The Mindset and Easy Way to Make Money Online (And Travel)

Picture this: You grab the laptop you already own and spend a few hours doing…

An easy way to make money online

Picture this: You grab the laptop you already own and spend a few hours doing two things! First, dig up the BEST form of motivation you can find and achieve a winners mindset. Second, without any former knowledge, learn one easy way to make money online, have more freedom, and start exploring life. Does this sound like a plan to freedom? It is. That’s why I’m writing this article from a café in Thailand.

When you’re tired of your current life situation regarding work, your current job, or even school… What are your options in life?

I’m going to talk about mindset motivation and one easy way to make money online —  a creative way that lets you work from home (or anywhere!). 

Tired of your meaningless life and lack of passion?

Maybe you are a free soul that is suffering because you’re not interested in this conventional, mundane life that all the earthlings simply accept and go about in their everyday lives.

I get you. And it’s totally fine that you are tired, unmotivated, and silently depressed from this non-passion driven and meaningless hustle. Because I’ve experienced the same feelings myself.

The last time I was “stuck” in a shitty job was at the local hotel in town where I worked the reception counter during the night shift. 

This job wasn’t just a shitty job from 9-5. It was from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. And it came with all kinds of misbehaving humans in the middle of the night.

To become more awake and self aware, it’s time that you look into your own well-being and take care of yourself. It’s time to claim your freedom, nurture your personal skills, and learn an easy way to make money online.

Let’s get out of this rut and old paradigm and talk about the two things that can change your life.

Boost your mindset so you can achieve great things

The way you live your life right now does not determine your entire life. What I mean is that what you are experiencing in life right now, and how you live it, is not how it’s always going to be.

Your life is determined by what YOU believe, what you think, and what choices you make every single day.

The following 3 questions are related to your mindset and they are very important.

Write these down:

  • What do you believe is possible for you?
  • What thoughts do you keep thinking every day?
  • What do you choose to do about your life every day?

The first thing you need to do to make a change in how you work (so that you can move your focus to start making an income online) is to begin prepping your mind for it.

If your head is full of old programming, there will need to be a shift in your focus and thinking. You may need to see and understand that you DO actually have choices in life.

The next thing is to make sure you get a proper dose of motivation every single day to keep your energy up and have the right focus. 

You may also start considering your closest network of friends and family. Do they have your best interests at heart? Because they can be really good at sabotaging your new journey and plans.

What’s an easy way to make money online?

One easy way to make money online is by creating websites using the computer you already have… It is a lot simpler and faster than you think!

I’m saying this because you don’t need any coding skills. And you don’t need any design experience. And you for sure do not need any form of education.

Creating websites has a totally different and simple workflow in 2020 than it used to a few years back. It’s easy to register a domain, it’s easy to install WordPress automatically, and it’s easy to create beautiful web pages using website builders like Divi og Oxygen builder. 

It’s easier to get paying clients than you may think!

A lot of people have asked me how to land Web Design clients. This will prove to be a lot easier than you think. When you start focusing on this topic, talk to people, and get one or two websites done, things start to flow.

I’m writing this article based on one of my YouTube videos on the same topic:

More people are getting creative and are looking into how they can work online, especially COVID-19. I wanted to tell the world how I have been working for years to keep my freedom and grow my income.

No more flat salary at a job I don’t like. No more getting paid ONLY when I show up at work. Now I have a few hundred dollars coming in, passively, every month without lifting a finger. 

For my part, I have had a really good time during the pandemic — never out of work, and I’m basically living the same life as before.

I work on my laptop, from anywhere, and with the same tools as usual. During the lockdown, the only difference has been less choices in cafés and places to work from.

The same can happen for you. When people know you are able to make websites, they will talk. You will have the option to make one and charge for it!

I created a course on how to earn a living making websites

So I made an online course on how you can start making a good living creating websites for individuals and small business owners. I wanted to help people who truly want the freedom to create a better lifestyle for themselves. 

It’s a new way of working creatively on your computer with ready-made tools and templates, while getting paid for it, by clients all around the world.

What do you get in this course? 

Well, I had to focus on HOW to become a Web Designer. So, I’m including everything you need to know to start getting clients, how to get paid, the workflow you will use, what tools to use, the invoicing systems I recommend, how clients can pay you online and so much more.

I’m currently working on version 2.0 of my course to include updated content based on feedback from my tribe members and previous students in the course. 

If a new way of making an income is something you’re looking for, consider my course as I’m focusing on helping people become their own bosses. I help them claim their freedom to work and travel, and to spend more time on their freedom and well being. 

You can check out my course HERE.