How To Make a Reality Shift to Accelerate Personal and Business Growth

What is a reality shift, really. On a metaphysical level, it’s about changing your vibration…

How to make a reality shift
How to make a reality shift

What is a reality shift, really? On a metaphysical level, it’s about changing your vibration until you see your surroundings change. That’s what I experienced, and it’s something that you could also benefit from immensely. I will share a few tips on how to make a reality shift, if you have a vision of a more grandiose life in the future.

You’re reading the third article in the series of three about my, more or less, forced transition and move to Thailand.

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Here’s the third film in the series on how we settled down in our zen-like garden apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

At the end of this article, I’ll share a very interesting little event that happened just a few days ago. A tiny, healthy example of how you can change your reality in a matter of a few minutes.

When the Universe Takes Over and Forces a Shift Upon You

In a moment, I’ll tell you exactly how you are changing your reality every day.

But first, I wanted to share my own event… An example from just a few months ago.

In the winter of this year, I was more or less forced to move to the other side of the planet. You may have noticed that this is the last post in a series of three from that experience.

During this last part, I will show you an example of what a complete reality shift can look like and how it may not be what you expected. Maybe there is a shift happening on a metaphysical level, but you don’t see it that way.

The reason I moved to Thailand with my girlfriend was because her visa expired as a tourist in Norway, so we had to come up with something.

If I wanted to stay with her, both of us had to move to another place on this planet which was outside of the Schengen zone, and outside of the U.S.

Marbella working on her business

I had been living in the same apartment home in Norway for about 20 years, but I should have made a change a long time ago.

I guess you can imagine that Norway and Thailand are two very different realities, but when my girl came to Norway, that was the beginning of the big shift.

We ended up moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand, which caused a lot of things to change. To be honest, this move was very scary at first. When leaving Norway, we had a one-way ticket and only a 3 day Airbnb deal at our arrival.

In this situation, you could say that the changes were not willingly implemented by me. I really didn’t want to move from Norway, but if I wanted to keep living with the love of my life, I had to make some changes.

So by me not wanting to move away from that old apartment in Norway, changes were somewhat forced upon me by the Universe, introducing a clever new plan.

Understand That You Constantly Move Up and Down in Frequency

You may have heard this analogy before. I often use it in relation to frequency levels and what you experience in your daily life, “It’s about the old fashioned radio and it’s channels.”

First of all you KNOW that when the radio is turned on, because ALL broadcasts are there and available to you at the same time. It’s happening and streaming all at once. You just have to turn the dial and choose which one you want to experience.

It is the same in relation to your mind and your life.

It’s pretty simple really. The basic understanding of this is not hard. As you go through your day to day life, your points of focus and emotional states bounce up and down all the time, unless you live a very sleepy and mundane life.

Such a life with this kind of flat energy curve may make you happy, but it is not a healthy life.

You are, or should be, in control of your own mind. You can train it by practicing things you know work to be more in control and focus on thoughts that connect with how you want your life to become.

Start Preparing Your New Reality in Your Mind

What would make you the most happy in life?

Where does this take place and with whom?

To make a reality shift, we have to focus on that reality (even though it seems far away from what you see when you open your eyes right now).

Seriously, it’s exactly what happened to me. Only three short months ago, I could not picture living in a luxury condo here in Chiang Mai, Thailand with a huge pool and a zen-like garden outside with lots of butterflies and a thriving birdlife, singing both evenings and mornings.

But you know what, it has been a part of my dreams. I have pictured this setting for a long time, and I believe this is part of the reason this reality has come into my life.

I also think it’s part of a bigger plan that I can’t see clearly right now, but I trust what is coming. And I’m happy for it.

Decide what you want in life. Be bold and clear about what truly matters to you and what’s important for you to experience or have. Start picturing this! If you become emotional about your desires, it will reinforce the power of creation on the metaphysical level.

That’s the backstage of reality before it starts to emerge in the physical reality you wake up to every day.

Start Filtering Out Information, People, and Places

I do know that most people live their lives blindly accepting what is around them, such as their own house, the place or area they live in, and the people they surround themselves with.

