Why and how to improve your spiritual health

Why do plants and trees need water? Why do babies need their umbilical cord in…

Why and how to improve your spiritual health

Why and how to improve your spiritual health

Your spiritual health is important. Why do plants and trees need water? Why are babies connected to an umbilical cord before being born? Because that connection to the earth or their mother is also their life force. Plants and newborns are dependent on that life force, and the same goes for you. But as adults, your life force is dependent on your spiritual health. In this post, I’ll share how to improve your spiritual health, but first, let’s discuss why it matters.

When I train and coach people, I point out insights that relate to their situation and that’ll help them move forward. Sometimes they ask, “Why do I have to take care of my spiritual side?”

One time, my answer was simply:

Well, it’s like wanting to have plants at home (because you really like plants and helping them grow) but also refusing to give them water

Since you are reading this blog post, I want you to first understand that . . .

You don’t HAVE to do anything at all

You don’t have to spend time contemplating your own spirituality. There is no universal law or God-like entity that demands and expects you to perform at a certain level or behave a particular way.

Those are old limiting beliefs and bullshit mind-fucks designed to screw with people’s heads to exert control over them through fear.

So now that you know that, you can relax a little. There is nothing to stress about, unless . . .

You allow your family’s, friend’s, teacher’s, and other misguided people’s expectations to get to you.

So, relax. Everything is going to be fine.

Remember: You don’t have to do anything.

But if you want to feel better, maybe you should

So let’s be real. You are alive, and there’s no denying that you also have a spirit. Our spirit is that invisible part of us, but it’s also the most important part.

Unless you believe that you’re just a simple biological entity with a brain (which is also fine). But when life happens, you find yourself struggling, and your reality doesn’t align with your dreams, you should probably dig deeper.

You see, the thing is that you are not just your physical body and brain. The purpose of living is simple. It’s a way for All That Is, the Universe, God, or whatever . . .

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To be, act, serve, and experience life in all possible ways with the help of the tiny spark that is you and me.

All of the experiences we have throughout our lives are fed back to All That Is and become a part of our collective consciousness. That’s also the reason we have several lives and not one.

To find your life’s purpose, break free from old habits, and align with that invisible part of you, learn how to become attuned with your spirit.

Because your spirit doesn’t lie it always has the right answers

When you feel insecure, confused, or worried about life and the people around you, it’s because you’re not in tune with your core—that spirit inside you.

Your spirit does not lie, so it’s wise to get to know this side of yourself. In fact, your spiritual self is not some “other.” It’s you.

So why hide from yourself?

The day you decide to explore your spirituality, you will find inner truths that will show you what to do next in life. And when you make decisions that align with the deepest parts of you, those choices will be the right ones for you. You’ll feel so much better.

Give it time.

But I’m afraid to look deep inside myself

I know how that can be. You’re not alone. Like I mentioned earlier, there is nothing you have to do at all. But complications do arise when you ignore your own life force.

What you are actually scared of is getting to know the real you. Because guess what? We don’t always like those dark, hidden parts of ourselves. Sometimes we’re even ashamed.

Do it anyway. Take control of your life. Be friends with yourself. But take baby steps and use tried-and-true methods to ensure the process is not only bearable but that it’s interesting too.

By using meditation, you can take those steps and find peace at the same time. By listening to the right kind of music (it’s about vibration), you can release emotions you’ve been keeping bottled up.

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Sometimes it’s helpful to have someone walk with you through this journey—someone outside of your cluster of family and friends.

I would love to see you connect more with your spiritual side so you can rebuild that strong and powerful life force inside of you. Your body loves it. You’ll be happier, stronger, and healthier. You’ll have newfound clarity about your goals and purpose.

Consider a mentor or a coach. This individual can give you a map to follow so your journey is easier.

How to improve your spiritual health

Humans have a lot of weird methods including clothing, rituals, and ceremonies to connect with their spirituality.

None of it’s necessary.

Improving your spiritual health is much simpler than it sounds. It’s about relaxing and acknowledging that you have a spirit.

It’s about focusing your mind and feeling, sensing, and observing. Know that you are part of everyone and everything because that will change your perspective of how to relate to life (and your fellow earthlings).

To improve your spiritual health, you should:

  • Spend time in nature because it grounds and reconnects you
  • Eat clean food because you want pure energy in your body
  • Drink clean water because you know water has life force and memory
  • Quiet your fears and spend time reflecting on where they come from
  • Stretch, dance, walk—moving changes your body chemistry and emotional state
  • Find a method of mediation that you enjoy and look inward

Be mindful, not forceful.

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