How I boost Body Energy by teaching life skills

You can boost your mind and body energy my living your passion and doing it…

How to boost body energy

Not so long ago I was invited to a local Karate club to provide my type of martial arts training regarding kick practice to tighten their techniques. When I get on the Dojo training students like this, I CHANNEL my inner teacher and run on autopilot. Here’s how to boost your body energy by being a mentor and teach from your passion!

A big shift happened in 1997. One that I would never be without.

Have you had any experience with a life choice you made that have benefited you enormously as a person since then? What is it…?

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Since I started practice Taekwon-Do back then, it has lifted me higher, and higher. Part of the reason is that I’m able to use my instructor and leadership character for lifting others to a higher level. Passing it on. And by being in the flow with this passion, I can feel my body energy get boosted higher because of being in a motion and “giving” state of mind.

The values of the Eastern values -in Martial Art

I’m happy to talk a lot of shit about the established school and educational system. Why!? -do some ask…

Well, first of all, I have never seen any regulated content in school which helps the young, scared, uncertain and bewildered students in any life skills. Classrooms are limited to be factories of re-programming.

The other reason is through observation from my 17 years in a Dojo, and 15 years as a trainer, on how many of our students walked through the Valley with the shadow of death, from trying to handle school.

That includes Unbearable consumption of, not suggested, but instructed sources of content and surviving incompetent teachers and a bad school environment. I barely attended school sometimes.

When I got into the atmosphere of a Dojo mixed with a beautiful mindset of other humans wanting to grow their life skills, I thrived, just like my flourishing Aloe Vera plant at the kitchen table at home.

How to boost your Body Energy by teaching life skills from your passion

The value of eastern philosophy, basic life rituals and manners is what got the students to actually, grow. I and my fellow instructors were very happy about the feedback we got from the different schools on how students improved. (Your welcome! It was for sure not your credit)

Be the leader for those surrounding your level of being

For you to expand, to grow stronger and maintain you physical and mental health, you would benefit greatly from choosing at least one activity that resonates with your core values and interest.

And either within some kind of collective practice or just as a routine in your everyday life, allow yourself to practice the skill of being a leader for some chosen ones. (You will notice. They will come to you)

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Back when I started as a white belt Taekwon-Do student, I still remember THAT first practice with our black-belt instructor at that time. I know I had found something I wanted to spend time and energy on.

What happened later is a long story of fantastic events, happenings, trips, championships and the most important, being able to fill the position of my inner leader and teacher-role with in my life.

Me and a friend of mine became the two first Dan-ranked black-belts in our club. But already as greenbelts did we start to assist in the training as instructors for new white belt students. Since that time, we kept going. Both of us had the leader in us. That’s why we locked in on our career in the Dojo.

I knew about Taekwon-Do a long time before I found a club. What attracted me the most is the core values of both the eastern philosophy, the style of techniques and the mindfulness part of doing this type of training. I was the one with the most focus on these important insights and practices, and I used them as part of my training for the students.

Birthing new super-humans and next generation caretakers

We have always been proud of our system. Because we knew, we improved and upgraded people’s lives. Including our own. Yes, it’s martial arts, but it’s in fact not about the fighting skills. The changes we saw in the 7 to 60-year-old students was transforming!

Even the students became proud of them self. And we loved them for their willingness to re-define and refine themselves as the new super-humans. Having amazing technique and body skills, along with a great mind and a lovable presence.

I remember one time when we had a lady visiting us for meditation practice. We got some unexpected feedback from even the 12-year-olds. They loved it! And was asking for more time on this exercise. Learn about these tips on how meditation can help you.

We had students that learned to level them self with each other. The cocky cool kids were quickly and easily jacked down a little. And the silent and closed in personalities grew taller. They learned not only effective body skills through Taekwon-Do techniques, but also how to present them self, behavior, honesty, people skills, dress-code (clothing) and a bunch of other significant abilities.

What’s neat with this is that it creates a cycle. So the kids and older students automatically starts to pass it on. They become teachers and leaders them self, which lifts they mind and body energy even higher.

What are your super-human routines for self-development?

One of my main messages to students and coaching clients:

We want to step out of the lower norms of the society. We want to detach from all limiting beliefs and useless systems, creating our own level of existence with a matching reality of super-humans.

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That includes both Spirit, mind, and body (in that order).

You will outgrow the ones around you that are stuck.

So what daily routines do you have, or would like to have to make the shift?