How to figure things out by not being helpless

Figuring things out means having an urge and an inner drive to NOT being stopped…

How to figure things out

I have a story and a background that shocks a lot of people. Not because I have done a lot of crazy shit, but because of my childhood. When people meet me for the first time, they expect me to come from a safe and predictable background. Well, I don’t. Still, I do get to live my lifestyle of passion. How? I just mastered how to figure things out!

Are you one of the helpless ones?

Some people are just helpless, unable, disabled and lost. Their not even able to get their asses out of the couch and into the world no matter how misaligned they are. They spend a lot of mind-power on complaining. Life sucks, they are unlucky or some things are not in place for them to have what they want.

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I’m from Norway. We’re rich they say, and it’s comfortable here. In fact, so comfortable that people get really slow and lazy. You will notice if you ever get to drive a car among other humans in the traffic around this country.

You know, some years ago when I had my first car(s), most of them were some half-decent rusty crap that always had to be mended, taped up and stabled. You should have heard the swearing. Pretty creative and varied. But I always got the cars working. They always ran.

Except for that one time when I had a cute pickup so rusty that I could actually put a stick right through it. Right before the annual checkup to keep the license plates on, I had slam-bam-thank-you-mam fixed the exhaust with a rope. Tied it to the trailer hook. Worked well, but the crew at the station didn’t like it that much and cut my plates. I parked it outside the workshop and went home.

Anyway, I fixed stuff. And I bet you know why…

I just figured things out myself! I like that because I get in control and I get further in life. I’m less dependent of other people and I just transport myself faster into the future this way.

How to figure things out

I understand that we come from different backgrounds in life. It’s part of the plan. But holy crap, too many people are way too lost in helplessness and struggle to just have their basic needs met.

A few blog posts ago I wrote about deciding on your own future and how to get unstuck by not choosing it anymore. It’s true. You DO have a choice.

And the same goes for having the life you want and make things happen.

How to figure things out is not really taught in school. So you really don’t get to learn how to be more self-sufficient, independent and how to have a smart-ass mindset which could bring you far in life.

Figuring things out means having an urge and an inner drive to NOT being stopped by situations, feelings or practical challenges. It’s as simple as that.

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“Find a way” mindset creates a totally different reality for you. Because as soon as you have decided on this way of thinking, suddenly unexpected solutions will come up. Even for you.

Unless you truly believe that’s crap and nothing will change.

From today, become your own superhero

This is not something you will need a slim-fit suit for or any special magical powers. You only need the strength and power that’s already within you, and that is the power to make a choice and decide on how to figure things out.

So my point with this blog post is to tell you that why don’t you just figure things out yourself?

Humans are in fact Masters of limitation. I suggest to not take part in that mindset. It’s so limiting.

[tweet_box] “Humans are in fact Masters of limitation. I suggest to not take part in that mindset.”[/tweet_box]

It’s really that simple. This formula can get you far. And by just be a little rascal and stubborn with yourself, tell your mind: “I will figure this out”.

You will find help on the Internet. You know how to ask people questions? Ask the right ones and you will be on your way. Read a book or 11 of them, and you are suddenly more knowledgeable than most people.

Decide to be clever for once. You know, it’s not just when things are most urgent and at hight stakes in life, you will actually always find a way to make it. It’s like humans suddenly gain superpowers when they really need to! But sadly, it’s not a default state. Why not?

If shit happens in life, you got two choices:

  • You can lay down and die!
  • Or you can stop crying and find the way

To just lay down and die doesn’t have to be as dramatic as to transition into the next life, but rather about giving up and live a mediocre life. It’s like giving up on YOU. You think because you are missing some kind of education, classes, courses or another form of accepted proof of skills, you’re doomed.

Nope, about time to ditch that thought.

I have met a lot of people who choose to die several times during their life. Sad to see. Some even image they have no choice but dying away. Too many people give in and die at an early age, though, they don’t really get buried until they are old.

Will you be like that?

Hack yourself to a higher mental state

We call it bio-hacking when it comes to figuring our bodies out to become more healthy. It’s called life-hacking when we learn super-awesome little tricks to make life work better in our favor. Sometimes mind-hacking has been used.

I got one last tip to make you be more able to stay sharp and actually WANT to figure things out. Start eating clean and pure food!

I’m not kidding. And especially in the USA, the reputation for how far out and hopeless the knowledge about food and nutrition is are scary and, in fact, humorous. No wonder people are sick, helpless and easily run over by the biggest companies and the government.

I can guarantee you that as soon as you start to pick out REAL, live and non-toxic food. Your brain will shift, which makes you able to take smarter decisions and FIGURE THINGS OUT!

Have you seen the movie Wall-E?

Oh, and can I ask you to share this with someone you know? They might like it.