7 Benefits of Moving to Another Country to Start Over

Your life may be changing. Maybe even feel out of control. Or you desperately need…

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Your life may be changing. It may even feel out of control. Or maybe you desperately need change? This is all part of the shift of times we are in. And your greatest benefits of moving to another country to start over and simplify your life. I just did and got rid of 80% of my belongings.

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You’re not alone in the need to read this post. I’m sure.

I just sold my stuff and left my country for the second time

I’m writing this article to bring about some new ideas and motivation for you to make some needed changes in your life.

I sold or trashed about 80% of my belongings home in Norway. I let go of my apartment, and stuffed the rest away at a storage service. Then, my girl and I packed our bags to leave for Thailand, again.

Scary? Yes, especially with my background and childhood. Which I’m talking about in this video.

7 benefits of moving to another country to start over

If you’re like most people I know, you are afraid to take the leap and move out of your comfortable and well-known area (zone > comfort zone). It doesn’t matter if the place you live right now or the situation you are in with your life or business is unhealthy.

It’s still scary to move to a completely different place. Especially to a different country. But you know what?

You may have many benefits of moving to another country, but it just SEEMS scary. Moving to another country could, in fact, be safer for your own well-being than deciding not to, and staying stuck in the old energy.

I want you to consider these seven benefits of moving to another country to start over with your life and career.

  1. You’re getting away from old routines that keep you in a loop
  2. You’re moving away from unhealthy relationships (hopefully)
  3. You’re setting life in motion to experience new positive events
  4. You will activate new parts of your brain because a new place, new people, and new things to learn will come about
  5. You open up for unexpected good things, because you set the flow of life in motion instead of being stuck in the same habits
  6. Your money can become worth a lot more than it is now
  7. You can connect with like-minded people and finally focus on your true values in life and start a new career

Do you think I’m just making up some nice benefits of moving to another country while writing this article? I’m not. All seven benefits come from my own experience.

And it’s exactly what my girlfriend and I experienced when escaping to Thailand in 2019. (Video: And we’re worried at this time)

Staying still and being stuck in the old is bad energy

Maybe you have heard about Dr. Masaru Emoto and his famous research on water. One thing he found in one of his experiments is that water that’s affected with long time negative thoughts, and water being totally still for a long time, becomes poisonous.

Think about your lifeforce in the same way. If your everyday life and career are at a stand-still, you’re in a slow-paced routine carousel doing the same thing day after day, you’re on repeat and it can make you unhappy and unhealthy. Your life force is not in the flow and moving as it should.

Consider this reality when it comes to your current job, your education, where you live, and your relationships. These are common areas to be stuck.

Our reason for being on this planet has a spiritual purpose. It’s for our soul to experience as much and as deeply as possible. It’s the natural flow of consciousness, and if there is no flow, your higher self will feel the stuckness and will display as emotions in your life making you feel that something is not right.

It’s like if you would pack on a shit-load of tight clothes, feeling cramped and stuck, not being able to move. Physically and mentally, you would eventually feel claustrophobic and freak out. Desperately trying to break loose.

It’s the same with our spiritual self. It’s supposed to experience, be in the flow, and go on with life. Not to stay stuck, hold on to negative places, people, or routines. Soon, your energy body and your mind will feel unhappy and unfulfilled.

Moving from Norway to Thailand was the best thing that happened to me

In a previous post, I talked about the drama my girl and I felt when we had to move out of Norway.

Because of her limit of a 90 days tourist Visa as a U.S citizen, we had to move outside of the Schengen Zone (European countries). So we ended up in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was scary at first.

We had no idea how this would turn out, or how it would be to live here. But by looking at some YouTube videos, doing some research, and talking to people, we felt more and more ready to just get the hell out of Norway.

To make this story short: It turned out to be the best thing that has happened in my own life, and to my girlfriend’s life in a long time.

It’s like my personal Universe suddenly came back into the flow.

We came to a country where we met like-minded and more interesting people that actually had goals and who were seeking a deeper purpose in life. (not common in Norway)

Eating healthy suddenly became super convenient and easy. It’s also amazingly cheap.

We met people that were doing business online and living a healthy lifestyle by doing their mindfulness practices, and seeking deeper knowledge in life.

Is moving to another country worth it?

For us, it was not only worth moving to another country. The way I see it now, after having spent some time in Thailand, it was totally necessary for our own well-being. We changed something so we could get in the flow of our purpose and goals in life.

Chiang Mai gave us the energy to live our lifestyle in a very affordable way.

Consider these values and benefits to figure out if it’s worth it for you

  • The energy of the place and the people could match your lifestyle better
  • You can afford a much better lifestyle and do more of what you love
  • You set things in motion and become unstuck
  • You create a change to start over in life and figure shit out

In the times we are living in now, I think it can be a good option to move to a country for the following three main reasons:

  • Live more minimalist and have fewer things
  • Use it to reset your life, find your purpose, and focus on goals
  • Live somewhere your money is worth a lot more

Thailand is obviously one place you could move to. I would recommend researching options to stay for a longer time. Coming to Thailand on a tourist Visa will give you a maximum 30-days stay.

dCondo apartments in Chiang Mai, Thailand

There are other very affordable countries to move to, as well. If you create a clever way of working online (there are many cool options) you will be location independent and be able to move around.

Working and traveling as a freelancer and Digital Nomad is my lifestyle of choice. I wouldn’t want anything else. It’s what allowed me and my girl to move to another country and start over with our dreams and goals.

It’s also giving me a more steady income as I’m getting paid no matter where I work.

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I know a lot of people are looking for this lifestyle change right now. That’s why I decided to teach other people my way of making a good payment, including passive income, so they can have their freedom.

You will find out more about how simple this can be by simply using your laptop.

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