How to quit your job and why it’s limiting

What is a job anyway? Oh, thank you for asking and giving me the opportunity…

How to quit your job

What is a job anyway?

Oh, thank you for asking and giving me the opportunity to clarify this necessary question! Job stands for Joint Obedience Bribery. You probably didn’t learn this in school. Because you are not suppose to know. A job is an organized way of labour where attendees join in under the agreement of obedience controlled by bribery. You follow? Your job is limiting. Here’s some clarification on why, and how to quit your job in a good way.

First, my own experience

Well, it’s the way I look at it at least. And it’s largely based on my own experience, plus I know many employees suffer. For the last one year, I have been talking to a lot of beautiful people who complain, whine and moan about their jobs. This is common. And I have seen it for many years. I have for sure done it my self.

This is part of the reason why I don’t have, and will never again join these “obedience bribery” groups. Why would I limit my self that much? And why would I infect my self with the negative collective energy in such groups?

Ok, I’ll get to the point. But I would like to share my own story first.

After elementary school here in Norway, I didn’t wanna do any more school or education at that time. So I started working. The plan was to have one or two years of experience. Since that time, I had had a few jobs, kept them for a decent amount of time, and moved on. Actually, a long time on each job. (4,5 years, 1,5 years, 1,5 years and 5 years) Through all those years with working in a regular job, which I remember now as nothing really exciting. There was only ONE guy amongst the 200 people I probably have worked along, that was inspiring to work with.

He had plans. He was to become a helicopter pilot and engineer.

Later on, I actually did go to school. It was an expensive private school here in Norway. It was crap. Because their system didn’t work out, and teachers were bad. At times, I turned out to be a teacher there my self. While the other class started engaging lawyers because of bad follow-up, I was helping out. I spent 3 years there. The last year with my own office, until the school was closed down. I stole a couple of book as a substitution.

Here’s why a job is limiting

I’m going to leave out any studies or statistics done on this subject. And just mention some facts based on my own experience, conversations with people and actually, by basic and common thinking and understanding.

Your work is fixed

When you apply for and take on a job, you are setting your self in a position to do work that is mostly pretty fixed.There is very little room to be creative and do things your own way. Over time, this is not fun. And you will sooner or later get tired of your daily tasks and routines. Have you ever had this feeling?

And you will most likely start to figure out that this is some crap and not really something that you are meant to do. At least not for long. So the next natural mind flow will be to start dreaming about something else. Yeah, you know like looking out into the infinite with an empty yes, not snapping back in until you notice you are drooling.

One thing the inhabitants of this planet do not fully understand yet is that humans are energy! And energy never stops to move. So if you stop your motion over a too long period of time. It will start to hurt. Not only your body, but your mind and creativity.

It’s body, mind and spirit-limiting. Its like when I don’t get my daily kick practice or stretching. I can easily transform into ADHD-like kid high on junk-food.

You will have to roam amongst the mediocrity clan

One thing which will be common in a regular job setting is that most of the employees are not set into a scene where creativity, future planning, responsibility for their own success, growth-hacking or success building is part of the deal.

For you who already feel like bitch-slapping me so far in this blog post, thank you for still reading. But I’m NOT saying that ALL jobs are like this. Some people actually enjoy their jobs and feel good about it. A lot of people like and need to be told what to do without thinking for themselves.


It’s actually NOT common to love one’s job, so you don’t get to bitch-slap me. In fact, as I have mentioned in a previous blog post, over 70% of workers in the US either don’t care or actually hate their jobs!

You follow? That’s a few million people having negative thoughts at the same time!. And WE DO know now how collective mind-sets affect the world yes? You’re an “academic” and need reference? Sure: I’m not giving you the link, go find it yourself. Search for “group meditation reduce crime” or something. You’ll find one good example and the effect of this.

Or have a look at the Global Consciousness Project.

In a flock of people where common success principles or the duties of an entrepreneurial mind is not needed, you can’t expect to find the same kind of energy. It’s not really a Master Mind group you’re attending. This was one of my biggest issues with having a job, I was bathing in low energy mindsets every day. And what happens if you accept that in your life?

You will mirror that!

If you read this post, you may be in this position now. Be sure to follow along to the end of this post, as I will give some tips on how to end the suffering. (JOB Seppuku)

Big risk of not being the real you

I think this is the biggest issue and the reason why people do not engage in or enjoy their work. There can be many reasons, as we are in fact living on Planet Earth, and it’s fucking way off-balanced. Humans just can’t behave. So, there might be a lot of personal issues in life also involved in making your job cumbersome.

