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How to freelance work from home

How to Freelance your day job and work from home

Sometimes people find that they love their job, but they wish they could do things differently, be freer and have more variation. Well, how about quitting your job, take control and have people hire you instead? I'll get you started on how to freelance your day job and work from home instead.
How to motivate yourself

3 Powerful steps on how to motivate yourself

Do you lack motivation towards your a goal or dreams? I have felt it so many times that I lost count. It’s part of a dream builders journey. But there are some methods to gain clarity and refocus. In these three powerful steps on how to motivate yourself, I make it simple but vital. You know, […]
Meditation for sleep better

Powerful meditation for sleep on stressful days

In this article, I will share two main methods for you to try meditation for better sleep. And I will share some facts, short stories and cool things to try.
How to improve your work environment

2 Ways to Improve my Work Environment and Crush it

For us that have chosen to ditch the norms, create our own freedom and work on our terms. Being able to enjoy our lifestyle is very important. So the places we choose and the methods we possess makes a huge difference happiness we built.
Why are rituals and routines important

Why are rituals and routines important for your new life

Why would you start to do some life-changing daily rituals? But few will step up a notch and get into the zone, a higher physical and mental shape to fly the altitude where dreams come true. Here's why you should create your own daily habits.

7 Rules To Strengthen Your Mind, Body and Soul

From my 17 years of martial arts and daily life of entrepreneurial Jedi mastery, I share my ways on how you can strengthen your mind, body and soul.
How to work remotely

How to work remotely and live your dream

I’m loving digital nomads lifestyle and freedom, and will never go back to the some job routines . You want to break out? Be inspired on how to work remotely and live your dream with this 5 videos.
How to figure things out

How to figure things out by not being helpless

Figuring things out means having an urge and an inner drive to NOT being stopped by situations, feelings or practical challenges. It's as simple as that.
How to believe in myself

How to believe in myself - Forget the norms!

How many of the true dreams that you might be pondering on do you think will come to life? How much mind-power do you believe you have? If something is limiting your life in any way, do you think it is about you or someone else? How to believe in myself, is sub-consciously asked by too many people.
What is luck

What is luck and how to get more of it?

My mother used to collect Cloverleafs. She really believed it would bring her more luck in life. So what is luck? Well, there is a formula, and you don't have to be lucky to learn it.
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