings myself.

The last time I was “stuck” in a shitty job was at the local hotel in town where I worked the reception counter during the night shift. 

This job wasn’t just a shitty job from 9-5. It was from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. And it came with all kinds of misbehaving humans in the middle of the night.

To become more awake and self aware, it’s time that you look into your own well-being and take care of yourself. It’s time to claim your freedom, nurture your personal skills, and learn an easy way to make money online.

Let’s get out of this rut and old paradigm and talk about the two things that can change your life.

Boost your mindset so you can achieve great things

The way you live your life right now does not determine your entire life. What I mean is that what you are experiencing in life right now, and how you live it, is not how it’s always going to be.

Your life is determined by what YOU believe, what you think, and what choices you make every single day.

The following 3 questions are related to your mindset and they are very important.

Write these down:

The first thing you need to do to make a change in how you work (so that you can move your focus to start making an income online) is to begin prepping your mind for it.

If your head is full of old programming, there will need to be a shift in your focus and thinking. You may need to see and understand that you DO actually have choices in life.

The next thing is to make sure you get a proper dose of motivation every single day to keep your energy up and have the right focus. 

You may also start considering your closest network of friends and family. Do they have your best interests at heart? Because they can be really good at sabotaging your new journey and plans.

What’s an easy way to make money online?

One easy way to make money online is by creating websites using the computer you already have... It is a lot simpler and faster than you think!

I’m saying this because you don’t need any coding skills. And you don’t need any design experience. And you for sure do not need any form of education.

Creating websites has a totally different and simple workflow in 2020 than it used to a few years back. It's easy to register a domain, it's easy to install WordPress automatically, and it's easy to create beautiful web pages using website builders like Divi og Oxygen builder. 

It's easier to get paying clients than you may think!

A lot of people have asked me how to land Web Design clients. This will prove to be a lot easier than you think. When you start focusing on this topic, talk to people, and get one or two websites done, things start to flow.

I’m writing this article based on one of my YouTube videos on the same topic:

More people are getting creative and are looking into how they can work online, especially COVID-19. I wanted to tell the world how I have been working for years to keep my freedom and grow my income.

No more flat salary at a job I don’t like. No more getting paid ONLY when I show up at work. Now I have a few hundred dollars coming in, passively, every month without lifting a finger. 

For my part, I have had a really good time during the pandemic -- never out of work, and I’m basically living the same life as before. 

I work on my laptop, from anywhere, and with the same tools as usual. During the lockdown, the only difference has been less choices in cafés and places to work from.

The same can happen for you. When people know you are able to make websites, they will talk. You will have the option to make one and charge for it!

I created a course on how to earn a living making websites

So I made an online course on how you can start making a good living creating websites for individuals and small business owners. I wanted to help people who truly want the freedom to create a better lifestyle for themselves. 

It's a new way of working creatively on your computer with ready-made tools and templates, while getting paid for it, by clients all around the world.

What do you get in this course? 

Well, I had to focus on HOW to become a Web Designer. So, I’m including everything you need to know to start getting clients, how to get paid, the workflow you will use, what tools to use, the invoicing systems I recommend, how clients can pay you online and so much more.

I’m currently working on version 2.0 of my course to include updated content based on feedback from my tribe members and previous students in the course. 

If a new way of making an income is something you’re looking for, consider my course as I’m focusing on helping people become their own bosses. I help them claim their freedom to work and travel, and to spend more time on their freedom and well being. 

You can check out my course HERE. 

Your life may be changing. It may even feel out of control. Or maybe you desperately need change? This is all part of the shift of times we are in. And your greatest benefits of moving to another country to start over and simplify your life. I just did and got rid of 80% of my belongings.

Help me out here. We’re in a time of huge changes for many people, so please share this post everywhere appropriate for your network. It is time we master our lives on a completely new level.

You’re not alone in the need to read this post. I’m sure.

I just sold my stuff and left my country for the second time

I’m writing this article to bring about some new ideas and motivation for you to make some needed changes in your life.

I sold or trashed about 80% of my belongings home in Norway. I let go of my apartment, and stuffed the rest away at a storage service. Then, my girl and I packed our bags to leave for Thailand, again.

Scary? Yes, especially with my background and childhood. Which I’m talking about in this video.

7 benefits of moving to another country to start over

If you’re like most people I know, you are afraid to take the leap and move out of your comfortable and well-known area (zone > comfort zone). It doesn’t matter if the place you live right now or the situation you are in with your life or business is unhealthy.

It’s still scary to move to a completely different place. Especially to a different country. But you know what?

You may have many benefits of moving to another country, but it just SEEMS scary. Moving to another country could, in fact, be safer for your own well-being than deciding not to, and staying stuck in the old energy.

I want you to consider these seven benefits of moving to another country to start over with your life and career.

