Why figuring out your WHY is empowering to your life

Because something matters to you, and to me also. And for the last two years,…

Figuring out your why in life

Figuring out your why in life

Why are you going to read this blog post? And why did I write it? Because something matters to you, and to me also. And for the last two years, I have spent a shit-load of time on my own why’s. But I have been even more into helping others with their why’s. Figuring out your WHY is empowering to your life

And I have been able to do that because I’m on the outside of the other individual’s head. So I get the outside perspective and a different mental image from the insights collected during conversations. Usually, a beneficial vantage point making me able to bring valuable ideas and tips to the person needing guidance. Because usually, we are too much into our heads ourselves. Our mind and thoughts just get in the way.

Help me figure out WHY…

So I wanted to write this post to help you. Because [tweet_dis]figuring out your WHY is one of the most important things to spend mind-time on[/tweet_dis]. Understanding WHY you have desires for certain activities, experiences, and outcomes in life will make sure that what you choose spending time on will be more related to your most true values and passions.

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And this is what you want, right? You want to make sure that the choices you make and the time you invest in whatever you consider doing, is the right thing? Sure!

Understand your WHY will lead you into truly know thy self more. Which will make you feel you are more in synch with the Universe and your life’s purpose. And that always feels good.

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Again, why are you reading this post? Is it the hope of being relieved of having found an epiphany in my words as you read them? Is it to find more clarity in life because you feel stuck and don’t know where to go next?

Why do you need this right now? I guess we can establish the fact that there is something missing, some guidance that you are looking for in your life. Or maybe not, and you’re just curious. But still, the title of the post triggered you maybe. Why?

How I struggled with deciding on my choices

I know how it is to not be sure about why I’m considering doing different things in my life. Especially those that I have been considering a possible route to pursue. But over time I understood more and more of this. Because I have a sport of connecting the dots in my personality traits, where they come from, and in knowing my values.

There’s was a revelation about to emerge…

About two and a half years ago I needed to make a turn in my Web Design career. I got tired of working with WordPress. But as I was looked up my Shopify and asked to become a Shopify Partner and Expert, I decided to continue as a Web Designer. It was something new and fun, so it felt nice. But during the next month, that nagging feeling of needing to do something else came back.

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I noticed how I spent hours, HOURS I TELL YOU! -in front of the computer screen hustling websites, store launches, and client work. Holy crap. I wonder how many hours of my life I have spent on a computer so far in life…

Have you felt this? Is this where you are right now?

I have always been having a luxury problem with getting a lot of work from clients all over the world. But that doesn’t help if my desire for it is dying out.

Winter, two years ago

In my 17 years of Martial Arts, and Taekwon-Do practice, I have spent 15 years as a trainer. I love that area. I CHANNEL my best mental and physical capacities when being in front of a large group of students.

So winter about two years ago, I struggled with discovering what, and WHY. I dived. Into myself, looking at what passions I had. My true values in life. I looked at why I was attracted to different kind of activities, music, people, food, films, and books.

And then I discovered something…

Damn-I-suddenly came to think of that; Almost all client and in-person business meetings I have been doing, I’ve always and automatically been moving into a coaching role!

Now, THIS was a revelation. The following two ideas;

  1. Remembering the feeling of being out on the floor training people in Taekwon-Do. Physically, and the coaching and mental part.
  2. The insight that dawned upon me that I have been doing more or less mentor and coaching in my business meetings.


I have, in fact, for many years more or less known who and what I am. I just didn’t make much out of it and fully LIVE it. But looking back to my shitty childhood, I had a pattern of being a leader. A protector. A guy who took charge.

That’s a signal.

And while spending some time looking back through the years, I now see a pattern in this. Fast forward to the year 1997, that’s when I began practicing Taekwon-Do with a buddy of mine. And already as greenbelts, we started taking charge and became instructors in our club. The club was down in a ditch for some time. We lost our leader and black belt. So as talents, we were looked at for help. Later, we became the first new black-belts. And my buddy and I became leaders and main trainers.

Discovering a probable personality signature

Yes, that’s what it’s about! You will have to create yourself. Finding your WHY in life can usually not be experienced without actually living it. Which includes trail and error, soul searching, and to just go out and discover.

Try new things. Meet new people. Get into situations. And…

Use your passions and that which excites you the most as an inner guide.

Now, there are also methods to trigger your mind into new thought patterns to help you reveal and discover some personality signature traits. It can be hard to understand why you do certain things in life, or why you CONSIDER doing something, by just going about your daily routines.

You need to get bumped out of your routine pattern of thinking. By triggering new thoughts, ideas, and force yourself to answer uncommon questions, discovering your WHY’s can be achieved.

Knowing your WHY will give you focus

Remember, there are often so many things we find exciting, thrilling, wanting to have, and stuff to do while living our lives, that DON’T REALLY matter to us. But we think it does. Keep this in mind. A lot of things are cool to have, do, or be. But over time, if it doesn’t connect with some of your spiritual values, it won’t last.

So knowing your WHY is about understanding its spiritual value. Simply because it’s connecting to your Devine being and inner truth.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]So knowing your WHY is about understanding its spiritual value[/tweet_box]

When you know this, you will gain the strength to DESELECT all the less valued excitements with that which keeps your flame burning!

What traits did you bring into this life?

Okay, my last note in this post which I find very important. For me, after having spent a lot of time understanding past-life knowledge, I now see how much the TOTALITY of who we are playing a big part of this specific life.

When little kids talk detailed and historical facts about some other life they have had, you will begin to understand some reasons for how they act in this life. And it’s the same with grown ups.

Our past/parallel lives very often contain strong experiences and situations that carry over to this life. Some people often have very strong personality traits that stand out, and we don’t know why. Some often have very special skills that were never taught in this life.

Have you seen those little kids with insane artist skills that were never taught in this life? That’s one example.

So what I’m saying is that you should consider keeping in mind that you are not just a simple one-time living individual. You are part of something more of you, connected to all the lives you have lived. And you came into this life with a purpose and plan. Like a theme. And maybe you WHY could be connected to that theme.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]You are part of something more of you, connected to all the lives you have lived.[/tweet_box]

If this is new to you. You may ask, are there methods to find out about your past lives? Sure. It’s pretty common and well known. Regression therapy is the technique used to go back in time.

You will find more information on that on YouTube. But if I were to suggest well written and documented readings about this topic, I would suggest searching for Dolores Cannon on YouTube.

Just bear in mind, that her over 40 years of regression therapy brought in many people been having UFO and abduction related experiences and issues. I still recommend her books, as this will give you a lot of knowledge that you will benefit from in your life, personally.