How to destress yourself from the power of nature

For hustlers and freedom hunters like us doing passion-based lifestyle design, one of our most…

How to destress yourseld

What do you do to compensate for the lifestyle where a lot of sitting and computer work is taking up much of your time? For hustlers and freedom hunters like us doing passion-based lifestyle design, one of our most important things is that we focus on balance. And knowing how to destress yourself with the power of nature will do just that.

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Freelancers, Digital Nomads, and independent lifestyle hustlers are good (or should be) at developing an optimum work-life format for a heightened performance. We have to, and we like to. Because having this upper state of mind and higher energy level sets us apart and drives us towards success.

So, then, getting out in nature is one of the things we should spend more time on. Because we are part of everything and nature has the silence, the pure, clean energy level that we need.

The power of nature should not be forgotten. It does so much good for our body and mind. More than we might be aware of. And with this, I mean both mentally and physically. For me it also improves sleep which is very important too. Even meditation for better sleep results in healthy bedtime.

The self-employed’s flexibility of choosing performance methods

Since we have more flexibility and the freedom to choose the time for balancing our lifestyle, bringing some of our work (or none at all) out into a more natural environment can be good. What if you got some planning to do, do you need a computer for that? Or would your Moleskine notebook work fine for a few hours?

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Just being out on a walk sets things in motion. This motion-effect will often bring in clarity, new ideas, and a refreshed mindset. Bring a notebook then, because excellent ideas and brilliant solutions may come to mind. Sit down on the ground, up in a tree or find a big rock. I know a company in Norway who started to schedule some of their board meetings out in the forest. They didn’t even sit down. Instead, they had some very creative and productive conversations while talking. Simply WALKING.

First of all, this sets their whole organism in motion, creating positive energy and endorphins. And by moving your body, seeing new things, smelling the fresh air instead of a dead office environment, they keep their energy up longer.

Try something new for yourself. Bring along a small backpack, a notebook, a bottle of clean water and some chocolate or fruit. You won’t discover this new way and positive sensation of being productive until you GET OUT. Staying in the same closed in environment or work-spot can make your mind a little slow, negative adjusted, leaving you with a mindset of procrastination. Butt-kick yourself to get out.

Get away from people, places, and constant inputs

So for my part, as being a very sensitive person, I can’t stand people sometimes! Their noisy, troublesome, negative, sick, sleep-walking, and live by such a weak and mediocre lifestyle. The general state of the world is madness.

People and places are surrounded by energy signatures and imprints from them. Where you roam, determine what you surround yourself with and are left affected by. I know I’m not alone with being sensitive and take on these frequencies quickly sometimes. So getting out of that and find a magical place for a reset and recharge is crucial for your vitality.

Getting away from people and only focus on you, yourself, now, here, and prioritize YOUR own energy in a nature environment clears things up and resets you. Lately, especially this spring I have had a growing urge to get into the forest. So while doing my evening runs, I break out of the trail and enter the world of Narnia.

It’s my secret spot. It’s a total change of scenery and shift of reality compared to the world outside. I find huge rocks, all covered in green moss. The birds are singing so loud there in the evenings. Making sounds so incredibly detailed and, almost, story telling.

Bring in lots of negative IONS and compensate for tech overdose

Being in nature and feel, touch, smell and walking barefoot even, connects you with Gaia. Being in a forest brings in a lot of negative ions which is good for you. Being too much around computers, TV’s or other electronic noise gives you an overdose of positive ions in the air. It would be even better of you can walk to a big waterfall and breathe the moist air from such a place.

Be mindful about your little excursion, and allow yourself some cleansing time to optimize your mind for improved performance later.

Freelancers and other self-employed are the ones who built their life being responsible for their own success in a more conscious way. There’s no ready-made work setup, company job descriptions or fixed time of day for work. So we need to optimize our self by understanding that we are more than just a body.

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We are the ones setting the new standards for optimum life performance, new possibilities, personal development and passion-based living. We have to because we are entirely responsible for our present and future success, and we enjoy that process.

Synchronise with Mother Earth, clear your energy and upgrade your achievements with the power of nature, which you are part of.