Why I have my lifestyle today

A more detailed story on my background and life path.

How does one find strength, courage, and a safe path in life when there was no one to help establish the foundation?

John Mac


I’m John Mac.

If you will picture a childhood that was filled with emotional violence, several no-good step-fathers, an alcoholic mother, and a repeat pattern of losing one’s homestead and closest friends over and over…

Then that was me.

Very often, people end up with a dark lifepath falling into drug use, criminal ventures, and violence. But I never did. Could you tell me why?

Everyone’s upbringing is different. And the capacity to fit into the “system” won’t work for everybody. In fact, it‘s not really working well for most people. Still, they push on to fit in and make it work. But then you have people that just know something is wrong. And they have a greater understanding and expectations for life. Those people are really struggling to fit in and comply with the norms of society.

Especially when you’re incarnated on this planet with a different energy signature than what your family, friends, and society seem to be guided by.

This is how it’s been for me. But, eventually, I did find my way. But not by doing what everyone said I should do.

My life started out scary and rough. But finally, after moving away from stepfather number five, I settled down in a scary old house, in the countryside, with my dog. I started practicing Taekwon-Do and various other martial arts.

My buddy and I graduated as the region’s first 1.Dan black belts 14. May 2001.

John Mac

Taekwon-Do became a very important lifestyle that made sure I continued an uncommon path of self-discipline, self-education, and growth. This also included digging into mysteries and life’s deeper questions. I wanted spiritual insights and dived into metaphysical topics, and exopolitics. Very important stuff to really understand one’s existence. But truths that most people don‘t care about.

So, having that interest and built-in inner knowing, one becomes a loner.

Finding ways to escape the system

I was, like everybody else, led to believe that unless I get a “proper” education, life will suck and I will die in misery and suffering. I discovered it was the opposite way.

I did have a few jobs early on. And I kept my jobs for a long time. But the last one was at one of my city hotels. I survived for 5,5 years there until I had enough of hopeless employees, bosses, and guests in general.

I quickly found that it was, in fact, the school system and regular jobs that made me suffer. Not the other way around.

So finally I had enough of that life-sucking work environment and the misbehaving earthlings who were having weekend fun in all kinds of intoxicating states. I quit. Hoping to swim by myself.

At that time I had already built up a few Web Design projects and had a few clients around the world. And by quitting my job I could put full focus on it and grow things over time. Not easy. But fun. I spent a fuck-load of time in front of X number of Mac computers having plowed through a huge amount of client projects and tasks.

I willingly jumped into the freelance lifestyle, hoping to swim. And I did. I will come to Valhalla for sure.

For the last few years, I have been doing full on freedom building by creating my own business and income streams. And by becoming a Web Designer and later a Shopify Expert and Partner, I got the freedom and lifestyle I dreamed of.

I have a lifestyle I love and now teach others to pursue.

John Mac, working remotely

Over the years my focus has moved back into training and coaching. And I combine my teachings, my methods from Martial Arts, and my entrepreneurial background to help others who do not fit into the conventional system. I blend in deeper knowledge and ancient wisdom in my message and content.

Because if you‘re looking away from life‘s deeper teachings and limiting your level of awareness, life won’t make much sense.

This is what people want

While I was for the most part the only one being seen with a laptop at every prominent café in my hometown, it’s now common. And is a lifestyle many people wish they had.

When I work with people 1-1 in my private coaching and mentoring, the method and content is usually a mix between a proper mindset restructuring and starting an online business.

Now, for the last two years, I have really been driving more into the topic of reality shifts. Something most people have very little clue about. But suddenly the last year, has caught people‘s attention.

The keyword search for “manifestation” and related phrases have exponentially gone up in Google searches in the last years.

A question I have sometimes is;

Now that scientists have finally started to confirm some of life’s “mysteries” around how we create our reality, why would you NOT want to understand this?

It brings people a huge amount of personal power and clarity to have the life they talk about.

The lower level of awareness you have, the easier you are to control. Hence, the last years of fake covid pandemic and scaring people into covering their faces were out of this world. Humans are easy to control.

But it’s changing now.

Beacuse there are some of us here influencing with great power, the energy fields and minds of the earthlings on this planet.

I will rather walk alone with a greater awareness than be an obedient sheep following the herd to the end of the cliff.

Instead, I‘m truly enjoying my personal reality bubble. And I‘m a creator of my own reality and timeline.