  1. You’re getting away from old routines that keep you in a loop
  2. You’re moving away from unhealthy relationships (hopefully)
  3. You’re setting life in motion to experience new positive events
  4. You will activate new parts of your brain because a new place, new people, and new things to learn will come about
  5. You open up for unexpected good things, because you set the flow of life in motion instead of being stuck in the same habits
  6. Your money can become worth a lot more than it is now
  7. You can connect with like-minded people and finally focus on your true values in life and start a new career

Do you think I’m just making up some nice benefits of moving to another country while writing this article? I’m not. All seven benefits come from my own experience.

And it’s exactly what my girlfriend and I experienced when escaping to Thailand in 2019. (Video: And we’re worried at this time)

Staying still and being stuck in the old is bad energy

Maybe you have heard about Dr. Masaru Emoto and his famous research on water. One thing he found in one of his experiments is that water that’s affected with long time negative thoughts, and water being totally still for a long time, becomes poisonous.

Think about your lifeforce in the same way. If your everyday life and career are at a stand-still, you’re in a slow-paced routine carousel doing the same thing day after day, you’re on repeat and it can make you unhappy and unhealthy. Your life force is not in the flow and moving as it should.

Consider this reality when it comes to your current job, your education, where you live, and your relationships. These are common areas to be stuck.

Our reason for being on this planet has a spiritual purpose. It’s for our soul to experience as much and as deeply as possible. It’s the natural flow of consciousness, and if there is no flow, your higher self will feel the stuckness and will display as emotions in your life making you feel that something is not right.

It’s like if you would pack on a shit-load of tight clothes, feeling cramped and stuck, not being able to move. Physically and mentally, you would eventually feel claustrophobic and freak out. Desperately trying to break loose.

It’s the same with our spiritual self. It’s supposed to experience, be in the flow, and go on with life. Not to stay stuck, hold on to negative places, people, or routines. Soon, your energy body and your mind will feel unhappy and unfulfilled.

Moving from Norway to Thailand was the best thing that happened to me

In a previous post, I talked about the drama my girl and I felt when we had to move out of Norway.

Because of her limit of a 90 days tourist Visa as a U.S citizen, we had to move outside of the Schengen Zone (European countries). So we ended up in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was scary at first.

We had no idea how this would turn out, or how it would be to live here. But by looking at some YouTube videos, doing some research, and talking to people, we felt more and more ready to just get the hell out of Norway.

To make this story short: It turned out to be the best thing that has happened in my own life, and to my girlfriend's life in a long time.

It’s like my personal Universe suddenly came back into the flow.

We came to a country where we met like-minded and more interesting people that actually had goals and who were seeking a deeper purpose in life. (not common in Norway)

Eating healthy suddenly became super convenient and easy. It’s also amazingly cheap.

We met people that were doing business online and living a healthy lifestyle by doing their mindfulness practices, and seeking deeper knowledge in life.

Is moving to another country worth it?

For us, it was not only worth moving to another country. The way I see it now, after having spent some time in Thailand, it was totally necessary for our own well-being. We changed something so we could get in the flow of our purpose and goals in life.

Chiang Mai gave us the energy to live our lifestyle in a very affordable way.

Consider these values and benefits to figure out if it’s worth it for you

In the times we are living in now, I think it can be a good option to move to a country for the following three main reasons:

Thailand is obviously one place you could move to. I would recommend researching options to stay for a longer time. Coming to Thailand on a tourist Visa will give you a maximum 30-days stay.

dCondo apartments in Chiang Mai, Thailand

There are other very affordable countries to move to, as well. If you create a clever way of working online (there are many cool options) you will be location independent and be able to move around.

Working and traveling as a freelancer and Digital Nomad is my lifestyle of choice. I wouldn’t want anything else. It’s what allowed me and my girl to move to another country and start over with our dreams and goals.

It’s also giving me a more steady income as I’m getting paid no matter where I work.

Web Designer coaching

I know a lot of people are looking for this lifestyle change right now. That’s why I decided to teach other people my way of making a good payment, including passive income, so they can have their freedom.

You will find out more about how simple this can be by simply using your laptop.

Again, I hope this post gave you some ideas. Consider sharing this article, or this video on YouTube so others can benefit from you sharing good content.

Questions? Share a comment on this video on YouTube.

When something in you changes so drastically that it’s hard to get along with friends and family, there’s a mismatch in frequencies. My girl and I have experienced that. We just came home from 6 months in Thailand. Norway is safe, nice, and a rich-bitch country, but it’s not the best for us. Now, we practice simple living.

In March of 2019, we had to escape the country. It was a dramatic change for a few days. Not because going from Nordic nature, system and society were so bad, but more so due to the unpredictable nature and the necessity of the move.

Now we're back in Norway, and it hasn't been that pleasant. So, let me share my backstory. You may recognize yourself in what's going on here.

When You’re Forced to Make Changes in Life

How would you feel having to leave the comfort of your home apartment to start living in a totally different country on the other side of the world?

Well, that’s what we decided to do. And it wasn’t pleasant at first. We felt this was like a forced move.

