How to Freelance your day job and work from home

Sometimes people find that they love their job, but they wish they could do things…

How to freelance work from home

If you are honestly tired of staying in your current work situation. How would it feel to do the same kind of work, but instead become the boss? Sometimes people find that they love their job, but they wish they could do things differently, be freer and have more variation. Well, how about quitting your job, take control and have people hire you instead? I’ll get you started on how to freelance your day job and work from home instead.

Loving the work but hating your job

If you have been a regular reader of my articles, you know I often mention that “I talk to people, and”…

And a few recent discussions have been the inspiration for this blog post. Many of my last conversations have been about people’s jobs. Maybe you will recognize yourself in some of these issues:

  • You enjoy the work you do, but dislike your current job (employment)
  • After spending years of education for your profession, it’s something you want to pursue. But you don’t get the job you wished for.
  • You like your work, but miss the freedom and flexibility
  • There are so many things you want to do differently, or maybe even better! But you can’t because it’s not your business.
  • You know you deserve more than a lousy, flat paycheck
  • You wish you could generate automatic recurring income, even when you’re not AT work. (What? Yes! It’s very possible)

I have been there. I had several jobs and didn’t totally fancy any of them. Often I felt like running howling into the scary forest, amazingly frustrated over bad work routines and dull, annoying, sad, yelling fellow employees or high flying bosses!

I felt like a bird the day I quit my last employee job. How do you think you would feel if you could enjoy your work, but in a controlled format and with your own label and branding?. What other possibilities would you have then?

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What could you create if you had the freedom?

Let’s say you would do a better job if you could sail your own ship. When you are not being stuck in a 9-5 office desk or the same work location every day, you get flexibility and freedom. More creativity comes out of that. And what if you actually make more income getting paid what you are worth?

Maybe you finally would get recognized and be given credit for the work you do, and not let the company keep the reputation? You would have a direct connection to your clients giving you the possibility to create some long lasting and valuable partnerships. You could even work out an agreement of some regular recurring services giving you a steady recurring income.

THAT’s creating something valuable.

I have done that, in several streams. And have steady recurring income every month while I’m out playing with the other kids.

Think about how you would look, having you name building with a good reputation, outstanding branding, and cool image. I think you would feel pretty good having created something of your own. Something that could leave a legacy and a trail of history.

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Produce more time by creating a virtual team

Many different types of tasks are something you can outsource so that you don’t have to spend too much energy on time-sucking tasks and stuff that don’t really excite you. You could put as much of your work as possible on automation so that you can focus your energy on what you enjoy the most.

One of the biggest and most fulfilling changes in this new life that you will encounter is the exponential growth in self-development and personal expansion. In a regular job, this can be very limiting. Because most employees in any position get told what to do and have to stick with that.

You leave the factory or office building for good. And by stamping out a new trail for yourself, you have to learn new stuff. A lot of cool things. Hone your skills and become self-sufficient in different areas. Such is productivity, time management, learning different cool apps and programs. How to be more creative is something that can be, though, fast. Practice self-expression and how to allow yourself to be branded and exposed in an uplifting and inspiring way.

A way of personal growth that expands your innate human potential. Here are some resources and go-to places for finding people to help you out. VA’s, graphic designers, web developers, writers, business coaches.

  • You can find all kinds of help, including virtual teams at
  • You can get things done, fast and simple at
  • You can get logo ideas and logo design at


Gradually make the shift and become the go-to consultant

Trust me, for a lot of people this is a magical formula for happiness and success. You, clever Earthling, may ask, how do I know that. Wheeheehel… That’s pretty obvious.

I have consulted and brainstormed ideas with many individuals currently being employed in their work. And I have seen the energy shift from frustration and negativity to being totally transformed into excitement and lighting a flame of purpose again. It’s when I suggest ways to make this work, outside of your job, that I see the eyes get wider and body language change from crouched to open and eager!

Another why? Because it’s one of the humans basic needs. To be seen. To grow, to express and allow oneself for greater expansion. It’s just too few that allow them self to experience it.

So, how to go from employee to a freelancer is usually something that I recommend doing over time. Make it gradually. Because there are some important notes to keep in mind with that:

  • Don’t quit in a rage, fire, thunder, and lightning. With your new freedom and lifestyle design in the plans, feel the release into freedom in advance and start over-performing in your job. When the day comes, do the resignation meeting with character and pride and walk away like an alien superstar. Leaving sparkling fairytale dust falling over your bosses head leaving him giving you praise and good reputation.
  • Spend some weeks and months slowly building contacts and reputation outside of work. Very often it is the person who does the job for the company that is loved, and not the business or label itself.
  • Start talking to people that you are planning to shift the focus from your job to something that you run on your own. Put the word out and create leads this way.
  • You will keep your current job as a safety net while you spend you free time planning for the shift and having the manifesting power start playing in the “field.”
  • Gradually aim for testing out one or two days off availability in your current job, if the position allows it. So to have at least 1-day each week to develop your new life plan and service.

Also, use your own judgment and cleverness in this period. Learn to observe the environment and be open to flow with the opportunities and the changes.

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Work out your plan in the evenings

Spend your evenings at home or on a café somewhere now and then and work with your new plans. Practice being among people, working on something that’s laying the groundwork for your own income model.

In fact, I have met so many cool people on different cafés and trips to other cities that turn out to become new client jobs and long lasting relationships. Awesome synchronicities. It’s hard to do that when stuck in a confined work location all the time.

End your evenings doing some meditation. Even just meditation for better sleep! It will be one of your most important “choose yourself” rituals for shifting, grown and manifesting your new life.

One very important thing you should do from the start, event when just planning this change is to start you e-mail list building. You only true asset of contacts that will bring you income. I switched to ConvertKit because I wanted simplicity. Loving it everyday.

Picture how you would like to be seen, being the Senpai

(Senpai: Japanese, meaning Senior, of higher age or rank)

You could also make some simple business cards ready. I use MOOCards business cards and other printed stuff for this because the quality as awesome, setup is fast and delivery is on time.

This way it’s simple to give out your contact info to people that might connect with you later. Put something on that card to make it easy for people to connect with you besides a cell-phone. At least a separate e-mail address. A website will be good over time, and have a contact form on it that sends an email to you. (Don’t put out your email in clear text, only generates spam!)

Practice your future self in your mind having this role, offering your preferred job as a service.

Visualizing is necessary. If you can’t picture it, you got a problem:

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Either you are stuck in something, limiting you from letting this happening. Maybe you don’t believe this is possible for you, either based in mere, basic fear-thoughts. Or maybe you think that you lack some particular kind of education. Or you might be worrying about what other people might say.

Or, you are in fact not THAT fired up about it, lacking the magic of strong emotional energy that creates dreams!

Rethink you plans.

If you can’t forget about it. Get going, start visualizing > Start planning > Make it happen.

I hope this post will set your mind into a thought pattern that can incur some potential changes for you. It’s all about your passion and living in harmony with what and who you are.

In an upcoming blog post, I will share with you two recent stories as examples of how I changed two ladies from depressed, stressed and hysterical to having a fire of desire in 11min.

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