How to change your reality, make life work and live in bliss

You picture another reality and want to live in bliss. Can you transcend into another…

How to change my reality and live in bliss

How to change your reality and live in bliss

You probably have, just like me, lived in fear, limitations, and with an uncertain future. All this comes from our past experiences. Family, friends, unhealthy classrooms or jobs, and a System that is squeezing the life force out of you. You picture another reality and want to live in bliss. Can you transcend into another experience by learning how to change your reality? Yes, by knowing these seven life-changing techniques.

Can I really change my reality and the world I live in?

Yes, you can. But only if it’s important enough to you and if you believe that you can. In this article, I will share 7 steps I know will make a huge difference in your life IF you spend time understanding the following ideas, and act on the steps I’m suggesting. But first…

Let me point out the power of belief for a moment!

Some people find this unicorn idea about having to believe in something to sound a little silly;

-“Just keep a positive mind and BELIEVE!…” (Halleluja!)

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Some people would say that to believe, that’s just something you do in church! Well, yeah, they have been good at that for hundreds of years. But missed the whole concept and understanding about it. It’s just empty wishful thinking for too many of them.

I’ll try and explain the power of the mind to you, and the effect of believing in something so strong that it just starts to show subtle changes in your life. You need to read this if you really want to change your life and current reality. If not, you will miss out on an indispensable component making your power of manifestation work!

How does the power of the mind work?

The scientist is facially starting to discoverer that our feelings, our minds, and our hears have a frequency that affects our surroundings. Heartmath Institute is one of the amazing institutions that know a lot about this now.

How does the power of the mind work?

This shows us that our mind, our brain in combination with strong and powerful thinking, sends out signals. For some people on this planet, maybe even someone you know or have heard about, they are able to sense this. There are intuitive individuals that have a very sensitive nature when it comes to picking up on other peoples thoughts and feelings. I know several myself.

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This often also happens between mothers and their children. Especially when something big happens in their life where strong emotions are involved. Mothers can suddenly get this feeling and become aware.

I often refer to Heartmath Institute as a good source of information on how our hearts and minds are connected.

Also, you should see this film! How our mind affects water.

The power of the mind works in two ways:

Maybe the following two insights could be added to your mobile phone home screen? Make a note of it and teach it to others. That way you will reinforce your memory.

On a personal and chemical level

When you believe in something so strong that you are convinced about the outcome and totally and fully brain-wired to focus on it, you get the power of mental and emotional drive to accomplish it.

On a Metaphysical level

This process doesn’t happen in your mind and body in the same way. Now we are talking about the “signals” you are sending out. This gets transmitted out into the ether, the Universe. And will begin clustering here and there and condense so powerfully that it simply…. Starts to become!

How to change your reality in 7 steps

These 7 steps will cover some important insights on how you can choose to live if you want to begin changing your current reality. If this sounds a little like science fiction, I understand. But I want you to start making some notes about the daily life you live now, to keep for future reference. Compare before and after in one year.

I want to change my reality

Your reality can literally change in many ways; Who you truly are, your behavior. Your friends and family. The clothes you are wearing, the place you live and thus the world around you. Your work and hobbies.All in all, this is what your reality consists of.

1 -Understand how past experiences are programmed into our minds

Educate yourself on this topic to understand your emotional reactions and behavior patterns. These are not fixed. You can change them, and there are methods for that. By understanding what causes your blockages, limitations, and fears, it will be easier to handle and dissolve.

2 – Learn that we can be deprogrammed and reprogrammed

This is crucial to achieving Self Mastery, because you can, in fact, change your past. To be able to solve your future, spend time learning how to deprogram and re-program your mind so past experiences don’t control you anymore.

3 – Rearrange your negative and confusing self-talk

Too many people are really bad at mentoring themselves. I would say that this is even a very negative default state of the humans. People tend to use words like, “I probably won’t make it” – “What will friends and family say” – “I will probably never find the power to change anything”, whatever crap you come up with, you’re putting yourself down. Whatever you tell your self is programming for the mind, and that’s what we wanted to change now.

4 – Learn some steps to master your manifestations

Decide what you want and make sure this is truly important to you.
Be sure that you have a deep passion and craving to get there. You want strong feelings about the outcome, as this is the fuel to the Fire of Desire!

Tell yourself, and write it down.
Make sure that your self-talk from now on is positive, reminding, and reinforcing towards what you want. Write a fiction about it, to make it a fact in the future. Write it down! With as much detail as you can see when visualizing that future image.

Don’t tell anyone else about your “reality-change”.
Keep your thought in the manifestations around your shift to yourself. Other peoples negative propaganda + their negative brain signals WILL affect your outcome. Don’t let other people in on the frequency!

Meditate on your new reality.
This is one of the important techniques to make a, more or less, daily life habit. Meditation can be done to ease down and quiet the mind. This is to remove noise and let the Universe in. (Beautiful, right? You see Unicorns now?). You will also use meditation to visualize that future you will have.

Detox and refuel your body.
One of the newer things scientist (finally) understand now is that your stomach is very much connected to your brain. So if you eat like most people do, your performance and mental sharpness are pretty much reduced. Luckily, this is a very simple way to fix that. Don’t eat like most people! Eat clean, organic food. When you change your diet, your mood will change. This makes you able to stay much more energized and focused.

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5 – Step out of the norms and make new choices

When the day comes that you no longer will accept your current reality and the life you have now, you can not follow the herd. Societies norms, insights and beliefs are too limited. So you need to step out of that and completely rewrite your truths and your knowledge about this planet, the Universe and who and what you are.

6 – Make your changes a life habit and daily routine

This is a key insight! If you want to learn how to change your reality, you have to begin living like you do. The tips and insights you read above have to become a part of your life, now. How do you see yourself dressed, eating, and live in that future you have been visualizing? When will that start to become a reality NOW? By thinking, acting, and doing it!

7 – Observe the changes without expectations

When people start to hear about “manifesting” and how you can change your reality, they learn some of the things described in this article. But they doubt, and they get so eager, and they don’t really BELIEVE. So, they begin to “peak out” the window to see if the Universe has started delivering the awesome things they have wished for. But then… they don’t see the changes yet and begin to doubt. They lose faith in the power of their mind and fall back to the default, common, limiting norms.

Spend your mindfulness on the outcome, and not HOW it will be coming about. Chill.

The power lies in you. Both to manifest, and to control how not to lose your own power by losing your beliefs.