How to become a Shopify Expert and built passive income

What sucks the most with your current job or freelance career? Is it the lack…

How to earn passive income by becoming a Shopify Partner
How to earn passive income by becoming a Shopify Partner

What sucks the most with your current job or freelance career? Is it the lack of well paying clients, little to no passive income, or just the work in general? Or maybe, you’re doing just fine but would like a change. Let me show you how to become a Shopify Expert. 

I said many years ago, “To hell with going back to a nine-to-five job again”, and so it will be.

I’m also never going back to school. That industry failed many years ago. I’m talking as much shit about the educational system as I can.

Though, it is pretty obvious and well known now, but I do believe that change is happening. In my experience, its all about self education instead.

I’m addicted to my freedom and the way I’m able to work and create my own income. I’m also an advocate for growing streams of passive income.

Everything changed when I became a Shopify Partner

The main method to make this happen has been as a web designer. It’s given me so much flexibility. As well as years of knowledge. You can’t underestimate the valuable lessons from running your own business and working with clients.

But the biggest change happened the day I started as a Shopify Partner. I was just weeks before I had my first dollar coming in as passive income. And it kept growing ever since. Then soon after, I became a Shopify Expert.

Suddenly, I didn’t have to look for work anymore. As I was listed on the Shopify website, I began having clients come to me asking for help and to work on complete projects.

This is the reason I have considered Shopify as being one of the most easy accessible, profitable and lucrative passive income platforms. I love it. And the way they take care of their partners is awesome.

There are a lot of new changes coming to the Shopify platform this year and one of them is a big update for those coming on to the partner platform. To start getting paid from clients all around the world, you will first need to sign up to become a Shopify Partner. That will give you your own dashboard where you can set up stores for new clients.

To become a Shopify Expert and get listed at the marketplace, you must fulfill and comply with certain things.

If I could duplicate my knowledge to you and help get this work freedom as I have created for myself. I would want to do that on video.

So I did, and I just launched my training on how to become a Shopify Expert and start earning your way up to a flexible lifestyle. Working and traveling with your laptop under your arm.

Now I want to teach you how to become a Shopify Expert

If you have been a reader of my content before, you may have noticed that I’m also doing other things. Web Design has for sure been my main income model for years. But, I have other skills I need to share with the world.

I have 17 years of martial art background, various training in sports, and leadership/organizational skills. Plus, all of the years running my own business!

Moreover, I’m an advocate for the concept of Self Mastery. This is because, I have detached myself from society’s chaos, limiting norms, and confusing teachings on what reality is all about. I feel that I live with an expanded mind than what is observed to be the norm.

I’m a deep-diver into metaphysics, spirituality, and mindset training. I do this by loving the process of taking care of my own energy. Which can be accomplished by carefully choosing what I eat, read, and watch.

As one not following protocol and the common path to “success”. I want to help other people take control of their lives, expand their mindset, and establish their freedom. Therefore, teaching them how to create their own income and work from anywhere.

So I created a course on how to become a Shopify Expert and Partner. This is a course on how to set up your own little freelance or work-from-home business.

You will find the course on and from there you’ll go through 7 video lessons. I’m not only showing you the steps to take on how to become a Shopify Expert, but offer some very important advice if you are a beginner.

Make a career change and work from home

I’ve had close to a hundred students sign up to my course just after 3 weeks. And I soon learned that many of them don’t know the practical things on how to set up, when you want to work online.

I’m including a lot of how to’s on that topic of training. So that your own little laptop business can be on a ready-set-go pace while traveling or comfortably at home in your kitchen.

For example, how do you get paid from clients for the work you do? What apps, tools and programs do you use? What are some important and useful practices to handle clients in a good way?

I include some good tips on how to grow your passive income every month on top of the Shopify partner revenue you will get.

Want a piece of me for private training over video?

Some people want clarity, a roadmap, be told exactly what to do, and have an accountability partner when making a career change.

How to grow your passive income

Working with someone on your side can ease the confusion that comes with great change. Therefore, to try and figure things out alone will very often limit your perspectives and the level of clarity.

That’s why I do on-going private coaching with a selected few.

If you go and sign up to my training at, you will automatically be offered the option to sign up for a call with me to see if you would fit into my format of coaching.

And of course, in case the Shopify Expert Masterplan training is not what you’re looking for. But still want clarity, a roadmap, and to get help with accelerating your life, feel free to get in touch.

Remember, everything starts with a thought. What you choose from today will produce a result in the coming weeks and months. It’s all up to you.