This is my super boosting breakfast for better days!

One of the first things I mention to people struggling with feeling fog-minded, groggy, and…

How to make breakfast for better days

How to make breakfast for better days

One of the first things I mention to people struggling with feeling fog-minded, groggy, and having low energy, is to be sure their food is bringing energy to the brain. I wanted to show you how to make an energy breakfast for better days and higher energy.

I bet you have had days where you feel slack, tired, and kind of fog-minded not being able even to think clearly. It’s hard just to make simple decisions and to get-shit done. Whether it’s work or school tasks, those days just don’t produce a happy result.

I have been like that. Been having a lot of those days. I remember when living alone out in the countryside with my dog, in a shitty old house. I was 18 and had to start figuring life out by my self. Food habits were not even part of my daily routine patters. I was living very much on bread, milk, and fast-food.

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That’s one of the most shitty diets you can indulge yourself in. Sure, you have the full right to infect yourself with whatever you desire. Just don’t complain about low energy, bad mood swings, and feeling half-way sick.

How to practice Self Mastery -what you consume becomes you

Make a note of that I’m not just talking about food here. Yes, whatever you stuff in your mouth hole have a more immediate effect on the body and mind. But I’m also referring to whatever you are feeding your mind intellectually.

That also becomes you. [tweet_dis]If you are attracted to senseless entertainment, daily tragic and violent news flashes, and content keeping you in fear and doubt, this shows the universe who you are[/tweet_dis]. You are saying; “Yes, this is what I want.”

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]You use your mind to decide what you want to consume every day. Both intellectually and organically.[/tweet_box]

So who are you, and who do you want to be? Being very specific and conscious about this is showing the Universe that you know how to practice Self-Mastery.

Energy breakfast for the brain -morning routine for better energy

In this YouTube episode, I’m having you join my morning routine. I’m sharing what kind of light, energy giving breakfast I make and how to speed up the strength to the body and mind.

I bet you have had, or know friends who may suffer from low energy and a foggy mind. Share this video with them and nudge them in the right direction.