Feeling lonely when spiritually growing and awakening to an expanded mindset

If you live with an expanded mindset, you will sooner or later find it lonely…

The loneliness of being a high achiever with an expanded mindset

Feeling lonely when spiritually growing

Feeling lonely when spiritually growing? If you live with an expanded mindset, you will sooner or later find it lonely and a little sad that the rest of humanity doesn’t share your worldview. Here’s what you can do to make this feel a little more “okay.”

First, feeling lonely is very common. On the path to awakening and personal growth, you’ll realize most people don’t understand your way of life.

But millions of people like you and me have existed on our planet for countless years. There will always be enlightened souls that intuitively understand life on earth and share your values. And for those souls, life can be—

Well, at times, a fucking ride through hell.

Because being different isn’t always easy. If you believe in uncommon wisdom and alternative ways of living—if you do not easily conform to society’s norms, you’ll face resistance from every direction simply for not being like everyone else.

How religion negatively affects society and fences you in

Religion is one of the biggest illusions and a license to condemn, expel, shame, and confuse people who try to play by the rules. It’s now 2018, and in most countries, we no longer burn people at the stake for having beliefs and worldviews that fall outside of what we consider “normal.” There are still, of course, some faithful followers of unbalanced wisdom who throw stones at other human beings. People who condemn and disrespect women, for instance, and expect them to cover up and be ashamed of themselves.

Christianity teaches you that you are a sinful motherfucker from the day you are born and will go straight to hell if you don’t follow the rules.

Don’t let the word “belief” fool you. Notice those three sneaky letters in the middle: be-lie-ef.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]If you believe in uncommon wisdom and alternative ways of living—if you do not easily conform to society’s norms, you’ll face resistance from every direction simply for not being like everyone else.[/tweet_box]

It may seem like I’m throwing a lot of holy water on religion, and some people will most likely find that offensive.

Probably just as offensive as I find all the shit this planet has gone through in the name of the Lord to be. The shaming, killing, burning, excluding, corrupting—the destruction of knowledge, to mention a few.

I mention this because when it comes to awakening to new knowledge, dealing with family or a society that’s heavily religious can be rough. I have gone through it myself, and I have friends whose families have coldheartedly thrown them out because they didn’t conform.

If you find yourself in this situation, my best advice is not to create any fuss about it. Let those people who want to stick with the old beliefs do whatever works for them, but emotionally, detach yourself. If it becomes unbearable, remove them from your life completely so you can take care of yourself.

Giving away your personal strength, power, and deepest truths can have a devastating effect on your well-being, so don’t repeat history like so many who have suffered before you.

Living by other life values and daily routines

Sometimes we feel abandoned by the world for reasons that have little to do with spiritual values.

If it wasn’t for the internet, royal or private banking families, like the Rothschilds, would still enslave this planet. But you have access to so much knowledge and life-changing wisdom—it’s, after all, the very reason you are reading this article now.

This is what education is.

You choose to eat healthier food

Have you ever felt like the outsider at the table because you choose to eat clean and healthy food—maybe even a vegan diet?

I remember a few years ago being vegan was still a little weird and exotic—at least here, in Norway, the country of never-ending comfort and sturdy life habits. People thought it was weird if you didn’t eat meat. At times, they might even get annoyed with you if you didn’t accept whatever crappy food you were served.

Your views on food weren’t always accepted, and everyone thought you were a little bit “special” for having a preference for healthy food.

I have been in this situation several times. I also talk loud and proud about my insights about food (which are not really that advanced at all). For my part, I think eating healthy food should be basic knowledge if you want to live a long and happy life without getting sick and pumped full of toxins. And because I talk about this, I annoy people. It doesn’t matter if the food on their plate glows in the dark from pesticides or synthetic cocktails, in their minds, I should just shut up and let them enjoy their food orgy.

But whatever. Everyone is allowed to eat shit as they please and cultivate sickness as much as they like.

