7 top YouTubers to motivate yourself for a new Beginning in life

In this article, I will point you to YouTubers that took control of their lives…

Top YouTubers for personal motivation and personal growth
Top YouTubers for personal motivation and personal growth

You may have heard me talk about the importance of connecting with like-minded and similar people who represent that which you wish to have in your life. In this article, I will present to you seven top YouTubers who can motivate you to start a new beginning.

In this article, I will point you to YouTubers who took control of their lives and found success in ways that fall outside of the conventional. They aren’t successful because of their education or family background. They focused on their dreams and paved a new path to success.

When I talk about connecting with like-minded people, I don’t necessarily mean in person. You can also get beneficial motivation, learning, and inspiration from who you attract into your reality by consuming their content and appreciating their lifestyle, lessons, and behavior.

So instead of putting your life on pause and sinking into the couch so long you’re bound to get a rash, consider another approach. Decide, for your own well being, to only consume content made by people who give you the motivation, clarity, and energy to move forward into the life you dream about.

I read a lot. But I also spend a good amount of time on YouTube, since I’m a filmmaker and YouTuber myself. I like the format of film. And I like YouTube because it corrects my course and brings new ideas and motivation into my lifestyle and my work.

The best YouTubers who’ve achieved unconventional success

What I teach people is a mindset framework and a lifestyle change within my concept of Self Mastery. I won’t elaborate too much on that in this post. But one of the main insights I want people to understand is the powerful force you have within your mind.

How can you cultivate and expand that force?

The following is a list of top YouTubers to motivate you and help you see that success is not defined by “systems” anymore.

Johnny – The MotionEffect – This is my channel

Johnny - The MotionEffect

I mean, it would be wrong to not pitch my own channel to you. Because I’m all about awakening, personal growth, new awareness, and you being independent and free. My main concept for the content I create is to teach people Self Mastery.

If I can help you find your personal power and inner strength, if I can help you become more aware, I will be happy. Because from there you will be able to take control of your life and your reality and create your own success outside of the common norms of society.

Keep in mind that my channel is pretty new. So, I WELCOME you to check out my films and support the channel.

Check out my latest video on the channel here.

Casey Neistat – A school dropout and self-made top content creator

Casey Neistat YouTube channel

If you’re into YouTube’s hall of fame, you have probably heard about Casey Neistat. The reason I think he is a YouTuber to follow is simply the way he started out in life and how he built his personal and business brand on YouTube.

He dropped out of school when he was 15. But by following his passion for filmmaking, he began working his way through a maze of opportunities that led him to score some big projects for major companies.

Consider his attitude of gentle kindness and his humble way of acknowledging his own fame and status among YouTubers and the online community. I think Casey can motivate a lot of creative people by showing them the ways life can be filled with play, creativity, work, and business opportunities.

Go to Casey’s channel here.

Peter McKinnon – Not a traditionally-schooled genius but a top self-educated filmmaker

Peter McKinnon YouTube channel

I remember in one of Peter’s videos he talks about his less glorious school days and how he never really enjoyed that time of his life. He had an issue with confines, rules, and regulations that constrain, limit him, and tell him what to do.

Hell yes, I agree. The fact is that more and more people on this planet are “waking up” to realize what limitations are placed on us.

Peter used to work in a camera equipment store before he became a full-time photographer and YouTuber.

He has a gentle and good character, and he doesn’t have that typical noisy American way of overdoing it. Probably because he isn’t American. He’s from Canada. Smirk.

If you’re looking for how to break out of what you’re doing now and become a photographer and filmmaker, Peter is a guy who will motivate you and teach you a lot of his skills for free on his YouTube channel.

Go to Peter’s channel here.

Tom Bilyeu – A leader in bringing conscious teachers to the public

Tom Bilyey YouTube channel

The world is full of intelligent, aware, and conscious awake celebrities. And the educational system should probably present more of those teachers in class and spend less time on some dead individual from the history books who likely did something that has no relevance to today.

Tom is one of those important teachers online who unites and brings together great minds. The interviews he does with people go deep, and he is very good at doing his research before they show up in his studio.

I think you will find a lot of motivating and inspiring conversations with touching true stories from many of his conversations with great achievers.

Go to Tom’s channel here.

