How to become strong minded for the future and the New Earth

How do you make sure you will build strong, healthy, and solid character for the…

How to become strong minded for the future

How to become strong minded for the future

The planet is changing. Both its nature, the people on it, and the global frequency which we all bathe in. How do you make sure you will build strong, healthy, and solid character for the future? This blog post may help you as it gives an easy to follow checklist on how to become strong minded for the future and the new earth.

First, here’s an outline of this blog post for your quick reference.

  1. Get rid of all toxic shit you consume
  2. Replace with the opposite -Fresh, clean food and positive mind candy
  3. Encode Mindfulness into your life routines
  4. Be fucking honest about your past and drag the ghosts out of the closet
  5. Double the expectations of yourself and choose a dream

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1. Get rid of all toxic shit that you consume

There are two main topics to mention when I’m am talking about consuming toxic and unhealthy stuff. I’m talking about what you put in your mouth, to stay alive, and hopefully, to stay healthy. And I’m talking about intellectual stuff. (Or not so intellectual)

The reason this is the first step I usually mention is that most people, probably including your self, have too much toxic waste in your body and mind. If you do, it will be very hard for you to make the changes you want and move on to the next steps to achieve a better life.

Most people don’t really know how poisoned their body, immune system, and their brain capacity is. Because they haven’t spent enough time to detox and get to that boosted state of high energy and clarity that you get when you clean up your system. It’s a sneaky thing because you don’t see what is right in front of you.

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The same goes for your mind. What do you allow to enter your brain, which brings you an emotional state?

The first thing I tell people to cut the hell out is watching the news. Either on TV or by reading the newspaper. It’s not really known to be a source of positive information and to have an uplifting agenda. Whatever you read or watch, you process. So what do you allow to enter your mind?

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Whatever you read or watch, you process. So what do you allow to enter your mind?[/tweet_box]

It could also be the time assess your closest friends and family. Those that, in fact, is harmful to your self-worth, or quality of life. Those that leeches on your energy, or keep you in a bad state. Often we don’t really think about this and people go on through their life dragging along with a bunch of toxic people in their daily lives.

Let’s not pretend here. This could even be your own mother!

2. Replace with the opposite -Fresh, clean food and positive mind candy

So step number one takes ONE decision. That is to do something about it, and go on to step number two.

It’s simple. Just replace the bad stuff with good stuff. Both your food habits and what you spend mind-time on. If you don’t give a shit about your eating habits and think food-don’t-matter, you have already let your system down and won’t reach the level of freshness in your body that you need to stay optimised.

I will share one source, which I use my self, to have everything that comes to food in one place. Go to and sign up for a free account. Also, make a note to yourself and find a method to keep drinking more water daily. Unless you already do, most people drink way to little clean water every day. We don’t just push on drinking enough water because it sounds healthy or because it’s what healthy people do. You HAVE to get enough water in your body, so your cells don’t dry out!

For this simple reason, there are a lot of [tweet_dis]people getting sick every day just because they don’t get enough water[/tweet_dis] to keep them going and to rinse and flush out their system.

3. Encode Mindfulness into your life routines

There is a reason I put this as step three.

Because when you have decided to detox your body and mind, and hopefully be able to evaluate your closest relationships that might not be good for you, your energy will go up. And then it’s a good time to set aside some quality time for yourself and your inner universe.

Mindfulness time doesn’t have to be about fluffy sweet moments of bliss emerged in a fog of intense and waterfall music. Or, maybe it’s exactly what you need. But what I mean with mindfulness time is to define segments in your days where you become a little quiet.

Do you have feelings? Do you sometimes have dreams at night? Are you able to visualize things that have happened and things that might happen to you in the future? Have you ever felt some any love for something?

Then your most likely a normal human with a spirit. And it would do you very much good to close your eyes and tend to your inner life. Sometimes we call this meditation. And there is specific techniques and methods you can use to find a way of doing it that works well for you.