Simple living

To recap in case you didn’t see the video on WHY we escaped Norway, here is a quick update.

My girl is from Californa in the U.S., and in December of 2018, she came to stay with me in Norway. But as a tourist visitor, she only had 90 days of freedom here. And getting paperwork done for her to live with me in Norway, even though I could provide for her, seemed to be harder than expected.

Not to mention that “Norway Inc.” for some silly reason needed a $1000 payment just for the application. Fuck that.

Our time staying together was running out as she was getting closer to her 90-day tourist visa limit. So we had to come up with something.

We ended up buying tickets to Thailand. Our destination was Chiang Mai. You can watch the video on our journey here on YouTube

An Unexpected Outcome of Joy in Thailand

So, we ended up in Thailand, and that’s when things started to really flow in synchronicity with our passion and goals. More and more I wanted simple living, to have less stuff, and to reduce the mental overload.

Everything in Thailand, from the income, a place to stay, and a good flow of positive outcomes for our businesses started to manifest when we came to Chiang Mai - we both work online.

My girl had great success with growing her community, doing courses, and building her online presence.

We also lived well. Check out the video from our Thailand series on how we found our Chiang Mai luxury condo with a Zen garden and a big pool. Life was good. Though it was a nice, small apartment, it was simple living with just enough to have a good time.

dCondo apartments in Chiang Mai, Thailand

To sum it up, here are the benefits of being thrown out in the unknown for us:

So, we had some great benefits of making changes to our lives by moving to another country.

But after six months here, we found it was time for us to get back to Norway. Especially for me. And we were going back to my home country with no place to live.

Three months before went back, in June 2019, my sister had asked to take over my apartment in Norway. I said yes. Because I would save $500 monthly and prepare for a better place for me and my girl to stay when we got back.

Our plane landed at Gardermoen airport in Norway one September afternoon. We came from 35 degrees Celsius and landed in 5 degrees. It was fresh.

After baggage claim and switching out our sim-cards we hit the airport shuttle train to the city center of Oslo. I had booked a room there for us to stay in.

That evening we started to feel it. Norway wasn’t that pleasant to come back to. 

Going Back to the Old After Six Months of Happiness

One thing I noticed in Chiang Mai, Thailand, was the overall peaceful energy in the city. The kindness of the Thai people and how they greet you is not something you find in Norway. They rather prefer NOT to talk.

The first evening in Norway the sounds of drunk people screaming, people fighting, prostitutes calling out their targets, and the overall noise in the cold, rainy and dark streets did not feel magical in any way.

Yes, it’s Norwegians having fun. Yes, it’s a cold Nordic country. And yes, whores are to be found in Thailand too. But we did not have the same experience in Chiang Mai at all.

There was a mismatch in energy that did not harmonize with us.

We left Oslo. But as we didn’t have my apartment to come back home to, we arranged to stay with friend of mine. He is a single guy living alone in a very nice house he renovated himself.

It was quite comfy the first days, but the feeling of coming back to the old, slow, boring, and conventional 9-5 society of people with the exact same mindset started to become depressing.

We came from a warm, bright, positive, and vibrant reality where lots of interesting and like-minded people had goals, worked on their dreams, consumed healthier foods, practiced meditation, and overall had a more inspiring lifestyle.

I felt like coming back to Hobbit land where most of the people haven’t seen the outside of the forest.

I was reminded of the choices we had to make by leaving Thailand. My girl got cut off from her newly found friends and tribe in Chiang Mai. She could no longer host her courses. We had a hard time choosing a place to go out to work and eat healthier foods. Not to mention the sick prices you have to pay in Norway to live a healthy lifestyle in general.

Combined with the dark, cold, and gloomy weather of Norway at this time of year, the positive flow and energy we had built up in Thailand started leaking. We got into a more somber and depressive state. My girl was struggling, and I saw that this less colorful landscape is not a place to live.

Especially because we didn’t feel fully at home in someone else’s house.

Home to Simplify, Reset, and Prepare for Simple Living

Coming back to my home country was something we had to do, but we had other plans than just coming home.

Norway is a safe, wealthy country with nice people. But nice doesn’t mean nice to us. A lot of people are depressed and close-minded in this country, especially during the fall. People get closed in and have low energy. Norway has way too many suicides per year to be such a “nice” country. Why is that?

Our plan for getting back, first of all, was for me to clean out my old apartment. And I was damn brutal about it. I got rid of 70% of my stuff!

It went to the trash or I sold it. And damn…

It feels good. It’s been relieving to get rid of OLD ENERGY! To not have all that old crap to occupy my mind and take up space. All these useless things to tend to, maintain and take care of. 

So, I came back home to simplify and reset my life. I wanted to prepare and make room for new and positive changes, and to get ready to travel back to Thailand at the beginning of 2020.

We stuffed what’s left of my personal belongings in a cute storage locker in my home town and put a solid key lock on it. 

Speaking of life-hacks. Here’s a security tip for you! Don’t buy the shitty padlocks with codes. They are crap. I opened every damn code padlock in the storage facility within 20 seconds to 5 minutes. 