Or, what comes first. Is your life miserable because your work is crap. Or is your work so suffocating that it makes your life miserable and unbearable? Only you know.

Anyway. No matter how it is for you. You are special!… (add new-age music + waving arms around).

Ok, I’m not kidding actually. And I’m not saying “You are fucking special. Have a nice day”. I’m talking about you, who are reading this now. If you can tell me and confirm that you are aware of your own existence. You are special. So from there, we just need to figure out in what areas you are most special and have the best qualities in, and start to built on that.

Very often it is in areas and qualities you haven’t even found or acknowledged yet. But if you are not really happy with what you are doing right now, you are most likely in the wrong place doing the wrong thing.

You’re just dragging along having a survival job.

If you don’t get to be the real you over a too long period of time. You’re faking it. And it hurts if you have to do it for too long. This can lead to all kinds of downfalls. And suddenly you will tumble down the hill and find your self crying out loud from a pit full of mud.

You accept the common and traditional route of faked success

Like I said. Many people enjoy and love their jobs. And that’s fine. If everything is good, all is good, right?

Bless those people having a nice job they like. It’s also a good starting point for an even better job or as a possibility for starting on your own business later. Which some people do. Just remember, salary is pretty limited. Many people work like crazy to try go get that little pay raise with way too much effort. Even that is a scam.

But what most people are taught is that you should just get a job, no matter what! It’s actually very often part of the education scam. Go to school, your life depends on it! (horror-music here)

“You don’t know your self yet. And we don’t even teach you basic knowledge of life, spirit and purpose. BUT just apply here. And we will program you well and dump a big pile of debt at your front yard. Thank-you-very-much for following the herd”

Through my 17 years of Taekwon-Do practice (1.Dan -3 degree), and now 15 years as a trainer and coach. I have felt really bad watching all the students really suffering and struggling with school. Me and a fellow trainer colleague of mine saw that it was actually Taekwon-Do practice who brought them up, make them grow and expand. And school that brought them down.

Over time, I have had the chance to follow many of them. And what I see is that some of those not making it with education end up with shit jobs just to make life even worse. There is no system in place to catch them or teach them the most important stuff in life. Instead the educational system messages you and says: “Please try again”.

Again, for some people school is just fine. And you know, some career paths actually need some kind of education. Like lawyers, doctors, chemists or whatever. Though, this does not guarantee that you will have a job in the future. And even we are used to consider these jobs high paid, that’s also a joke compared to two main things. The shit-load of debt you end up with, and limited salaries. Not kidding.

I have seen several smart people building up their huge wealth based on great ideas, enjoying and loving what they do. And at the same time making a lot more money than a doctor or lawyer can expect to get paid. And that’s recurring! Not having to work all the time. AND, without education.

Just like Henry Ford, to mention one. The guy who started the car company way back.

How to quit my job in a good way?

I remember this one guy (Vishen Lakhiani) and his story from when I first read about him. He followed his parents expectations and went thought a fine education and ended up as a computer engineer. He got a job at Microsoft. Sounds cool? Well, he didn’t feel that way. Microsoft’s nasty work regime was crap, so he got himself fired after 2 weeks and never looked back.

Instead he became a meditation instructor. And he later became awesome and started a company called Mindvalley. Now other companies measure by them.

I don’t recommend just quitting your job, as this can lead to complication in survival. If you wanna take that risk and just be cool. Cool. But there is a better way.

You wanna be awesome too, and you become awesome because other people say you are. Not because you say you are. So be awesome at your shitty job and don’t start making trouble, steal (as many worn out employees do), or do a lousy job. Instead, do your best, be remembered and leave that job with a good reputation, a good feeling inside your self and have dignity.

This will leave you with two things from that job.

  • A good reputation
  • Good confidence in your own mindset

You can “lose” your job by making a decision that this will not last for long, and you will just use this job as a middle station for finding a better job you will enjoy. Or you will start something on your own. But remember, keep the upbeat attitude and do your best. Because that will shift your energy and attraction of something better.

Make necessary changes

Maybe the job you have now is fun, inspiring and fulfilling. Good. Some people have to do other people’s job also. But if you are in the group of 70-80% that don’t care or hate your job. Then this is something you should change. Start by being creative, take a stand and choose your self!

To recap on the main subjects of this post as to why your job is limiting:

  • Your work is static and fixed
  • You will have to roam amongst the mediocrity clan
  • There might be a big risk of not getting to be the real you
  • You join in on the common route of faked success paths

So, to clarify. This post is not about ditching those enjoying their current work life. It’s to be more clear and to trigger for change for those in the biggest group. Those that are not happy with their current job.

So, it has been written.