5 best cafés in Reykjavik, Iceland, for travelers and Digital Nomads

As a nomad of self-employment and lifestyle design, having the right place to work is…

Best Cafes in reykjavik Iceland

When I travel and get to visit a new town, one of the first things that come to my mind is where to find a good place to work. As a nomad of self-employment and lifestyle design, having the right place to work is important. I’m continuing my Iceland posts here with one showing 5 best cafés in Reykjavik, Iceland, for us to sit down and work.

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Do you enjoy the freedom and inspiration in finding new and atmospheric coffee shops and places to work when you’re on the go?

Being around, having excursions and experiencing changes of scenery and setting, meeting new people, this keeps you more in the flow. Being in motion is good.

For me, it boosts the feeling of freedom and having the option to choose every day. Meeting new people can bring in exclusive synchronicities to your life. These new connections can be fascinating. Be open to them.

I’m used to working with and handle people. And I have a way of spontaneous just walk over and connect with strangers. Those conversations might bring you the most heartfelt observations and moments during a day.

Anyway, during my stay in Iceland I wanted to spend some time in Reykjavik, where we had our hotel, to discover what I consider the best places for me to work. I’m sure you will like them too. I also met a few really nice people.

So, here’s my list of the 5 best cafés in Reykjavik to work.

The top 5 cafés for Digital Nomads in Reykjavik, Iceland

Though I was traveling with three friends on this trip, I had to spend some time writing and do some work. And then I have to look for good places to settle down, order an Americano and get-things-done. The places I have visited below was certainly nice, all of them. But one place stood out.

Kaffi Brennslan

The very first café I walked straight on to just 100 meters down from our hotel, was Kaffi Brennslan. I felt at home right away, and the staff was really cool. A laid back place with a chill atmosphere in an old-fashioned and rustic style. This café is a family owned business and pretty unique, so not a pre-formatted and restricted chain.

Te & Kaffi in Reykjavik, Iceland

They got two levels and outdoor seating, free wifi, and good coffee. And one of the things I find important is that the places I sit down have the right table-height for doing my work. This place is perfect.

It’s a good place for breakfast also. I tried one of the sandwiches there one morning. They also got pastries and some other good shit. Go there. The Americano that I tried was good. And I was offered free black coffee refill after.

Te & Kaffi

This is the second place I visited. I immediately liked the concept. It’s new, modern and has a calm and cozy feeling. I found a lot of people sitting with their laptops and working. They had excellent coffee, but I didn’t try any of the food. There’s free wifi, plus you can pick up one of the hotspots in town there. I had a little struggle with the connection, at least with using my VPN.

Kaffi & Te, Reykjavik in Iceland


Kaffi & Te, Reykjavik in IcelandKaffi & Te, Reykjavik in IcelandThis place is being run by a chain, which has 13 shops in Iceland. And five just here in Reykjavik! Beautiful place. It’s what you would call a gourmet café I guess. Absolutely recommended as your next place to work, or just read.

Tíu Dropar

I was told by a local that this place was going to close. But I don’t know; I couldn’t see why really. When I visited the place, it looked kind of busy and popular. It looks like a whole in the ground, but when you get down there, it’s a sweet and atmospheric place. Dimmed light and pretty intimate. So it’s a good place for a date if you’re up to that.

Tiu Droppar Café in Reykjavik, Iceland

It’s a good place to work. Their cappuccino was okay. They had free wifi and some nice meals on the menu. This place is also family owned, so not a chain. Makes the place more special and unique.

For sure I place I would recommend and suggest if you want to have a cozy place to hide out. They have a few smaller tables for only one or two persons and some neat corners.


I didn’t spend too much time here. Just had a coffee. But it’s a pretty small and cozy place. You also got a few seats where you can look out on the street. They got free Wifi, but I didn’t try it out as I was just writing. So I disconnected for a while. Coffee was okay, and they offered a free refill of regular black coffee from the center console.


This place is a chain where they roast their own coffee beans. The girl behind the desk told me that they are picky about getting the coffee they buy straight from the farmers that grow them. I like that. More of being genuine, please.

The Laundromat Café

The-Laundromat-Café-Reykjavik-1So this place stood out.

The last day before I went home, I discovered my favorite place so far. As I was walking into the café, I asked the girl that came up to me a few questions, and if they got wifi on the spot. She replied: “I love you”… And I was thinking, damn, I love Iceland!

But only until I figured out that “iloveyou” was just the password to the wifi…

Whatever. We connected well after that, so maybe I got a new friend on this remote island. Those synchronicities again. I sat down on one of the high chair tables and ordered a salad with goat cheese and a blueberry sauce. Recommended! Also, the coffee was excellent. (Americano, of course). They had an interesting menu, nice staff, and a setting and atmosphere that made a difference and was ideally suited for travelers, bloggers, and other digital nomads. Five other laptop hustlers were working when I came. Some were probably waiting for their laundry down in the basement.


The Laundromat Café is basically an Icelandic concept. They guy who started it is from Iceland, but started the first shop in Denmark where he lives. Down in the cellar, there was a lounge area and a laundry room where you can get your clothes washed while having a meal upstairs.

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Also an excellent area for kids with a lot of toys around, and little “wall caves” for them to play in.


I completed my blog post, told the girl that loved me she had good energy and walked away.

If you want to go with me to Iceland, I want to take you to this place.

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I’m left with a very good feeling of this town. I leave with a gratified sense of the country and the dramatic and magical landscape. I always loved Iceland from a distance. So getting here was even better. People here seem grounded, nice, and very easy to connect with. And it’s for sure a country to have a great adventure and to get some work done having a digital nomads lifestyle. Even on top of a cooled of volcano, if you like.

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