When You Experience a Mismatch in Your Reality

I talk a lot about dimensional shifts in my content and coaching. I make people aware of their reality in a metaphysical way.

A dimensional shift (on many levels) is taking place on this planet at this time. It’s been going on for a few years now, but it is really spiking and topping up the last 2-3 years.

This shift (of consciousness and awareness) makes you experience changes too. It can be sudden changes in your reality like your family and work life, and it will most likely also be some emotional changes.

This is because our lives and the reality we experience will be affected and rearrange things for us. The challenges occur when people don’t know what’s going on because they lack awareness and deeper knowledge of life and our existence.

So, if you’re in a time where you feel...

Then the shift the planet is talking about is having an effect on you too.

This is not a time to try and brutally hold on to the old ways of life - old habits, old friends, the same routines, the same job, the same place to live. 

It is time to be more flexible, open, and fluid in your choices and decisions in life, so you can be more in the flow of positive changes and all the adjustments that eventually WILL happen over time as we go through these transformations. 

What are the “Shift” and the Changes We’re Talking About?

The changes happening on the planet, the shift, the “New Earth” is part of a big planetary upgrade that’s been prophesized for a long time. Mayans have talked about it. The bible talks about it. The native Indian tribes around the world talk about it.

And now it’s happening. If you’re scared about it or freaked out, educate yourself. Gain insights. But not from conventional methods or the media. The school won’t be able to help you.

All the old, negative, unhealthy, and out of balance systems and ways of life on this planet is falling apart. It’s shifting and cleansing itself where the effect will be a dimensional shift.

That’s why you will experience this as some sort of a dimensional shift in your own life too. And some of the effects of this are that people, things, places, and other subtle changes in your surroundings (reality) will take place.

How Your Reality May Change For You

You may see friends or family starting to fade out of your reality. You may feel that long-lasting connections to them simply do not feel right anymore. A change in your job or education may suddenly take an unexpected turn.

The same effect will be for them. You may start fading out of THEIR reality. This is what happened to us.

I remember when I had talked to friends about the topic of dimensional shifts. That changes may occur, and that it could, in fact, happen between us. I seek deeper knowledge, and I want to become more aware and aim for personal growth. So, for the people around me that are not motivated by that and simply stay stuck in the old may see me disappear in their daily life in some way.

The reason is that when you change and tune-up your awareness, your frequency also changes, which puts you in a different reality.

And they did. My girlfriend and I faded out of our friend’s reality here in Norway. We went out of reach for them. And the way it happened is that we popped out on the other side of the world in Thailand, which, for us, was a pretty different reality.

Other changes you may experience are different food cravings, the need to simplify your life, a need to detox from conventional media and entertainment, to mention a few. 

So, What Should the Next Move Be in Your Life?

As you read above, we clearly noticed how it felt to get back to the “old reality” as soon as we got back to Norway. Back to the same routines, same landscape, same friends doing the exact same thing and thinking the same thought that keeps them doing the exact same thing. Every day.

So, we have been pushed to see what’s good for us. And we will not be staying in Norway for long. We’re going for a couple of trips in January/February of 2020, and then we will be heading back to Thailand in April.

At least that’s the plan for us now, and just having that plan and to know what’s coming for us (because we decided to) makes it feel pretty good. 

So, what’s the next move in your life? 

How will you be using the change of the 2020 energy matrix to your benefit?

What do YOU feel, and think will happen for you in 2020? 

Help me share this article and then head over to my YouTube video on the topic. Leave a comment sharing the current status of your life and what goals you have.

Stay well.

How to make a reality shift

What is a reality shift, really? On a metaphysical level, it’s about changing your vibration until you see your surroundings change. That’s what I experienced, and it’s something that you could also benefit from immensely. I will share a few tips on how to make a reality shift, if you have a vision of a more grandiose life in the future.

You're reading the third article in the series of three about my, more or less, forced transition and move to Thailand.

You can read more about

Here's the third film in the series on how we settled down in our zen-like garden apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

At the end of this article, I’ll share a very interesting little event that happened just a few days ago. A tiny, healthy example of how you can change your reality in a matter of a few minutes.

When the Universe Takes Over and Forces a Shift Upon You

In a moment, I’ll tell you exactly how you are changing your reality every day.

But first, I wanted to share my own event... An example from just a few months ago.

In the winter of this year, I was more or less forced to move to the other side of the planet. You may have noticed that this is the last post in a series of three from that experience.

During this last part, I will show you an example of what a complete reality shift can look like and how it may not be what you expected. Maybe there is a shift happening on a metaphysical level, but you don’t see it that way.

The reason I moved to Thailand with my girlfriend was because her visa expired as a tourist in Norway, so we had to come up with something.

If I wanted to stay with her, both of us had to move to another place on this planet which was outside of the Schengen zone, and outside of the U.S.

