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When you don't fit in

What to do when you dont fit in: Choose Yourself

Maybe you will recognize the kind of story I'm about to share with you. I wanted to write out this true tale about a guy that went from being dark, miserable and feeling like a misfit. To becoming your next teacher!
Get unstuck in life

How to Get Unstuck in Life - By not choosing it anymore

You are stuck in life. What what can you do? Maybe these ideas will piss you off or maybe help you.
Success without education

Success without education: The less spoken topic

You got a job? Going to school? Are you just roaming around not knowing what to do or how to do what you should or would like to do? Anyway, I’m here to tell you that you can have a huge success without education. One without a big pile of student loan dept. So if you’re down and infected with the illusion of the False Success Path, read on.
How to be more mindful

7 Habits on how to be more mindful in your daily routines

Are you one of many that have started getting the urge and subtle feelings of needing to change? There is a big cosmic wave is hitting many people on this planet, making them to want change and to connect deeper to their inner core. Here are 7 Habits on how to be more mindful in your daily routines.
Why you should start a blog

7+11 Reasons to why you should start a blog

I think I got some inspiring reasons for why you should start a blog. Especially number 3 and 9. Maybe it's about time to start your dream and growth-hack your self.
How to quit your job

How to quit your job and why it's limiting

What is a job anyway? Oh, thank you for asking and giving me the opportunity to clarify this necessary question! Job stands for Joint Obedience Bribery. You probably didn’t learn this in school. Because you are not suppose to know. A job is an organized way of labour where attendees join in under the agreement […]
Inspiring People Success Mentors

Inspirational people -7 success mentors you should follow (3/3)

In this series of 3, hopefully motivating blog posts about how important inspiring and motivating people can be to you. These blog posts are suggestions to 7 world renown mentors of the kind that have not gone the traditional way!
Important Mindset

Important: How mindset affects your success

It seems even the smartest people don’t give any thought about what shapes their daily life and future. It's important to understand how mindset affects success.
Inspiring People Success Mentors

Inspiring people -7 success mentors you should follow (2/3)

You know how much impact your social environment, friends and family have on you? Read about 7 Inspiring people and success mentors will change your life. This is the second blogpost in the series of 3.
How to set goals

How to set goals -and a 3 step plan to get there

A few days ago I had an hour and a half long Skype call with a friend of mine in Indonesia. Kind of a mentorship/friendship. We discovered one important issue, she had no clearly defined goals. So here's a simple 3 step process for you.
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