There are a few processes of intentions I recommend to keep in mind when having your mediation and mindfulness sessions:

  • Keep doing it even if your mind seems to completely take off and drive you insane. Unless you fall over with serious seizures and fraud coming out of your mouth. Stay in the moment for at least 5 min.
  • Be open and ready to accept and handle emotional stuff that might come up. They can be handled and accepted. This is part of the process, and mediation will be a method to take care of it. If emotional stuff becomes a big issue, consider having someone to talk to. Preferably outside of your friends and family inner circle.
  • Spend these moments of stillness to look forward at your timeline and only visualize what you want to happen in your life. Keep doing this over, and over each time you have these sessions.

Just to mention it; Scientists now know that meditation has a profound effect on the human brain. They also understand now that over time, mediation has a way of molding and reshaping the structure of the brain, and to generate new neurological pathways in our brains. Cool shit?

(Read “How to gain personal growth through spiritual understanding“)

Finally, I’ve heard mentioned on a couple of podcasts I was listening to last year that some schools in the US have started using mediation in class. They “discovered” that this has improved the students’ behavior and results at these schools.

4. Be fucking honest about your past and drag the ghosts out of the closet

So a quick sum-up so far. You have decided to not allow too much toxic stuff in your body and begin to replace with fresh, clean food and more beneficial mind-candy stuff. And then with a simple meditation practice, you will also begin to reshape your neurological pathways in your brain.

Now I believe you will begin to have improved your strengths and capacity to handle any “ghosts in the closet.” If you have any.

Maybe you have had a problematic childhood. It could be that your days at school didn’t work out so well, or some bad job situation you have been in for too long. Or some relationships with friends or family that are not working out so well.

Whatever is itching and creating uncertainty and those unwanted emotional states in your life, it’s time (especially in the time we are in now) to drag it out into the light and burn it. If it’s something you need to face and talk to some people about, maybe you should. If it’s something related to someone you can just gently phase out and leave quietly, do so.

It’s really not a time to drag along with old bags of heavy shit! Deal with it now and fix it.

5. Double the expectations of yourself and choose a dream

Friend, seriously. You can do more. You can be better. I KNOW that you can achieve a lot more than and reach greater heights that what you have done so far in your life. Every one can!

And I don’t mean by pushing yourself through more school or education. I’m talking about the mindset you currently have that move you forward in your life.

Humans have an enormous willpower and strength. Especially when they really want something. There are two main driving forces that you possess which will bring you richness and greatness of the sort you may dream about. These are,

  1. Your passion. A strong WANT that fuels a strong willpower
  2. Belief. That you actually DO believe, almost like in KNOWING you are going to get it.

Most peoples limitations is that of lack of belief. Both in themselves and in that they don’t think they will be able to reach their dreams or goals. If that is the case for you, expect challenges in your life. If you don’t think you will be able to reach your goals or wishes, the driving force that would make it happen in the first place will be so weak that the chances of you seeing your dream come to life are minimal.

Consider this; Find a way to measure your achievement level for this year. Find a notebook and write down everything significant or essential for you that you have achieved, completed or reached since January.

On a new blank page. Make a list for the coming year and DOUBLE your expectations for what you can achieve. Don’t get overwhelmed by this. Because I don’t mean doubling your checklist. If you have a list of 5 super-awesome things you did this year, it doesn’t mean you should complete 10 things next year.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Make a list for the coming year and DOUBLE your expectations for what you can achieve[/tweet_box].

I’m talking about finding BIGGER goals. Double your expectations of what you will be able to make happen. So maybe your list for the coming year should be 3 items or just one big goal.

These goals and achievements don’t have to be some massive goals that seem unrealistic. It could be something simple as starting a daily mediations routine or deciding to completely shift your eating habits because you want to clean up your body system and get more energy. That is not a big goal, but it will have a big impact on your life!

Double the expectations of what you can achieve. Double what you consider to be the “greatness level” of it.

And last, double the amount of motivating mentor-friends you may have in your inner circle. If you think about it now and find you actually don’t have one…

Get one!

Maybe the force be with you in your mind, body, and soul. And look up, look forward, and expect double joy and happiness in your achievements for the coming year.