Marbella working on her business

I had been living in the same apartment home in Norway for about 20 years, but I should have made a change a long time ago.

I guess you can imagine that Norway and Thailand are two very different realities, but when my girl came to Norway, that was the beginning of the big shift.

We ended up moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand, which caused a lot of things to change. To be honest, this move was very scary at first. When leaving Norway, we had a one-way ticket and only a 3 day Airbnb deal at our arrival.

In this situation, you could say that the changes were not willingly implemented by me. I really didn’t want to move from Norway, but if I wanted to keep living with the love of my life, I had to make some changes.

So by me not wanting to move away from that old apartment in Norway, changes were somewhat forced upon me by the Universe, introducing a clever new plan.

Understand That You Constantly Move Up and Down in Frequency

You may have heard this analogy before. I often use it in relation to frequency levels and what you experience in your daily life, "It’s about the old fashioned radio and it’s channels."

First of all you KNOW that when the radio is turned on, because ALL broadcasts are there and available to you at the same time. It’s happening and streaming all at once. You just have to turn the dial and choose which one you want to experience.

It is the same in relation to your mind and your life.

It’s pretty simple really. The basic understanding of this is not hard. As you go through your day to day life, your points of focus and emotional states bounce up and down all the time, unless you live a very sleepy and mundane life.

Such a life with this kind of flat energy curve may make you happy, but it is not a healthy life.

You are, or should be, in control of your own mind. You can train it by practicing things you know work to be more in control and focus on thoughts that connect with how you want your life to become.

Start Preparing Your New Reality in Your Mind

What would make you the most happy in life?

Where does this take place and with whom?

To make a reality shift, we have to focus on that reality (even though it seems far away from what you see when you open your eyes right now).

Seriously, it’s exactly what happened to me. Only three short months ago, I could not picture living in a luxury condo here in Chiang Mai, Thailand with a huge pool and a zen-like garden outside with lots of butterflies and a thriving birdlife, singing both evenings and mornings.

But you know what, it has been a part of my dreams. I have pictured this setting for a long time, and I believe this is part of the reason this reality has come into my life.

I also think it’s part of a bigger plan that I can’t see clearly right now, but I trust what is coming. And I’m happy for it.

Decide what you want in life. Be bold and clear about what truly matters to you and what’s important for you to experience or have. Start picturing this! If you become emotional about your desires, it will reinforce the power of creation on the metaphysical level.

That’s the backstage of reality before it starts to emerge in the physical reality you wake up to every day.

Start Filtering Out Information, People, and Places

I do know that most people live their lives blindly accepting what is around them, such as their own house, the place or area they live in, and the people they surround themselves with.

This includes even the closest relationships you have, which can sometimes be the hardest part to filter out. Why would you want to filter these people out of your life?

Often there will be individuals in your life that do not fit into the reality you REALLY want, and they are not a match for your energy. It is the unhealthy and toxic people that are not aware of it themselves.

You have the right to choose and you should make sure to spend some mindful time cleaning up who you allow to impact and affect your life. This is all in your hands, as you are the mastermind of your life.

Another important factor is to start filtering out all the shitty information, news, and entertainment that most humans blindly swallow and consume every day.

Most of this is NOT going to motivate or nurture your life energy and goals. They are simply bad habits of mindless consumption and bad energy to the mind.

This affects your emotional state and will influence your reality. You get what you ask for. So news and people around you WILL have a substantial impact on your goals and dreams, and in turn, the reality shift you are trying to perform.

Make Sure You Focus on Something Important to You

Humans want a lot of things in their life. They want stuff, things, and all sorts of objects and pleasant experiences.

But if you look away from that and focus on something that is more important, like your personal growth, your career, your passion, and deeper values, make sure it truly matters.

Everyone wants a nice car or cool vacation, but they don’t really have a deep rooted passion for it. It is merely a short-term pleasure, and for many people, this is what they keep seeking. Over and over again.

So when you go into learning how to make a reality shift, make sure it touches your feelings when you ponder and picture it.

Let’s end this article with a short recap for you to keep in mind if you want to change your reality to something you prefer more than what you have now.

  1. The emotional energy and frequency you have in you determines your reality and daily life that you experience. 
  2. Start preparing your new reality in your mind first. Meditate, draw, visualize, and feel it. 
  3. Begin filtering out all the crap that doesn’t match the life and reality you want. This includes people, places, news, and objects. 
  4. Make sure the reality you wish for is important and emotionally connected to you. If not, there’s no life force in it. 
  5. Last tip: Do meditation to GET INTO the reality you’re expecting. 

If you would take the time to write these down, you will reinforce remembering them.

My Self-Healing Transition From a Few Days Ago

I mentioned in the beginning of this article that I wanted to share a cool example. It's a minor thing for me, a big one for some, and maybe totally silly for others.

But as we have been going about our daily life routines here in Chiang Mai for the last few weeks, I have been sensing a lot of the energy shifts that are happening on the planet.

I'm aware of this, I research it, and I try to stay cognisant of how it affects my body and mind.

