What is luck and how to get more of it?

My mother used to collect Cloverleafs. She really believed it would bring her more luck…

What is luck

How to be more lucky in life by choice

Do you want more luck in life? Sounds awesome, right? I met a cute girl on a café a few weeks ago, telling me that I was “lucky” with my life. So I asked her, what do you think luck is, and how can we get more of it? How to be more lucky in life is something you can learn.

Are you a lucky or an unlucky person?

While I have my conversations during my training or coaching related meetings, I sometimes ask people if they feel like they are lucky or unlucky. I ask because it basically tells me what kind of expectations the person have of their lives.

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The questions can sometimes make them stop to think for a moment. It’s like I’m poking their minds to actually reconsider an automatic response they would eventually say: “ha! Typical me to be unlucky!…

Clover leaf for luck

So what do you think luck is? I remember when I was a kid, my mother who really struggled in life collected Cloverleafs in her own album book. She believed that when she found one of these on the outside, lucky things would happen. You know, she could spend hours outside the house or in the forest sometimes, just looking for Cloverleafs.

Being lucky is a choice

Yes, that’s what I believe. Last year I wrote a blog post with the title “Get unstuck in life – By not choosing it anymore”.

That’s right. I’m saying that being stuck is a, usually, an unconscious life choice.

So let me tell you how I relate to “luck” and what I believe this comes from. First of all, if you think of luck in the term most people do, you are in fact saying that life is totally random. Nothing is either synchronized or organized in the matrix of our existence.

That’s why people experience luck as being, just, lucky. Like any random event just happened to bump into them and there is nothing more to it than that.

I don’t think so. There is more to it than that. And you can start choosing to be “lucky” if you want to.

It’s about your mindset.

To simplify: There are two main factors for being “lucky”

Stuff happens in life. If you have been living for a few years you get to see that. Usually, we feel that life just happens to us. Our daily routines and experienced events are totally out of our control.

So when unexpected bad things happen we call it either bad timing, unfortunate, tragic, unlucky or any other negative label.

When we experience unexpected positive events we call it typically, luck.

Ok, so I think there are two main factors that make “lucky” events happen. But remember, two completely different people can experience the exact same event as both positive and negative.

  1. You are in the flow of your life. You are on the right path, being in sync or harmony with yourself. (sync and harmony are the same)
  2. You are moving into a moment in life, hitting a sweet spot where a planned event was waiting to be experienced by you. Orchestrated by your higher self.

You see, we do create an astronomical amount of small and big events and experiences in our lives. With events, I mean everything from waking up in the morning to bigger events, impacting your personality and life for years to come.

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But for those big events, positive or negative, that really blows our minds. Totally shifts our reality or suddenly create a new route on our path…-those are part of a bigger plan. They are meant to happen and will manifest themselves in some way or another, sooner or later.

I do believe that most lives have a red line going through them. A specific theme or topic being more important and purposeful for you to learn. Both positive and negative.

Not evil. That’s just a sick term created by religion.

When you feel good and agree with the universe

So why are we saying that a lot of people are luckier than others?
They are not. But they are more in tune with them self and their agenda than most people. In sync, you might say. So they bump into more positive experiences.

Why am I always so unlucky?

You are not unlucky. You are just out of tune with yourself so you create situations and events in life that don’t feel right, or good. Because your mindset is in a negative state, and you might not even know it.

How can I be luckier in life?

You know what. First you have to change your mindset! Switch out your reptile programming on what “luck” is.

The word “luck” does not mean: “A surprising positive experience randomly generated”.

The word Luck means: “Synchronistically orchestrated experience”

So then, basically, you can create more luck in your life by changing a few things.

  • Be more in tune with our self. Figure it out.
  • Be grateful for whatever you have, now.
  • Stop whining and moaning about little things
  • Take control and make decisions. Stop living a random life, believing stuff just happens TO you, and not THROUGH you.

The Universe don’t judge or check if you are being nice. It just is. And you move within it based on your energy level and vibration.

So there are some tips you can write out on your bathroom mirror.

It’s very simple. It’s is, again, about mindset. So go out and play. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you will start to create luck ;)

Are you lucky in life?