Inspirational people -7 success mentors you should follow (3/3)

In this series of 3, hopefully motivating blog posts about how important inspiring and motivating…

Inspiring People Success Mentors

You are now reading the last in this series of 3, hopefully motivating, blog posts about how important inspiring and motivating people can be to you. These blog posts are suggestions to 7 world renown mentors of the kind that have not gone the traditional way.

In this blog post I’m writing about Tony Robbins. This post is a little shorter than the previous ones, but nonetheless as important of a mentor that can shift your life in a different direction.

Tony Robbins – A gigantic mentor

Out of well known coaches and motivational speakers in this world, Tony Robbins has become one of those to reach celebrity status in the field now. He has got a pretty long career as a mentor, coach, motivational speaker and advisor. His seminars, self-help training programs, and books have helped several 100,000 people all over the world.

He has become an authority in coaching and leadership psychology. His well known audio training program for self-help and motivation has been the world’s number one best-selling for many years.

Among celebrities and world leaders, he has motivated, guided, and been an advisor for people like Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Mother Theresa and Bill Clinton. And that is just to name a few.

But Tony didn’t really have a nice and comfortable start in life. He describes his family life as chaotic and turbulent. Since his father could not support his family any longer, he ran off. Later after that, his mother started drinking and combined alcohol with pills and medical prescriptions.

You can read his own story about when he was 17, his mother chased him out of the house with a knife. He never returned back home.

His most important mentor in life

Jim Rohn, one of USA’s former well known authors and motivational speakers of self development became Tony Robbins’ most important mentor. Tony’s career actually started out with promoting Rohn’s seminars, which later on became Tony’s opening for starting his own career as a mentor and coach. He taught himself NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), and used this as part of his training and coaching program.

It shows that having positive and motivating mentors to follow, can really shift your life in a good direction.

It is Tony Robbins’ enormous insights and energy that drives the audience while having his seminars and lectures. By having his unique gift of connecting with people, combined with his own story from his childhood and what that taught him, Tony radiates a strong uplifting energy.

There is a lot of things that I could write about him. But the purpose of these 3 series blog post is to point you to a direction of finding interesting people that can make your life shift. To have a look at other successful peoples’ lives, and how it all turned out. They didn’t really start out with their fist full of money.

If you compare your own story to theirs, and then choose the right mindset, then you will see that everything is possible, as long as you are allowing the right thoughts to produce.

Last tip from the best self development books

If you are in a certain place in life now, where things are crap, and you have low motivation or purpose, there is one book I would recommend. I would say that this book is mandatory, and should replace much of the crap presented in school and educational system.

This book was published in 1937, and its author Napoleon Hill was a fantastic sharp guy. Most of the teachings and understandings in this book is never taught anywhere in any public schools, but it contains a lot of the most important lessons about life!

Pretty backwards.

The book is called “Think and Grow Rich”. You should have, or will hear about it sooner or later. Many of the wealthy and successful people know about this book.


Here is part one and two of this 3 part series, in case you missed them.

To your inspiration and motivation

So there you have it. Seven ordinary human beings like you, doing extraordinary things with their lives. Why not copy that? So now might be a time where you will ask yourself, but what ARE my passion and goals?

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