How to disconnect from society by living like a Viking

I just visited a Viking market in Norway to shoot a film about why I…

How to disconnect from society by living like a Viking

You may have noticed that Viking history, lifestyle, and even branding have gained a lot of popularity and visibility in the last few years. I recently visited a Viking market in Norway to shoot a film about why I think this is. Do you want to know how to disconnect from society?

In this film that I made while visiting a Viking market in Norway, I talk about why I think people are attracted to this kind of lifestyle. Do you feel like simplifying your life at times? Do you wonder how to disconnect from society and live more peacefully with fewer distractions and modern interruptions?

People move into tents, wear authentic clothing, and seek out old ways of living because they miss the connection with nature, each other, and actually playing and using their bare hands!

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Grownups and kids are attracted to the #VikingLifestyle because they feel alive, well, and are reconnected to themselves. #Innerpeace[/tweet_box]

I guess the TV series Vikings could also be one of the reasons for the huge growth of interest around the Viking lifestyle. But other films, and maybe even the effect of history repeating itself in a way, also contribute to the attraction.

We do not need to be schooled or educated to observe the mayhem of political madness and society’s chaos playing out more or less everywhere on this planet. But changes are happening, and you might also be noticing the need for a shift—to simplify your life, to have fewer things, to get out in nature, or to make a change in your diet.

How to disconnect from society by living like a Viking

I have talked about this planetary shift for a few years now, but it’s really ramping up in 2018. And seeing so many people who want to disconnect, change their clothing, and live like Vikings in a village of tents for a week are just some of the effects of the need for change.

People are starting to see that getting back to the simple things, walking barefoot, [tweet_dis]getting back to nature, playing, and ancient handcrafting gives parents and kids a new boost of life force.[/tweet_dis]

Last weekend, a buddy of mine and I went to one of the increasingly popular Viking markets nearby. No need to read more. My latest YouTube film is about this very topic:

Connecting to our roots—visiting a Viking market in Norway.

I relate this to my concept and understanding of Self Mastery. Joining a Viking event has some really good and healthy benefits!

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