A few days ago, I was having a very shitty energy running through my system, and for two days I experienced an intense tightening in my neck which caused two days of headaches.

The last day after coming back home from dinner at the mall, I wanted to try and get some sleep. But I couldn't lay down, because it made it even worse. So after some time, I decided to just sit up straight to relieve the pain a little bit.

I still couldn’t sleep, and I was very tired of this back pain and headaches.

Power of Visualising Changes in Your Mind

I decided to really dive into it by practicing a longer meditation. I used a technique where I made a choice and decided to leave this version of my body that had accumulated stress and was affected by whatever change that is occurring.

Meditation and visualizing is one of the methods to make a reality shift to accelerate personal and business growth in your life.

I then pictured a version of my body and mind that I recognize as vital, strong, and healthy. I spent several minutes feeling the energy in my body as best as I could and then moved it over to the other version of my body.

After a few minutes, suddenly the pain lifted for just over a few seconds.

I kept sitting in this state of mind for a while to make sure that I left all the pain behind, and I reinforced my entrance in my new body to stay.

I was a little surprised that it worked. My neck pain and headache went away and hasn’t come back since.

I decided to make a reality shift, and I did. I shifted into another version of my body, and the old reality was left behind.

This is how you can also make faster reality changes than what you thought possible. You just have to be aware, decide, make a choice, and make it happen.

My reality shifted drastically this winter due to a full relocation to the other side of the planet, and it was for the better. For friends and family around me in Norway, my girlfriend and I simply faded out of their reality, because we’re no longer in immediate reach for them.

That is what happens. We shift in and out of realities every day, but this experience is usually so small we never notice, but sometimes this occurs through big shifts.

Check out my video episode on how we finally settled down in Chiang Mai, and how our reality has shifted!

What if you one day have to relocate to a different part of the world but feel insecure? It could be exactly what you need for you to become more of who you are. But how can you get unstuck in life by trusting yourself, the Universe, and allow change to happen? Well, I was, more or less, forced to move from Norway to Thailand, and now my girlfriend and I are living better than ever.

Quick Tips on How to Get Unstuck in Life By Trusting Yourself

First of all, you DO NEED to understand that all power over your life lies within you. That's not just a romantic saying with a hint of spirituality. It's a fact. And IF you think this is not true, well, you have given up all of your personal power and allowed whatever-you-believe-in to rule your life.

  1. Decide that you want to trust and find your power
  2. Consider making drastic changes to your closest friends
  3. Relocate to a new place to do start the first nudge of change
  4. Devote time to re-discover yourself - because you're awesome
  5. Be honest about your inner truths so you don't become an actor in your own life. You're not fooling the others, you're only fooling yourself.

These are my five main tips to get unstuck in life by trusting yourself. It's okay to get help and guidance. However, you should choose someone outside of your inner circle.

Maybe You Are Stuck in Life - Like Water Not Flowing Freely?

You may think that the place you are living now is where you are supposed to be. Or maybe you’re like a hobbit? Not really interested in moving too much farther than the border of the farm field fence.

That can, in fact, become your biggest mistake for real success in your life. Staying put in “what-I-have-always-had” is often creating the biggest blockages of energy flow in our lives.

Let me use water as an example... I encourage you to watch a documentary about water memory for free on YouTube. After viewing this video, look into the famous facts on what Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered about water, take that analogy into your own body, and apply it to your life situation.

Water is energy. And your body is made up of 70% water.

Part of the research conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto shows that water that stays still for too long becomes poisonous. His research can be applied to being or not being in the flow state of the life force.

If you get stuck on your couch at home in your current living area, that could stop the natural flow and progress of what was supposed to bring great things into your life. Think of it as a halt on the dreams that you carry, but refuse to set in motion, because you’re afraid of taking the next step.

For you to figure out how to get unstuck in life by trusting yourself and not be dependent of the "system" or any external resource, you have to DECIDE to take control. That's all it takes, really.

This Is What Happened In My Situation When Being Forced to Move

You may have noticed my previous article about being forced to move to Thailand to keep my relationship. Since we’re not completely free humans on this planet, to move about as we please, we had to escape out of the Schengen zone if my girlfriend and I wanted to stay together. So we did.

I believe that I may have experienced a few years of being stuck.

Because of a fucked-up childhood and being tossed and moved all over the place for too long (32 times, including living in a tent). I didn’t really fancy looking for a new place.

So I have been stuck and living in the same apartment in Norway for about 20 years! Part of the reason for that was comfortability and the fact that it was cheap and peaceful (which was exactly what I needed for some time).

However, I realized that comfortability develops into passiveness and feeling stuck, which is the reason why I stopped growing and expanding. The move is actually why I can finally have a bigger breakthrough in my entrepreneurial journey.

In the winter for 2019, after my girl from the U.S moved to my place in Norway, we had to figure shit out after her 90 day tourist visa ran out. So we did some research on Thailand.

You can only imagine how different this would be for me.

