7 Habits on how to be more mindful in your daily routines

Are you one of many that have started getting the urge and subtle feelings of…

How to be more mindful

Are you one of many that have started getting the urge and subtle feelings of needing to change? And where are you in life regarding your beliefs, purpose and future thoughts? There is a big cosmic wave is hitting many people on this planet, making them to want change and to connect deeper to their inner core. Many of us feel the heightened need to be more mindful. So how to be more mindful in your daily life routines..

Therefore, I will here suggest to you 7 easy habits to start a mindful daily routines, in the order of typical daily practice.

Everything starts with a thought

I want to start off with a small important note that I have always mentioned to my Taekwon-Do students, and also to my coaching clients. This is so important, that if you skip this one or forget about it, your life will be more randomly created, and you will feel like you are missing out on something big in life. Or it’s not really flowing the way you prefer.

Based on what you believe in, and also what assumptions you got about your most influential ideas of life and existence, you will have core thoughts driving your decisions in life.

Be mindful of these thoughts. You can actually control them. Unless you believe you can’t. In case you believe you’t can control your thoughts AND it’s making life more shit for you, it’s time to change that belief.

Again, be mindful of your thoughts. Take control, and be more intentional so you can direct you thoughts. Now it’s time to learn the 7 habits for mindful living.

Note and remember: Being mindful, or “mindfulness”, such a widely accepted and cute word for a more spiritual connection with your self-does not mean a constant state where you motion around with a stupid grin on your face being high on some pineal gland bliss.

1. Morning state–open your eyes, be thankful

Are you laughing already? Yeah, well this can be a little hard one for many. Waking up in the morning does include having a little “unbalanced” chemical difference in your brain than the night before. It’s not strange. Some turn out zombie-like and grumpy. But again, you can change this. Be mindful about how it affects the rest of your day.

Be more aware tomorrow morning. Open your eyes with a different intention, no matter how good or bad you slept. Being thankful creates a totally different state of mind. And I know, we do have different feelings when we wake up. And we all have some different challenges in our lives. So when waking up in the morning, it can be the hardest time to be fully positive tuned. BUT…

[tweet_box] “Habits does re-structure your brain! So again. Be mindful about it.”[/tweet_box]

Habits does re-structure your brain! So again. Be mindful about it. Be thankful, and be persistent about it. And you will change.

2. The first glass of water–give it a thought

I’m including this, because it’s in fact a very important habit to have. You do need a glass full of water in the morning. I use it with lemon. Why? Because it hydrates the body after hours of being in a transient coma. The lemon sets a very refreshing taste and it has good nutrients in it for a powerful energy kick.

You wanna wake up and feel better quickly, or do you enjoy slumping around being drowsy and drooling all over?

Be mindful when drinking the water.

Let me tell you how I do it, and how I would not do it. I walk slowly into the kitchen when I get up. Open the faucet and let it run, while I pick out my best looking glass which will make the water look purest. It’s a thin edged glass, totally cleaned so with water in it, it will look sparkling.

Why? Because the FEELING of drinking that water is better then just bending down and slurping from the faucet like dog! Or just picking up a dirty disgusting mug from the day before.

[tweet_box] “The FEELING of drinking that water is better then slurping from the faucet like dog!”[/tweet_box]

Just have peace and calmness in you when drinking the water. Because it sets the tone in your self with this practice. Wanna know some more about water? Read about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research on water. Introduced in this video: (YouTube link)

I’m not urging you to have an amazing, out of body experience, Japanese water ceremony or anything. Just be mindful.

What I would not do in the morning is to stress about things or just jump right into some kind of work. One thing to keep in mind about doing this routine, if you do this being stressed, then you miss the whole point here.

3. Be mindful about your breakfast

So, if you think that this must be like the Horse Whisperer, mindfully talking to your food. It’s not.

There are two ideas around being mindful with your food. First and most important:

Dont – eat – shit!

Since USA silently invaded the sheep-heads here in Norway with your McDonalds’ die-slowly diet, those that eat the junk food are even more sheep-like. Am I being harsh and rude?

Yeah, maybe. But we don’t need to be scientists to figure out this anymore! If you decide to eat shit, you will have shit-for-brains. So, your initial mindful thought about food is to choose living food, with energy in it, that will affect your mind and body and produce energy.

If you reserve the right to eat shit-food. There is nothing wrong with that. But you accept and agree to lower your physical and mental vitality.

