Projects & Creations

A breif resume of business projects and fun stuff I have been building and creating a big growth potensial for.
Virtual Summit

The Awakening Mindset Virtual Summit

Over 20 speakers in a virtual event on spiritual awakening, empowering life habits, and methods to start a new career.
Online Community

The CreatorsTribe online community

A nurturing community and tribe of awakened like-minded people. Shift your reality and live your life with passion, confidence, and the freedom to work from anywhere.

Community Projects

I created a virtual online event. The Awakening Mindset Summit. A virtual event with a long list of speakers sharing their insights to bright minds who want to break out of the norms and do great things in life.

And I created an online community. The CreatorsTribe started as a "VIP" group with some of my followers and connections. Now a early-stage growing membership community for awakened people searching for likeminded freedom seekers.

A Web Design and Systems-builder business with worldwide clients

I build a Web Design business. After hustling through a redicilous educational system, I began early on to educate myself. In the craft of HTML, web design, and graphics I decided to find my own clients and build my own income. I became the first Shopify Expert in Norway.

It seems like my clients liked what I gave them. My work got a reputation. So it kept growing. WordPress custom websites became my craft and main income.
Online Business

A Web Design and web-tech business focused on custom WordPress websites and integrations. - A personalized and managed WordPress hosting service.

I recently co-founded a specialized WordPress hosting company. One of my biggest clients in the U.S noticed my model of offering custom WordPress hosting to my clients. They were impressed. So we talked and brainstormed. 

And with that we partned up to expand and grow my WordPress hosting service. To bring faster, more secure, professinoally managed websites for serious business owners. We call it
Online Business

A custom WordPress hosting service for faster, more secure, managed website maintenance.