Moving from a small, local town in a country full of trees, to the other side of the world with intense heat, palm trees, and nothing but a 3 day Airbnb to stay in when we arrived.

But that’s when the flow of energy and positive events started to flow again!

The Biggest Blessing - Ending Up in a Luxury Apartment in Chiang Mai

If you come to a point in life where you are actually becoming aware of your stuckness, it could be the time to make a drastic move.

You may not have to move to the other side of the planet, but get out from the hole you are most likely sinking deeper into so that you can set your life in motion again.

After we arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand, things just kept falling into place.

It’s like the Universe had plans for us, and we started seeing a pattern in things coming to us in just the right time.

Now we’re living in a luxury apartment in Chiang Mai which is almost like a zen-like garden with the biggest swimming pool here in town.

dCondo Ping lobby, Chiang Mai
dCondo Ping lobby

Is this something you would like?

Not only are we living in a much more motivating and peaceful place for ⅓ of the cost in Norway.

But we’re connecting with and meeting so many more interesting people with a similar mindset and with some actual goals in life. It’s just a very good place to be right now.

Trust That Your Fears Are Imaginary and The Universe Always Supports You

If you’re in a tight spot with your progress, happiness, and lack of purpose in life or your entrepreneurial career right now, moving away from the old WILL set SOME things in motion.

You will most likely feel insecure about making changes. This is normal. But you simply have to decide by using your free will and taking control of your life that this stuckness won’t do any longer.

To succumb to your fear is the mother of all fuck-ups when it comes to your own success, and you don’t want that.

You want to feel happy, yes? Do you want to have progress in life and feel uplifted, empowered, and see that success is coming your way?

Of course you do, and so it will be, as long as you don’t stop it by being dramatic.

I do coaching and one-on-one strategy, mindset, and productivity training with people. Sometimes we need a secondary input from a person who sees the path more clearly than we do ourselves.

If you want to accelerate your own progress through clarity and a ready-set roadmap, this is an option for you.

I will be guiding you through the new choices you face in life, so you're not alone in your journey. I will help you see things more clearly, feel confident, and more happy to take the next step.

Connect with me through this website, and I will do a free first time discovery call with you. I offer this to make it easy and open for people to decide if they want to work with me.

You can also check out another post about my girl and I leaving Norway, and above you can watch my YouTube video on EP 2 from our condo hunting in Chiang Mai. You’ll see some really nice places!

Last Tip:

Let changes happen in your life. The Life-Force is not static. It has to flow. If you try to contain it, nature will find its way and force a shift upon you, often in ways you cannot control.

Stay well.

The ancient texts talk about a coming time where this planet will experience a huge shift. We’re right in the middle of it now and you may feel some of the changes. I know I do. Don’t freak out, though. These changes that are forced upon you may be your biggest blessing at times. For example, there are benefits of moving to another country, even if you don't feel like it.

Forced to Move to the Other Side of the Planet

You know we’re not completely free to move around as we please on this planet. When I finally found the love of my life, we had to escape to Thailand in order to stay together. Just a few months ago, that is how I experienced a drastic shift through our forced relocation to the other side of the world!

I will tell you what happened, how we solved it, and how we live now. You can watch the first film in the series of three about our move, below.

What would you do if you had been waiting years to finally find the fairytale queen of your life? And once you found her, you couldn’t stay together because of certain laws and regulations?

In this case, we’re talking about the limitations of a tourist visa.

Well, I chose love. But I had to leave my own country to keep it.

This blog post is about how life can take a dramatic turn, but often ends up better than what you would expect.

My girlfriend found me on YouTube last year. A comment on a video led her to check out my channel, which led to the discovery of my website and Instagram account.

To give context, many posts ago, I uploaded a picture of a book about metaphysics and deep spiritual knowledge to my Instagram profile. She commented on this photo, and you can picture how the story unfolded from there.

Temporary Joy in the Norwegian Woods

We got to connect in such a way that she wanted to come and visit me in Norway during the first week of October 2018. Needless to say, it was an amazing week.

Later, in November that same year, I went to the United States to visit her. I could only stay for a maximum of 90 days. Booking the ticket and being allowed to come to her paranoid country was a hassle.

The not-so-trustworthy overlord of various systems wanted to know everything about me, plus demanded full contact information for various connections in my home country. It was a joke.

How to become limitless

I came to Boston carrying my VLOG camera in my hand. I laughed when I landed at the airport and the immigration officer, that looked like a cowboy, said, “Mmmm, your camera there looks like a gun with a sight on it!”

Yeah. Only in the United States.

It was nice seeing my girl, but this time in the state of Vermont. Before I went back home, we planned for her to come and visit, for good, in December. We spent the 2018 Christmas together.

She left everything back in the states. She sold, cleaned out, and finished off a chapter of her life. Even her university professor told her, “Yeah, it’s probably a very good idea to get out of this country.”

I agree.

She stayed with me in Norway, and we established an even stronger relationship. My girl started working on her passion and dreams, while building a profitable business.

