How to believe in myself – Forget the norms!

How many of the true dreams that you might be pondering on do you think…

How to believe in myself

Humans are the Masters of limitation!

I wanna ask you. How many of the true dreams that you might be pondering on do you think will come to life? How much mind-power do you believe you have? If something is limiting your life in any way, do you think it is about you or someone else? How to believe in myself, is sub-consciously asked by too many people.

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I wanted to write a blog post about all the limitations and self-destructive belief sets many people have. No wonder so many people have told me through the years: “I can’t understand how you make it”. Or, “I’m impressed”, or just all the people that never believed in me for taking another path in life than following the conventional methods.

But I see why. They are all limited. That’s why they are stuck and sad.

How to believe in myself

I have not ever been asking myself that question. And in fact, I have never met anyone directly asking me that questions. But…

Still, it’s a repetitive question asked by too many people. Without them even knowing. It’s an innate fear lurking around in our sub-consciousness mind coming and going like a tidal wave sometimes. It’s about self-worth and self-realisation. About feeling loved, connected and being here for a reason. And it’s about discovering you and experiencing that amazing feeling of living your life through purpose and joy. When you don’t see limitations and believe in yourself, you WILL experience that kind of life.

So when people ask: How to believe in myself -there are two main things that we should spend some mind energy on. So to simplify:

  • What limiting beliefs do you hold on to? It can be more than you know.
  • What do you feed your body and mind?

And whatever hold us back in life is very often rooted in some kind of limitation. What I mean with the above statement, “what do you feed your body and mind” is about both food and life experiences. Food affects your mind in HUGE way, but so does people, places, music and other info you feed it.

Humans are Masters of limitation. It’s is something this race is really good at. The list of limiting superstition and behaviour is endless, but let me mention a few of the common ones.

  • I’m not good enough
  • This can’t possibly happen to me! I’m not lucky enough or deserve it!
  • Things always stay the same, nothing changes
  • I don’t have the education, so forget about it
  • What will my friends or family say?
  • I’m not as smart as other people, so I’ll just stay on my couch
  • This is not the normal way of doing it, I should follow the accepted ways.
  • It would take a miracle, and I don’t believe in any
  • There is only one, simple, ending reality. So it doesn’t matter.
  • I’m too stuck in my religion still and I shouldn’t be reading this blog post
  • I believe in only one, simple, limited and ending reality with limited power in myself, my thoughts and what I can create. So fuck it…

How to start believing in yourself can be accelerated by looking at the lists of 11 examples above. Be totally honest now with yourself, and put a checkmark on each one that you recognize might be true for you.

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Just by doing that will start a re-wiring of your brain to accept new changes. Then spend some time thinking how each of the ones you check marked can be changed or removed in your life.

The collective limitation of the humans

I’m often mentioning religion and organized faith-based and spiritual rule driven societies and affairs.

Humans worst creation of regulations for what to think, belief and how to live.

All religions are of course not equally infected with madness. But the well-established ones ALL do hold a defined set of understanding and behavioural codes. Even if it’s not written in clear text, you got the expected and accepted way of how to understand and talk about the teachings.

If you read this and it pisses you off because of any religious believes, you are in fact an example of how wars get started when these ideas are questioned or abandoned.

Spirituality is such a touching topic to a human because spirit it is what we are made of. So how we perceive and believe stuff is affecting us very intimately. And if something that the human find pleasant to believe in gets torn apart, it gets disturbed.

There is also A LOT of very important life lessons not being taught in religious establishments. Because it’s not convenient!

I mean like really important subjects that would calm the human race down. Make people feel more safe, secure and happy. Even more healthy and less aggressive and warlike.

It is, In fact, ancient knowledge that is coming back to us now. Stuff like past lives, parallel realities, how food matters. What death and the “other side” is like. Life on other planets. Something that NASA so stupidly is “searching for”. What are minds can do, how we are all connected and in actually interact with each other.

I’m talking about including ALL of what we do know, and not just follow teachings from a guru, sector one or two books. Very limiting. It’s creating depressions, hate, decease, un-ease and all hell from it.

I didn’t mention politics yet. Haha, “Clowns in Battle”… nothing more to says about that. Just remember one thing, politics follow the human races spiritual evolvement. Just turn on your TV at 6 pm and look at the insane unfolding.

Limitations from experience

Enough about religion, politics and other money-driven burdens.

Believing that something is not possible for you can very often come from your own experience in life. And it can start out early in life because we are very vulnerable in our childhood.

Later on, we usually adapt any concepts or programmings that our parents think we should have and repeat the limiting cycle. We can also experience the bad influence of family members, friends or co-workers. And if you are not the person with too much self-esteem, you will usually not be able to move out of the norms and your comfort zone and just follow the herd.

Think about this. Do you find anything here that might be limiting your life and to follow your passion and dreams?

You know, you can get totally stuck and hooked to a person or family member. No matter how bad they treat you or influence you. I know from experience.

This sweet girl had such an emotional and karmic bond to her mother that was so bad, that she went straight info copying mode and became her worst fear. To be like her mother. She lost herself.

Stop crying. Magic is in fact, real.

Unless you have decided it’s not real. Yes! It is as simple as that.

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Don’t you believe that? well, there’s a limiting thought right there. The sad thing for you is that you won’t believe it until you see it. But the, even more, sad truth maybe is that you won’t see it until you believe it.

Seriously. You need to change your energy level on your possibilities.

Seeing is not believing…

Believing is seeing. Because then you have changed in advance.

I have spoken.