Finding your passion & purpose in life by hacking your mind

Are you happy with your life? Do you spend every day doing things that are…

How to find your passion in life

Are you happy with your life? Do you spend every day doing things that are connected to your truth, skills, and passion? Those are difficult questions to answer. But if you find yourself far from where you want to be, there are methods to align you more closely with your values, passion & purpose in life.

Some people don’t dare look inside themselves to discover their passion and purpose.

Doing so could be a scary wake-up call that their life is, in fact, not on track. It has no meaning. It can be a stark realization—being shown that the path you’ve chosen (and possibly spent far too much time on) is not aligned with what you REALLY want to do.

This is like a punch in the face for some. And they would rather stay in their daily grind and ice that aching misalignment in the soul to keep it down than make a real change.

But I think, to figure out how [tweet_dis]to find your passion and purpose in life, you have to connect with yourself on a deeper level.[/tweet_dis]

What is my passion & purpose in life in life?

I know how this can be. Because I have lived it myself, yes, but more so because I have worked with so many different people who, after being asked some pretty direct questions, spoke honestly about this very feeling.

When an individual moves into the visualizing and active imagination state while discussing their passions and purpose, the look on their face is pure joy. That is, as long as they forget about the daily grind.

How to find my purpose in life

Very often when I spend all my mind-time on other people talking about THEM—their truths, their dreams, their hidden qualities and passions—they leave the conversation with so much inspiration and energy that they seem close to evaporating and emerging into another dimension!

Why do the physical and the chemical aspects of the body operate this way?

Because in those moments people connect to their inner truths and deepest desires. When going from a low vibration and thick density to a high pitch frequency, the whole body gets closer to being light!

It feels like bliss!

This state of being is a choice. Every day. There are a lot of methods to do that. And It’s important to know this when searching for your life’s purpose.

So how can I find my passion and figure out my life’s purpose? By diving deep and answering questions to answers you have never been asked before.

Methods to reveal your hidden qualities and find your purpose.

I don’t know where you are in your life right now. Do you?

I also don’t know where you want to go, and maybe you don’t even know yourself. I’m pretty sure that if we were to have a long conversation, I would begin to “see” hints of your being. Your tendencies, truths, interests—even possible ways to change how you approach life that would help you hit that soul-level nerve.

[tweet_dis]In this short blog post, I want to point you in the right direction to discover who you really are.[/tweet_dis]

Who are you? What “language” do you speak? (Not as in nationality, but the words you choose and use daily—the feeling of them.)

These are some of the questions I would ask. And the more we would cover, the better the image of your deepest values and truths do we find. 

What colors do you like? What music, people, places, clothes, and weather are you attracted to?

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Be open to the idea that there is not necessarily A Grand Plan for you to follow. Instead, you can choose for yourself.[/tweet_box]

There are methods to find your passion and tools to use that will give you clues about some hidden qualities and truths you might not have known you had. Make note of this idea, so you know there is a way, and it’s not a lost case to try and figure this out. But also remember, sometimes we just have to live life to find the answer.

And be open to the idea that there is not necessarily A Grand Plan for you to follow. Instead, you can choose for yourself.

But it would be wise to begin “feeling” your way into your core being so that whatever you DO choose harmonizes with your true self.

I always recommend getting out of your own head and working with a mentor. The mentorship process will surprise and motivate you. It will reduce the amount of time you spend trying to “figure things out” by bringing you clarity.

Having a mentor or coach shifts everything.

Mentors and coaches can be an utterly magical investment in your personal journey, but prices vary vastly.

Last year, if I hadn’t decided to work with the mentor and coach for my business, I would never have accelerated in my journey like I have.

My tip? A wonderful starting point is The Awakening Mindset Summit, where you can sign up for a membership to a mentor platform and connect with over 20 mentors, coaches, authors, and motivational speakers. They have shared their own personal, dramatic, and epic journeys to success for you to learn from.

The Awakening Mindset Summit

At The Awakening Mindset Summit, you can also download a free, mind-bending workbook questionnaire that I guarantee will have you asking yourself questions you never thought to ask before.

Why is this good?

Because it will reveal hidden truths about you so you can find out how to best move forward in life!

You are about to answer some questions about yourself you probably never have done before. Enjoy it.

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