I shouldn’t really have to spend time writing this, but it’s actually become so badly rooted as habits all over this planet when it comes to food. It’s no wonder we have all the mental issues, physical issues and hopeless collective state-of-minds.

[tweet_box] “You set the tone in your body which produces a different external energy, which affects your food.”[/tweet_box]

So you decide to eat energy giving food. Sit down or at least be a little present when you have your breakfast. Be mindful about it. Be thankful again. You set the tone in your body which produces a different external energy, which affects your food.

4. Mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety

We have started our day. After a bright sparkling glass of water and some good food. You have actually got some things in motion for your self.

So far, your have done 3 things that actually really affect your daily living. By being thankful when you wake up, by intentionally deciding to have that pure glass of water and to honor yourself with energy-food because you WANT to feel better.

Most people usually have the next daily routine with going to school or work. Or maybe you got your own business. Or even if you don’t have anything special to attend at all, you still got the opportunity to mindfully move on with your day.

Again, not roaming around in a monk-like state. But be mindful about your progressing segments in your day. While in the car or bus on the way to work, spend a little time to reflect and connect. It’s just about paying attention to your energy-body. If you are too much in your head, with your focus energy too much in the future. There will be stress and anxiety produces in your system.

In your work, your task. When connecting with people. Be mindful about it.

5. The habit of 30 seconds reconnections

I think this tip will be one of the most effective ways of “becoming” more daily mindful about your life, if this is what you want. For me, I do this daily in different ways. When you start to have this as a routine, you will look forward to it. Just because it feels good.

So listen:

Almost wherever your are, you can have your 30 seconds or 1 minute of quiet inner landing. Doing this, you will slow down your system (head) and reconnect your energy and focus point that probably were all over the place. With reconnection I mean like a merging of your mind (head), energy body and physical body.

It’s like a super-short mini meditation. And in fact, it often doesn’t take more than that. Because when you do this as a daily routine and habit, you will manage to keep this centering for a longer time.

Just sit back, drop everything you have in your hands. I either close my eyes if I can, or I just sit and observe people. Sometimes I focus on a sound that has a more touching effect on me, like water, birds or the wind.

6. Let a form of meditation improve you

Even though meditation as a several thousand year old practice, it’s something totally new for most people. But now we are getting into a time of enormous growth of awareness, expansion and spiritual wake-up.

How to be more mindful

Especially well known for people like me. Self made entrepreneurs building their own lives and dreams by their own choice, from an inner burning passion. Part of the routine for us is to balance work and life, and that’s why meditation has become so popular. You don’t learn that in school.

I have done meditation for a long time now. I know meditation was a good thing long before I started. But I never got to have it as a regular practice until 2 years ago as a method of trying to fix my self.

After loosing my one and only, the most amazing person I have loved on this planet. I crashed. She decided to not come home from a vacation, so I died inside. It’s been my biggest fuck-up of happiness in my life, and it took so much physical and mental energy, that I got an ulcer followed by anxiety attacks. And I spent myself crying until I threw up.

After getting on my feet stable enough to walk out from the valley with the shadow of death, I started doing meditation as a daily routine.

That was what fixed it!

Back to my kick practice, new food and work routines followed. I’m telling you, if it wasn’t for the decision to start trying meditation, changes would probably not happen. It was the focus on doing the routine that started re-wiring my head and mend my exploded heart.

I remember during meditation that I was visualizing sitting with my heart in my hand, stroking it like a hurt kitten to make it happy again.

My heart still love her.

7. Don’t crash in bed – lay down with ease

Okay, so. My last tip for you on having a more mindful daily life routine is one I do every day.

Music is one important asset of my daily mind feed. I play music in the ambient and chill-out section which have moods and vibrations that emotionally affects my state of mind, and so, my body.

I’m having a meditation including visualization with this music. So I go to bed with a calm state of mind having a good feeling and nice future images.

[tweet_box] “Go to bed with a calm state of mind having a good feeling and nice future images.”[/tweet_box]

This can be different for you. Many people can’t have music on while doing this. So, what about just being quiet for some time before you go to bed?

One last thing I do, not every day, but often, is to lay down on my back in bed, and recap on my day. I can tell you, the age we live in now with accelerated time, things moving faster and a huge shift in awareness and consciousness: It’s very normal to loose track of time and with what happened when and where.

So, be Mindful about it.

My friend, I would be amazed if you would add some of these things to your life. Because, it would shift.

So, I have spoken.