About John Mac

A more detailed version of my background, life-path, and the values I hold. And why I have my lifestyle that I have today.

Instead of following the herd

John Mac is a “reality shift” mentor and mindset coach. For the most part, a label confusing to the majority of people. But very much a fitting description for those seeking to understand life and their reality in a deeper way.

Especially for the souls incarnated and now living with the “knowing”.

He motivates and guides people who think for themselves. They become confident creators of their own reality. He is a thinking-coach helping smart people understand what ancient wisdom always thought us. And what scientists slowly and finally begin to understand.

Specifically that, the Universe consists of all kinds of life forms, and that humans are one mix of them. Having the capacity to mentally construct our lives and the reality around us.

John Mac - Mindset Coach

He‘s a lifestyle and career coach for freedom seekers. Operating outside of the norms and systems most people blindly follow. Which is why he is living the lifestyle he has today.

He was incarnated and raised in Norway as the oldest in a soul group of three siblings. For the most part, living an unsettled and mentally violent childhood.

His message to the planet and coaching style includes expanding people’s awareness and to find personal and spiritual deepening. They get clarity and become aware of new truths and insights making their reality shift.

He is cultivating self-education and helping people rejuvenate and power up their hidden qualities and skills. This makes people more confident, independent, and skilled to take charge of their lives and careers.

John says: “Law of attraction is cute. But there‘s a hell of a lot more to it”.

He is coming from an upbringing with frantic stability. After moving homes 32 times, including living in a roadside motel and in tents, surviving 5 stepfathers, and watching his mother die by the hospital bed from cancer and alcohol, he journeyed an uncommon path of personal growth.

While investing very little time in a mundane and conventional social lifestyle, he worked on creating a lifestyle with deeper meaning and freedom.

Inner guidance, a knowing, and a few mystical experiences kept him on track without ending up on the bad side.

He found his first time with some stability after moving into an old falling-apart country house with his dog. And soon discovered Taekwon-Do which would lead to 17 years of training, becoming a trainer, and taking over the region ITF club.

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Building the freedom to work from anywhere

John was never a fan of the non-working school system. But got funded and supported for two years at a private faculty of Computer Tech and Multimedia Design. Even here, the university had poor systems and bad teachers. Over time, he instead became a supportive teacher himself, moved into his own office, and spent time helping other students. Until the region’s faculty had to shut down.

With a hard time finding a job in a small town, he decided to acquire his own clients. And his early beginnings in multimedia design, HTML, and WordPress, led to a few first jobs. He discovered Shopify which led to a business with a worldwide list of Web Design clients. A business that became the main platform for freedom and working remotely.

John Mac

Over time, building custom WordPress websites with custom design and integrations became the main craft.

Today, his business serves a few selected clients, while his focus is more aimed at his mindset and “reality shift” coaching. But, his book “A Web Design Side Hustle” serves as a starting point for beginners who are looking to earn an income online by making websites.

In the summer of 2022, he started a new customized WordPress hosting company with 2 other partners (long-time clients) in the U.S. It‘s called WPalchemy.io. The service is currently invite-only signups.

John Mac is currently living a comfortable lifestyle in Thailand working with clients from various locations in the world. Currently focusing on the topic of reality shifts, while having some play-time in programming and custom development with VueJS and CSS specifically.