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Manifesting Your Reality - Creating Positive and Motivating Spaces

Create positive spaces for better energy

You may know about the law of attraction, right? Whether you do or don’t, the thoughts you had in the past have created the spaces and surroundings you experience today. So it’s important to be mindful about manifesting your reality to attract and create motivating and uplifting spaces for you to live in.

The other day when I was heading with my girl to visit a buddy of mine for breakfast, I had a thought... It’s important to think, create, and then manifest motivating and loving spaces in our life.

During breakfast, my friend mentioned he bought his house because he wanted to spend his skills and ability to totally rebuild it in a modern style. The idea was great because he created his own motivating and loving space!

The truth is that everyone likes to feel good. Whether it’s how you dress, how you live, where you roam or which friends and family you decide to spend time with. Many people are totally unaware of their power of choice to be picky and deliberate about the space where they operate in life.

You know, a friend is also a “space” for you to experience your life. It is you that manifested this individual into your life, and who you hang out with is who you will become.

Be mindful about your space for living and work

In my tiny apartment at home, I like to keep things tidy, clean and to have a certain style. People who visit tend to take notice because they like what they see. For me personally, I need to keep things in order and with a loving and motivating style to enjoy my home.

It’s the same for the workspace we create in our lives.

Where do you work? Maybe you don’t have much to say about your office space or the location you go to work every day. Do whatever you can to improve or make a positive change in this life arena which would benefit your creative and motivating workflow.

For those who have decided to step out of the norms and invest time, creativity and energy in their own business, you have a huge benefit. You can make clever choices on your own workspace at home and make sure it’s a harmonious, loving, and motivating area to spend hours doing your craft.

When heading out to do my work at various coffee shops I will only visit places that have the right atmosphere, table height, staff, and coffee.

Why? Because it FEELS good. Waking up in a tidy home with personality and a branded style, leaving the house dressed in an enjoyable fashion, and spending your day in a fancy café to do your work…

Makes you fucking feel good! Remember, you have the choice to make this happen by the power of your mind and the decisions you make every day.

And yes, I made a video about it.

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