Transform Your Life: Train your mind to control your life and career

You’re not alone when you feel foreign or misplaced in many of the established systems…

Understand my life better

You’re not alone when you feel foreign or misplaced in many of the established systems and ways of life on this planet. The more you wake up to the mystery of deeper insights of life; the less you are willing to conform and be enslaved.

I know you can master your own damn life, so I have created a special training for you.

After months of work, adjustments and preparation, I have officially launched my new online program. It’s called The 7 Steps to Self Mastery.

The 7 Steps To Self Mastery is a mindshift and success program for people who want to take full charge and responsibility of their own success, health, and wealth in life.

What if you could simply say fucking “sayonara” to your current way of life and make a change that would shift EVERYTHING? That is if you don’t like your current way of life.

You can, and I will help you find the way.

You see… I remember when I was a child and adolescent. I was different from the rest of my social network. And from the very first day I had to live by myself in an old scary house with my dog… Things started to change even more.

I had to change to make sure I would make it.

Having my dog helped; however, when I made the decision to start my martial arts practice and spend 17 years of my life in the style of Taekwon-Do, the positive upward spiral accelerated.

It’s About Your Mind’s Set of Instructions (AKA Your Mindset)

Johnny, TaeKwon-Do Trainer

As you may know, Martial Art is not only about the mindset of the individual attending the classes and doing the practice. It’s a lifestyle.

Mindset is everything, and it’s the only key to making the changes you are looking for happen. To reach Self Mastery, there are some key insights and practices!

This includes obtaining an expanded mindset. I’m not talking about the badly programmed one that’s common for the average man.

The average man’s mindset is one that is underdeveloped with limiting beliefs and a fear mindset because their daily source of input is entertainment, news, and shitty food.

This equals a total mind-fuck.

Our spirituality and awareness of what and who we are drives our deepest desires and life choices. If your view on Spirit, God, and the Universe is messed up, your life will unfold accordingly.

My need to dive deep, dig deeper, and be a truth seeker has led me to “ditch the norms” as I call it. This leaves me feeling very safe and secure. I have a clear vision and view on the purpose of this planet, my incarnation here, and how the metaphysical construct of body, mind, and matter works.

In the last few years, I have ditched my shitty jobs, built my freedom by having a business, and worked with coaching clients around the world. I have seen the need to help similar people like myself.

That’s why I have created the mind-shift program within my concept of Self Mastery.

You and I are Not the Only Freaks and Outsiders

There are so many people coming to a tipping point in their lives right now.

There’s an expanding urge and a growing need to simplify. To change their social network. To rearrange their educational and career life, and to make new habits in their daily life and choices for their personal health.

Mindfulness is a very popular term. People in my business, such as freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, and those being responsible for their own success, are very much into this practice.


Because they are not living the once autonomous, and often sad, lives where they are repeating an employees daily cycle of habit. They aren’t simply doing what they’re told to get paid a flat salary.

Those with the mindset of wanting to build their own success are in creation mode, having a different energy flow. They search for solutions and get creative to stay on top of their game.

This includes taking care of their health, their mindset, and their overall happiness.

How to Reach Self Mastery and Grow Stronger

This will be a broad answer in the way that there will probably be a lot of concepts, insights, and opinions around what Self Mastery is all about.

This concept, and the 7 step process, is carefully compiled of basic understandings, insights, and spiritual/metaphysical knowledge that is not really “secret or lost” anymore.

I have created the 7 Steps to Self Mastery program to help people understand and become aware of this fundamental teachings.

How long are humans on this planet going to stay limited and frightened by the fucking mess they have created? Like religion, corrupt politics, and sickness?

All are maintained by the medical industry and all are promoted and nurtured by the media, news, and entertainment.

Be advised:

If you’re relating to what I’m discussing…

You’re probably choosing to stick with a very, very bad friend, who is having a very, very negative influence on you!

Over time this doesn’t feel good. As a result, it tends to attract unwanted life situations and bad energy. I do know that often, we can feel like we’re stuck and we don’t know how to move on or out of old relationships… We even struggle to move out of our old feelings to places and things!

Then join today! I’d love for you to become part of the community, so you can start making a drastic change for yourself.

Let’s connect in the future once you do this! I’ll be your partner during this time of change, so you may reap the positive benefits.