Lost LeBlance – Left his job to travel and make films in magical places

Lost LeBlanc on YouTube

I don’t know too much about Christian LeBlance’s background. Only that he left his corporate job because he wanted more freedom and to travel the world.

Is this something you’d also like? Could you bring your current job with you? Could you travel more and experience more magic in your life?

Christian motivates people to “get lost” and travel more. I follow his channel because he creates really good and unconventional travel videos for some of the most breathtaking and magical places on this planet. Some of which you might not even know existed.

I relate to Lost LeBlance because it’s about being motivated to see the world and not forget the truly magical planet we live on. For a lot of people, the only nature they get to see is whatever’s outside their office or classroom window, with their mind occupied with nothing but books, their teacher, or boss and how they will survive life.

Go to Lost LeBlanc’s channel here.

Victor Oddo – The outsider who cultivated the spiritual teacher in him

Victor Oddo on YouTube

We’re into a time on this planet where changes are happening so fucking fast now that it can be hard to hold on. This is part of the “grand plan,” but most people do not have the proper insight to understand what’s going on and that it’s all about a very positive upgrade on the planet.

That’s why there are more people coming out to openly share their insights and teachings. Because they are different than the rest of the planet. They’re born with an innate wisdom, and if they don’t live out that character and capacity in this life, their purpose is gone.

Victor Oddo is one of those. And he’s become one of the top YouTubers who has been growing fast with his channel and helped millions of people to understand their spiritual upgrade and awakening process.

I love his method of teaching and the mentor and teacher role he has taken on. And if you’re into some experiences and shifts in your emotional and daily life at this time, don’t forget the spiritual side of who you are. I think Victor Oddo would be a good YouTube channel for you to follow to get some clarity and new insights that will uplift and strengthen your inner being.

Go to Victor’s channel here.

Jimmy at Bright Insight – Bringer of truths and deeper insights

Jimmy - Bright Insight on YouTube

Much of what kids and students are taught in school is not even correct. If I had kids, why the hell would I put them through that system?

Important facts, truths, and insights about the history and current affairs on this planet, facts that some would call conspiracy theories, are not just theories anymore. Scandals, truths, and hidden agendas have been pouring out the last few years. Truths are being revealed.

I don’t like to be tricked or easily fooled. But the planet, in general, is easily fooled and tricked into believing all sorts of things. Mainly by what they are presented in the media and entertainment.

Jimmy, who’s hosting the popular YouTube channel Bright Insight, does a fantastic and respectable job with his research and truth digging. And if you care for expanding your mind and knowing more about this planet, the human experience, and alternative truths in history, this is the guy to follow.

Go to Jimmy’s channel here.

Rich Roll – How to rise up from self-destruction to live vibrant and healthy with a plant-based diet

Rich Roll on YouTube

This guy may be most well known for his extreme capacity for running and marathons. He lives a very active life of sports and runs his business as a mentor for a healthy lifestyle through a plant-based diet.

Rich was once living a life of self-destruction through alcohol. So he had to make a change. He has stopped blogging over at his website for some time, but he is back with a renewed YouTube channel, creating some really good videos.

He is an advocate for a type of lifestyle this planet is moving more and more into—a more plant-based and vibrant diet with living foods from nature. He is an advocate for body and mind balance with an active lifestyle and talks about how he combined that with meditation to improve his clarity and overall performance.

Go to Rich’s channel here.

I consider these to be some of the best YouTube channels for personal growth

Listen, for you to improve your life, grow your personal skills, discover your hidden qualities, and live a more meaningful lifestyle, you need new input.

To keep repeating old patterns or unconsciously mirroring others (which you do when hanging out with the wrong people) means nothing will change. At least, that change will be slow with a huge risk of being altered by other people’s conventional mindset and opinions about what you should and shouldn’t do.

With the YouTubers I just presented, you will find a good mix of motivation to see that there are ways to live a successful life—whatever that means for you—without following the system of traditional schooling, hustling for grades, and applying to be accepted anywhere.

You now have the option to learn how to use different technology and how to be a creative person who can produce content, share your story, and put yourself out into the world while being in full control of your journey.

I gave you sources for motivation for travel and living a life full of freedom while making a living, like Lost LeBlance.

And I shared three amazing YouTubers who will bring you awareness, spiritual insights, and a richer life with healthy living.

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Be at peace, and stay well.