3 Powerful steps on how to motivate yourself

Do you lack motivation towards your a goal or dreams? I have felt it so…

How to motivate yourself

Do you lack motivation towards your a goal or dreams? I have felt it so many times that I lost count. It’s part of a dream builders journey. But there are some methods to gain clarity and refocus. In these three powerful steps on how to motivate yourself, I make it simple but vital.

You know, it’s hard to be an outsider of the kind that has a higher perspective of life, our planet, and your dreams. The life you REALLY want seems pretty distant sometimes. So we need something to recharge our energy to stay in the flow that guides us.

Based on a lot of conversation with people I have both trained and with people I meet, I wanted to simplify a thought process for you.

I wanted to give you a quick 3 step method to find motivation and clarity. Spend some mind-energy on these three actions in the following order. Later, if you want to know more about goal setting, read this one on how to set personal goals.

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But remember, we get motivated by something that drives us. Something that is meaningful to us which is connected to who you are.

1. Find your passion and confirm it

Should we keep it real here now? We humans have a lot of urges, lusts, wishes and wants. And many are excellent at talking about them. And later, even complaining when they don’t have or get what they desire.

You know what’s usually the issue?

They either don’t want it enough or in fact believe they can’t have it. So think about this. I call this first step “Confirm your passion.” With that, I mean that you have to be really honest about your real qualities, unique abilities, and highest dreams.

We need to recalibrate and adjust our focus for where we want to go.

To do that, we have to deep-dive a little into our core and research who we really are. It’s not always easy, but it’s necessary if you want to be happy.

Happiness = Being allowed to be more of who you truly are deep inside.

Some time ago, I created a step-by-step guide to help people find their passion more smoothly. You can get it below.

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As soon as you have spent some time on this and confirmed that what you want is precisely what you want, then we can move on.

2. Seek inspiration for your passion

It is great to have dreams, yes? It’s a good feeling looking at photos, catalogs and talking about your most interesting subject.

Look at a kid when she is all into her conversation about some dream or fantasy. It’s cute to watch because they are so emerged into it, without limitations.

When we have confirmed our desires and what’s really important in your life, it’s like planting a seed. Right? And sometimes growing takes time. (manifesting)

Now is the time to nurture and tend to the seed. It’s your initial clarity and inspiration! Go out and play now. But with the right people having like-minded thoughts and wants.

Start searching for inspiration within the area of your interests that will just build more FEELINGS and drive towards your dreams and goals. You HAVE to feed it and keep that high level of emotional inspiration-energy in your body.

I do this every day. It can be YouTube videos, Podcasts, books I have picked out. Talking to nice, uplifting and interesting people. Or do my journaling about it. That keeps my mind in the fantasy loop and focused on my goals.

Fire your friends, family or other relatives that keep you down! Can be a hard thing to do, and many people choose to stay stuck in the old shit-energy that holds their dreams dead.

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One time, the most beautiful girl I knew hated to be compared to her mother. And damn, look what happened. Copy – Paste. She got stuck and became precisely what she feared the most instead.

Preferably, connect with inspirational people that have done, do or keep interest in what you want to do.

3. Filter all other and maintain motivation

This last step is about securing and nurturing step 2 even more. Remember Step 1: A lot of things get our attention. Especially in this crazy world of overload no matter where you turn your head.

Now that you have confirmed your passion and found sources of motivation, it’s time to secure it by removing distractions and other awesome ideas, dreams or spontaneous brain-farts. They will just suck mental energy from what you really want.

You know what? I would say, not only do we life-designers, dream-builders and goal-seekers have to filter other temptations. But also bad content like TV, shitty newspapers, energy sucking people and McDonalds.

You got this right?

So do a deep-dive, mind hack yourself. Find inspirational sources and focus on your dreams.

NOW, the magic will happen.

Hail to your greatness.