How to Bust the System and Skilfully Craft Your Future

Are you tired of all the struggle and stress that’s not making life work out…

How to bust the system
How to bust the system

Are you tired of the constant struggling and stress? Have you had enough of people, family expectations, school, and the limitations society’s put on you? Then it’s time to be a system buster and create your own success!

It doesn’t really matter if you come from a shitty childhood or had a bad start in life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rich bitch who has never had any trouble with money and has had everything you wanted. No matter who you are, you may feel miserable, like life sucks because something is missing and not working out the way you thought it would. You could be one of those not fitting it. Then it’s time to figure out how to bust the system.

You may be one of those souls who is evolving and growing up to a level of understanding and awareness so that you just can’t handle the common ways of life anymore. It’s happening to more and more people. And when you get to that point, you begin struggling to fit in.

It’s time to step off the carousel of madness. You have the license to detach from the norms, give that reality the finger, and start crafting your own path for the future.

You could wait for luck to strike you, or you can let me help you get started with the following steps to live by.

1. Don’t give a shit about what other people think

The first step, besides deciding to take control, is for you to understand that you simply can’t compare yourself to the rest of society anymore. That includes your parents, friends, co-workers, and others. Your perception of reality is different, so whatever expectations they might live by, let them have it and say “fuck off” to their limitations. Don’t give a shit about what other people think about you, your choices, and which methods you choose to live by.

Don’t give a shit about what other people think about you, your choices, and which methods you choose to live by.


This step may take courage and strength. But you have to make a choice here. Do you die slowly from within by succumbing to other people’s choices for your life, or do you stand tall and claim your own power?

This is an important lesson on how to bust the system of social expectations and limitations.

2. Be more egotistic in a self-loving and caring way

You were most likely taught that being selfish and egotistic is a really bad personality trait. But that’s not true. Instead, it depends on which way your ego-mind drives you. Being a cold-hearted, selfish, and ego-driven turd with less respect for other people is, of course, a low-quality personality trait.

But to learn to be self-loving, to claim your personal power and space in life, and to entitle yourself as worthy and having the need for your own growth is a high-quality kind of selfishness. I observe too many people who hand over too much power, choice, and guidance to society, friends, and family without their own opinions and voice taking part in the equation.

3. Sign out from society’s low and limiting norms

Okay, good. So from the moment when you decide to not give a shit anymore, to be more egotistic and self-caring, it’s time to leave and say Sayonara to that old reality you have been struggling with. Think about the struggle you have had up until now. What bothered you? What did you find weird, stressful, limiting, and just not something you can cope with? Your job? Any fearful and confusing religious beliefs?

Stressful expectations from family? It’s time for you to sign out of that limiting reality. You have your own plans.

4. Give various systems, regulations, and expectations the finger

When busting out of limitations and all the weird and often unspoken norms the earthlings have created, it’s important to loosen up a little with how much you let all this affect you. It’s almost like taking on a more rebellious mindset.

I’m not talking about openly and clearly breaking any laws here. But holy shit, this planet is so full of laws, regulations, expectations, unspoken lifestyle methods, norms, and twisted teachings of life, that it’s just restraining and imprisoning an individual’s mind and feeling of freedom. Should I talk about government surveillance, watching your every move, and lifestyle tracking maybe? Not here. But you may dive into that topic for your own enlightenment when you feel like it.

I’m not suggesting you go over the edge and break laws. But I’m saying that you should adopt a mindset and a lifestyle that doesn’t have you walking on eggshells and dancing to Big Brother’s beat at all times.

This also means taking a close look at your own family and friends. Observe what forces keep holding you down and limiting you from living up to your potential.

5. Choose to observe your magnificence and rediscover yourself

Awesome, so you had a fight with the demons in the old reality. Those who think you’re crazy and weird. It could be your dad, a close friend, a teacher, or your boss. Very cool that you stand up for yourself. It’s time to notice the magnificence and power that defines who you really are and start to rediscover yourself.

I guess you don’t have many tools or a framework ready for how you can do this. It’s just sad that all those years we are expected to struggle through school didn’t teach us jack-shit about personal qualities, self-discovery, our uniqueness, or any kind of deeper knowledge for us to handle life in a grounded way.

But there are methods to begin a self-discovery journey.

Learn those methods of self-discovery because this will be a hugely important step when you move into a new reality where you have more control of your life, dreams, and passions.

6. Decide to simply FEEL and BE smarter, and educate yourself

How dumb are you really? Or how smart are you? Or what do you prefer? The way the system is set up for clever young people to thrive, feel worthy, and grow from within is currently not present. You may actually feel dumb because you have failed in school. If so, please jump back to step one, three, and four again. Read them over.

School is not created to make you feel smart. It’s a system to create worker bees so that people with money have a source of labor. Fuck-that-very-much. Now, I want your clever mind to understand that I’m not ditching education. But the current methods of education do not work. That’s what I’m talking about.

As a rebel and systems buster, you are so much more free to self-educate and create your own income!


Education, getting work, and how to make a living for yourself have changed dramatically over the years. As a rebel and systems buster, you are so much more free to self-educate and create your own income! My friend, you are so much smarter than you think. And the power of your mind is most likely limited only by you. Wtf, cut that out, now!

Instead, start educating yourself. Whether that’s around personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, or any of the professions you can create an income from by working online.

7. Choose among a few NEW friends with similar mindsets

You may not agree to this step. But it’s been a hot topic for me in my coaching for the last year and especially the last few months. Part of the reason for that is because this planet is drastically changing right now, and we’re in for a big shift. The old separates from the new. So those people who are evolving really struggle with the old energies and ways of thinking and living. That’s why there will be a separation among families, friends, lovers, partners, and other personal relationships.

Also, referring back to step number two. It’s about taking care of your own well being when choosing new friends and personal connections. A lot of people choose to stick around with their old network no matter how much it may be hurting their daily life routines and motivation. We are creatures of habit.

By making a shift in your relationships to blend in with more enlightened fellowships who motivate you and nurture your magnificence, your life will accelerate. You will have more energy, feel better, and be more suited to handle life in an empowered way. And before you know it, you’ll be living in a new reality.

So these lifestyle changes, if you choose to live by them, will create a drastic change in how you will experience your reality. All the power you need is in your mind. Not in anyone else. Unless you let them have it.

If you still feel confused or lack motivation and inner strength to make a move, get in touch with me. It could be the smartest thing you ever do. Remember, connect with like-minded people and don’t get stuck in whatever you don’t prefer in life.

And your life will shift.