Important: How mindset affects your success

It seems even the smartest people don’t give any thought about what shapes their daily…

Important Mindset

Last week I had an epiphany that I have to write a short blog post about understanding our mindset. It’s important to understand how mindset affects success. It seems this is not really fully understood, cared for or even taken into consideration of how bad people feel. Something as important as getting stuck in thinking how crap the world around them seems.

The inspiration came after a conversation with a friend who was having repetitive negative thoughts. Since I happen to talk to a lot of people, I see patterns. And this is one of them. It’s seems like even the smartest people don’t give any thought about what shapes their daily life and future.

If they had, there wouldn’t be this whining and crying in discomfort of not having the universe on their side, would it? Because they would choose differently!

And you know, with my way of teaching, I don’t shut up. So I tell people: Well, stop weeping and look at your self! You WANT this!

They immediately look at me differently. Sometimes annoyed, sometimes they just give one of those awkward uncertain grins. And sometimes they actually find my statement interesting. That’s the moment I change my energy to a more caring and loving presence. But still with a Cesar Milan-like attitude.

Your mindset defines who you are

This is true. And so, if you don’t like who you are, or what your world is like, change your mindset. Change your programming. This is what your established mindset does to you:

  • It holds what you believe to be true
  • It’s what defines your approach to your life
  • It’s what shapes your future
  • It’s changeable!

Do you see that your current mindset might have some impact on your daily life? Is it fixed or do you think you can change it?

It’s really important that you understand your mindset. Because it’s the program that runs your life choices. It will mold your experience into something you will either be happy or sad about. So monitor it. Because you might in fact catch a virus. That is, a program, or thoughts and beliefs that’s not suppose to be there! At least not according to what you prefer in your life.

How did you get your mindset established

Our mindset, thoughts and beliefs are being formed through living a life. It becomes established both via consciously choosing to understand and to believe something. But it also gets formed and established by not so consciously accepting what others have told you to be true. Especially early in your life.

Religion has done a huge job here, which for many people makes it really unpleasant when they grow up and start to ask questions, or when they do their own education and expand their understandings.

You can easily change your mindset

With easy, I mean that it’s a simple process. But it might take some effort. You know what? It depends on how strong your programming is, and how scared you are to actually change it.

For me, I can honestly say that I have changed MY mindset extremely the last 2 years. But this is because I want to, I allow it and I speed it up. It all gets easier then. I have my techniques.

How to change your mindset

I can tell you what I have been doing. But first of all, let me just say what I usually say when I get in conversation with new loving people: “I’m not like most people…”

It’s true. No, not because I have a need to feel special. I’m not like that. I don’t have any need or urge to have any special “status”. But having spent so many years working with people, I notice. I see the contrast. I just don’t happen to fit into all the normal, usual, common, well established, accepted or other norms.

I’m a fighter. I’d rather die trying, then do what most people do: Give up, or give in to mediocrity!

This give me the urge to find solutions. Find inspiration, read, learn, copy, be and think like other successful people have done.
Ok, cool, so what happens then?

Well, you start to mirror them. You gradually start to change your own mindset, which starts to give you new thoughts. Which will get you to make new choices in life. Which again will create a new reality for you.

  • So choose new people to hang out with
  • Read well-known books that transforms your life
  • Stop watching TV and the news. Seriously, why do you “need” it?
  • Be consistent in wanting this. Keep it up!
  • Meditate. Really, it speeds things up.
  • Change your food. Don’t eat shit. You get shit-for-brains
  • Be very strict at what you spend time on. It’s worth a lot more than money

You will experience dimensional shifts. No, it’s not magical. But it can feel like that sometimes.

Ok. I have spoken.