Any digital nomads living in Iceland?

I’m packing. What do you think I would need for a trip to Iceland? Because…

I’m packing. What do you think I would need for a trip to Iceland? Because that is my next stop, and staying for a few days. It’s wonderful not to have a boss or head-office to decide when I can hit the road. Now I wonder if any fellow Digital Nomads is living in Iceland.

After trip update:

I’m also planning for a new trip in September 2016. We’ll see…

The beauty of just leaving when I want

For years, I have wanted to go to Iceland. At one point I had a dream of going with my sweetheart girlfriend, but that didn’t happen yet. So, this time, we’re a group of friends having a keen interest in Iceland and the mystical and magical off-world regions and landscapes.

For both a physical and mindful re-charge, I believe Iceland is the place to go. There is light energy in that country. Everything is so vivid and bright. Intense colors, fresh air, and high vibration. No, I’m not eager to try out the Blue Laguna mud face mask!

I’m thinking how happy I am about the choice I took years ago about leaving my last employee job. When I get the chance to join on a trip like this, I can just leave.

How to I handle work?

Well, I do right now. I got my Mac laptop and my iPhone, and right now continuing this blog post on the road to our friend’s house for a first night stay over before the flight tomorrow.

I also got my VA to handle some emails and to stay in touch with my tech team on Slack. Everything is working smoothly.

Digital Nomad packing list for a trip to Iceland

When I travel somewhere farther than the local city, I can be a maniac about being sure I don’t forget important stuff. (Tech-stuff off course).

Besides a toothbrush and my credit card, I need the right tools for a blogger’s journey. I like to document things and write something about the experience. And though I will bring some camera gear (My old Nikon D200 + a D600) I use my iPhone a lot now for taking blog photos along the road.

That’s why I always bring two of my backup chargers for my phone. One small and one big as a backup for the backup power. Being on the road for a long time, bring one of these if you work your phone camera a lot. (Unless you got a car charger)

Things to see in Iceland -what to plan for

Iceland’s landscape and weird changes of scenery and wild terra firma are pretty exciting. There is one video I find perfect to recommend if you haven’t seen anything from Iceland before. Have a look at all this magical scenery:

(Photo and video: Expedia)

So some of the places “advertised” in this film about Iceland travels will be on our list to visit. For this particular trip, we won’t have the time to aim for a full island round-trip. That’s in the works for another journey later.

Why is Iceland a good place to go?

There is a reason I mention that I have wanted to go to Iceland for a long time. First, I have the sense of that I will just love this country. It’s not just about the magical and beautiful landscapes and other-worldly places to explore and be baffled about.

But also because I have a curiosity for the people and the collective mindset there. There is just a “sensing” of something that just drags me to that country.

Their connection to nature is a little different than Norway where I come from. Just their way of thinking and moving forward to building roads is something I find fantastic. You just don’t blow the hell out of whatever is in the way to slam out a road.

Nope. Being in contact with nature first, kindly asking for permission is what they do.

I will spend my time there and really sensing the prana of whoever I meet and the spirit of wherever I go. I find much pleasure in such a simple thing as just experiencing and enjoying the mighty waterfalls and their higher level of energy and negative ions in the air.

I find Iceland to be a fantastic destination for digital nomad and freelance travelers to get grounded, reset and boost our mental and physical energy!

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