This includes even the closest relationships you have, which can sometimes be the hardest part to filter out. Why would you want to filter these people out of your life?

Often there will be individuals in your life that do not fit into the reality you REALLY want, and they are not a match for your energy. It is the unhealthy and toxic people that are not aware of it themselves.

You have the right to choose and you should make sure to spend some mindful time cleaning up who you allow to impact and affect your life. This is all in your hands, as you are the mastermind of your life.

Another important factor is to start filtering out all the shitty information, news, and entertainment that most humans blindly swallow and consume every day.

Most of this is NOT going to motivate or nurture your life energy and goals. They are simply bad habits of mindless consumption and bad energy to the mind.

This affects your emotional state and will influence your reality. You get what you ask for. So news and people around you WILL have a substantial impact on your goals and dreams, and in turn, the reality shift you are trying to perform.

Make Sure You Focus on Something Important to You

Humans want a lot of things in their life. They want stuff, things, and all sorts of objects and pleasant experiences.

But if you look away from that and focus on something that is more important, like your personal growth, your career, your passion, and deeper values, make sure it truly matters.

Everyone wants a nice car or cool vacation, but they don’t really have a deep rooted passion for it. It is merely a short-term pleasure, and for many people, this is what they keep seeking. Over and over again.

So when you go into learning how to make a reality shift, make sure it touches your feelings when you ponder and picture it.

Let’s end this article with a short recap for you to keep in mind if you want to change your reality to something you prefer more than what you have now.

  1. The emotional energy and frequency you have in you determines your reality and daily life that you experience. 
  2. Start preparing your new reality in your mind first. Meditate, draw, visualize, and feel it. 
  3. Begin filtering out all the crap that doesn’t match the life and reality you want. This includes people, places, news, and objects. 
  4. Make sure the reality you wish for is important and emotionally connected to you. If not, there’s no life force in it. 
  5. Last tip: Do meditation to GET INTO the reality you’re expecting. 

If you would take the time to write these down, you will reinforce remembering them.

My Self-Healing Transition From a Few Days Ago

I mentioned in the beginning of this article that I wanted to share a cool example. It’s a minor thing for me, a big one for some, and maybe totally silly for others.

But as we have been going about our daily life routines here in Chiang Mai for the last few weeks, I have been sensing a lot of the energy shifts that are happening on the planet.

I’m aware of this, I research it, and I try to stay cognisant of how it affects my body and mind.

A few days ago, I was having a very shitty energy running through my system, and for two days I experienced an intense tightening in my neck which caused two days of headaches.

The last day after coming back home from dinner at the mall, I wanted to try and get some sleep. But I couldn’t lay down, because it made it even worse. So after some time, I decided to just sit up straight to relieve the pain a little bit.

I still couldn’t sleep, and I was very tired of this back pain and headaches.

Power of Visualising Changes in Your Mind

I decided to really dive into it by practicing a longer meditation. I used a technique where I made a choice and decided to leave this version of my body that had accumulated stress and was affected by whatever change that is occurring.

Meditation and visualizing is one of the methods to make a reality shift to accelerate personal and business growth in your life.

I then pictured a version of my body and mind that I recognize as vital, strong, and healthy. I spent several minutes feeling the energy in my body as best as I could and then moved it over to the other version of my body.

After a few minutes, suddenly the pain lifted for just over a few seconds.

I kept sitting in this state of mind for a while to make sure that I left all the pain behind, and I reinforced my entrance in my new body to stay.

I was a little surprised that it worked. My neck pain and headache went away and hasn’t come back since.

I decided to make a reality shift, and I did. I shifted into another version of my body, and the old reality was left behind.

This is how you can also make faster reality changes than what you thought possible. You just have to be aware, decide, make a choice, and make it happen.

My reality shifted drastically this winter due to a full relocation to the other side of the planet, and it was for the better. For friends and family around me in Norway, my girlfriend and I simply faded out of their reality, because we’re no longer in immediate reach for them.

That is what happens. We shift in and out of realities every day, but this experience is usually so small we never notice, but sometimes this occurs through big shifts.

Check out my video episode on how we finally settled down in Chiang Mai, and how our reality has shifted!