The challenge was that she was not allowed to make her own living in Norway. You would think it’s a human right, but it’s not that simple. She was not even allowed to run her business online.

Realizing the Harsh Truth About Systems and Regulations

After moving in together and living in Norway, she decided that she wanted to live with me full-time. As happy as I was, I knew it wasn't going to be easy.

We had 90 days to figure things out. Even as an American she received no more than a 90 day tourist visa, so we had to dive deep into the government regulations to find the most appropriate way for us to stay together.

Going back to the noisy energy of the states was not an option for her. By doing a lot of research, we discovered that the only way for her to stay in Norway would be to get married.

I thought it would be acceptable for her to apply for a work permit, but that required her to apply for a job that fit her education.

This is not what she wanted to do with her life. Also, she could only apply if she already had a job offer in Norway. I find that very fucking strange as most companies won’t hire anyone who doesn’t have a residence permit in the first place.

We suddenly realized that time went by fast, and this was not going to be as easy as we hoped. After having my final call with the immigration office in Norway, I learned about how long the approval process would be.


Not only that, but the government of Norway has a strict policy on fees and costs for all kinds of government related services, documents, and applications.

For my girl to be allowed to live with me in Norway, even providing for herself with her own income, and to keep her freedom to work on her own projects...

... getting married was the only option, and the government wanted to be well compensated for such a stamp on a paper.

10,000 Norwegian Kroner is the price tag just to apply. Today, that's about a $1000 USD.

Time Was Running Out, So We Moved to Thailand

Neither me or my girl would simply give in, give up, and go our separate ways. We grew tired of the insane and complicated systems, prices, and the time it would take for a totally friendly American to live in a small apartment in Norway, fully providing for herself.

We also realized that we would not be able to make the application process within the 90 days and she would have to leave the country. She did not want to go back to the United States. I could have lived with her in the US, but then I would be limited to the 90 day policy, as well. Besides, the U.S is not a place for us.

dCondo Rhin - Moving to another country

We had to think differently, as we started researching places to live.

We decided to go to Thailand and mingle with like minded entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai, with the hopes of being able to find a place to live and continue our online business.

With a one-way ticket and an Airbnb to host us for only 3 days, we packed our shit and left. I even stuffed my big 27 inch iMac in a red suitcase, making sure I had a proper work setup on the other side of the planet.

It Was All Meant To Be and Now I Don’t Want to Go Back to Norway

If you’re still reading this story, you may have experienced a big shift yourself. You may have felt forced into a situation in such a way that you felt scared, insecure, and wondered if everything will be alright.

I can tell you that we had a few of those moments back home in Norway before we came to Thailand and settled down at this wonderful zen-garden condo complex.

For me, I have had issues with moving since I was a kid. When I was little, we moved about 32 times (including living in a tent and at a motel for free because the owner was nice). There’s never been a place that really felt secure and stable, until I moved into my own apartment in Norway where my girlfriend came to visit me.

After our first three days in Chiang Mai, we left our Airbnb, and the owner of the apartment was so friendly, she decided to help us find another place. She had contacts and this lead to a beautiful apartment at dCondo Ping in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

After a few months, we’re now living in one of the most luxurious condo complexes in Chiang Mai. I have to admit what seemed like a very fucking scary situation back home in Norway, where I had no control, has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Chiang Mai is a Perfect Platform for Building Your Business and Network

My girl and I have connected with so many interesting people in the digital nomad and entrepreneur community, which Chiang Mai is famous for. We have cut the insane costs of living in Norway and I now only pay 50% of the apartment rental cost.

YouTube interview shoot

We’re living a much more motivating and rejuvenating lifestyle that fits our mindset, surrounded by warm weather, palm trees, a swimming pool, and a plethora of co-working spaces and cafés.

We also eat healthier and the food is ⅓ of the price in Norway. So, why would I move back to Norway?

Yes, it’s a rich country with lots of trees. But it’s lacking open, interesting, and like-minded people that actually have goals in life. It’s expensive as hell and the cost of living healthy is a joke. Also, having a similar kind of lifestyle that I practice now would cost me 3 times more in Norway.

Get On Private Session Call About Making New Choices

My business is now focused on helping people make dramatic shifts and improvements in their life, especially for those wanting to get out of the conventional norms of a typical nine to five worklife and bad education. 

I work with people who are ready to go in for a deep dive to connect with their true self, discover some hidden qualities and truths, and are looking to raise their confidence and inner power.

I have observed a lot of people go through changes. For many of them, it can be damn scary because most people feel out of control.

What situation are you experiencing in your career or personal life right now that needs some clarity and insight?

Let’s jump on a call and figure out what your next move could be. The first call is on me, as I won’t be saying “yes, I can help” until we had a chat.

Anyway, I included the example of my personal story in this article to show that sometimes the biggest “disasters” in our lives can be the biggest "blessings." One that you actually needed to finally be able to move on in life. 

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