Maybe you can relate to some of the following ideas.

You find ancient knowledge enlightening

Maybe you are like me: you connect with old wisdom and find ancient knowledge both exciting and enlightening. The internet is a library that has given humanity access to a ton of important information that we’d never learn in school. This knowledge connects the dots within us and gives us clarity about a lot of life’s mysteries.

That’s why discovering this information can be thrilling. As you learn, you grow. Your energy rises, and the frequency you vibrate on is higher.

You feel fired up and want to talk about it. But your friends and family are NOT ready to listen. They are still vibrating on an old frequency. When you’re tuned in to a higher channel and try to broadcast your new discoveries with light and love, it doesn’t seep in. They’re not receptive.

If this was the 1700s, you would be barbecued over a pile of logs. Today, people just roll their eyes or glare at you.

When I start to talk about life on other planets or aliens and refer to all the documentation and information out there on the matter, most people still laugh and look at me like I’m weird. Luckily, I’m a spiritual warrior who can’t be messed with, so I dish out a lesson they can’t simply reject. When the evening comes, I don’t know if they run screaming out into the forest or if what I have to say triggers their curiosity, but at least I’m speaking my truth.

Why is this topic important? Because it totally transforms the understanding of our whole existence! That’s why.

Give it time, and enjoy your view of reality. Start connecting with like-minded people who love to learn more about how being a human on this planet REALLY works. When you start to grow and live like this, your energy will be so strong you will affect the people around you.

You don’t conform to the norms and blindly abide unspoken rules

I feel you, enlightened rebel.

This has been one of my biggest challenges for many years. When you educate yourself, you begin to see people, society, and the whole world in a different light. You begin to see behaviour patterns, rules, regulations, weird laws, and herd mentality.

And you begin to struggle to “fit in.” To simply accept it. You struggle with the corruption, monkey politicians, what money is and does, and what humans do to the planet. On purpose.

The most sensitive souls become literally pissed off and rebellious. And over time, they simply can’t stand the chaos. They leave the herd and make plans to build their own cottage out of sticks and leaves in the woods.

Feeling lonely when spiritually growing and awakening can seem cold and dark at times. The sad part is that those souls are the ones truly beginning to understand life, God, the Universe, and what Gaia is, but they are still seen as outsiders. That IS a lonely feeling—to not be accepted.

Find your truth, values, and strength, and shine your light

I’m with you, and so are a lot of others like you and me. You’re not alone. We’re just not right there next to you at this moment. But we’re connected, and the global consciousness from souls and beings carrying new information is now getting stronger.

Yeah, it can be a lonely journey to live with upgraded life values and deeper knowledge because it’s not common yet. But it’s very important that you don’t fall behind, slide back into some false comfort zone, and give away your power! Continue your path to enlightenment and personal growth so your body, mind, and spirit can become even stronger.

You will expand the energy field around you, become healthier, and have a huge impact on people around you.

Live by eating clean food to nurture your physical body and keep your mind sharp. Choose to not let yourself be downgraded health wise just because other people expect you to.

Continue your self-education on whatever knowledge nurtures your soul, insights for living, and quality of life. You will have more to give to the confused souls around you who need you in the coming time.

I choose to be lonely because it’s safer

I want to mention a couple of things at the end here. I often choose to be alone rather than hang out with many of the people I know. This is simply because I can’t handle lifeless, boring, and mundane topics or the drama in their life.

The way I work and the way I live is so different from 95% of the network around me, so we don’t always have much to talk about. The mindset I have developed is not compatible with the programming they have been enslaved into.

And when it comes to understanding the deeper part of our lives, which usually touches on spiritual concepts, my beliefs don’t seem to align with theirs. Not always, not always . . .

The world is changing, and humans are in a powerful seek-mode, which is exactly the tuning this planet needs right now.

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Hey, want a movie tip?

Wrap yourself in a blanket tonight, and watch the movie Powder from 1995.

May the force be with you.