The best mindset podcast in 2018? Expand your insights

Are you tired of reading all the time? Sometimes it could just be awesome to…

The best mindset podcast in 2018?

The best mindset podcast in 2018?

Are you tired of reading all the time? Sometimes it could just be awesome to just listen to some motivational and mind-expanding stuff while on the go. Well, now The MotionEffect podcast is live! Could this be the best mindset podcast in 2018?

Though I believe it could, time will show. If you are looking for a podcast that supports your desire for deeper knowledge of body, mind, spirit. And how to help you detach from the limiting and chaotic norms of the society, this podcast is for you.

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Do you struggle with feeling like an outsider, just not complying with society’s expectations, regulations, and the school-work-life-struggle?

A podcasts that cover vibration theory

Everything is in Motion. Your mind, your body and your spirit. You are waking up, asking who you are. Looking for better ways to live, learn, be free, and even new creative ways of making an income.

Your thoughts have a vibration that changes and oscillates all the time, based on your beliefs and emotional state. And you can modify and change your thoughts and beliefs based on what knowledge you feed your mind with.

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This podcast will cover mind-expanding content, metaphysical concepts, and productivity lessons. Live happily outside of societies chaos, systems, and limiting norms.

It’s time for you to take control and manifest your reality based on ancient knowledge and deeper insights. This way you will become one of the new leaders on this planet moving humanity forward.

How to be a guest on a podcast like this

I’m hosting my podcast through (for now), which also distributes to the other major platforms.

If you’re clever, download the free Anchor app and listen to the podcast here. In this app, you can also record a short voice message with your question or comment that I may bring on one of the next episodes as a clip. I will then reply to your question.

Your voice counts!

People like you who are waking up and seeing through the noise, chaos and foggy landscape of limiting norms need to speak up. Download the Anchor app today and shoot me a voice message so I can have you in my next episode.

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I have to say, even tho at the time of writing this post to you when the podcast is just 3 weeks on the air. The number of listeners has gone up every day, fast!

This is fun. But I would like your help to keep spreading the message to the word.

Can you do two things for me?

Great, moving on.

Let’s create a podcast with a vibrational tone that heals, motivates, rejuvenate and help people.

Listen to the last episode of The MotionEffect podcast

Let me know what you think, and enjoy!