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You know how much impact your social environment, friends and family have on you? This…

Inspiring People Success Mentors

You might have read one of my earlier writings where I mentioned the importance of how you dress, just like the importance of who you relate to and hang out with. We humans mirror each other. Inspiring people who do great things out of their own will, an inner passion and courage are MUCH more uplifting than yawning people without purpose and meaning.

This will be a short blog series of 3 parts, where I introduce you to 7 inspiring people, business owners and mentors. This is part one.

Be aware! Social environment and relations have huge impact on you

Who do you consciously or unconsciously allow to guide your future?

I’m not really getting the impression that this is common knowledge. Most people know very little, or nothing, about how much impact their social environment, community, friends and family have on their own thoughts, behaviour and life habits.

Another, pretty concerning fact I’m observing is how hard it can be for someone to actually break off from a social relations or a group. Even if the person really is different, and want to be different and change.

Over time, you will mirror those you follow and walk with

Especially, and very often have I observed this with persons related to religious groups or families. As soon as they enter back into their family or group of friends, they immediately change back to whatever is needed to keep their social acceptance, no matter how much different they are, with their own beliefs, dreams, values and visions. It takes way too much courage and strength to dare standing up for their true self, that they rather choose to be actors and live others’ lives instead of growing and blossoming in their own true nature.

This is both sad and scary to watch.

It sure wasn’t school that brought the following mentors to success

I dedicate great respect to the following people and mentors I’m writing about in these blog post series. I find their well-being and success motivating because they didn’t really start out with ready wings and flying colors in the first round.

I also relate to their deeper insights and their kind of mindful understanding of life and universe. Because you can pick up these smaller details from their choice of words and how they talk about values, learning, how things come about and reasons why things happen in life. A more holistic and universal form of wisdom that actually makes them the wise men of wealth and inner success.

Elon Musk – Tesla Motors and SpaceX

Who is this? From a start, a pretty nerdy kid that taught himself how to program computer games together with his big brother. It later turned out to be the guy who started PayPal. He then sold it, and found out he wanted to fire up a rocket company and also just fucked up the automobile industry creating electric cars. Pretty cool actually.

Elon was bullied a lot in school, was regularly beaten up and so instead he decided to hide behind a load of books and read. “60 Minutes” asked Elon in an interview once: “Where did you get the knowlegde to start a rocket company?”

Elon replied: “Well, I read a lot of books, talked to a lot of people. And had a great team…”

He is the superhero who now, by virtue of its own volition and dreams and 100% risk on his own last money at the time, runs Tesla Motors and SpaceX. He has already revolutionized the transport and car industry, and at the same time annoyed a lot of cool people who think they know best. I’m telling you: There is something about this man the future will know, and the past will remember!

Listen to his interviews, get to know his story and watch the documentaries about him. Notice Elon’s personality and what he talks about.


Will Smith – probably a well known actor

If you haven’t heard about this beef life athlete, maybe you also haven’t heard about the world actually being a round planet (not flat). Even if this cool actor seems to be just like any other dose of Hollywood noise, he’s actually got some other pretty nice life values and attitudes than the general celebrity.

From his early childhood, Will and his siblings got some pretty strict teachings from their father. Not violent or bad, just direct and strong teachings that made them more ready for the real life challenges. Like Will says with his own words: “I’d rather DIE trying, than ever giving up”…

Their dad had a great idea one nice summer day when they where kids. He tore down his whole brick-wall in front of his business. Will as a 12 year old and his brother being 9 years old where told to rebuilt this wall back up! Something they consider totally impossible!

But, after 1,5 years the huge brick-wall was back up and smooth. Having their loving father telling them, “Dont EVER come and tell me that theres anything you can not do!”…

The way Will Smith got his worldview is that, your thoughts become things. You become what you think. The power of the mind will give you experiences, so choose them wisely. One of his personal values is to stand up for your spiritual responsibility, be different and be something for other people. One of his favorite books is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

Watch this video about him:


Steve Jobs – Some computer stuff. Apple I think…

This fascinating, weird guy is no longer walking on this planet, but he has really left his legacy and mark for us to learn from. This blog post is written on one of his gadgets. Steve Jobs was not really a bright-head at school. In fact, after six months he dropped out. He chose instead to go join some calligraphy classes instead of getting stuffed with useless facts.

So it wasn’t really his education that got the seed of Apple to grow. And it was not his less-good friend from Microsoft that accelerated his career, but instead his enormous inner passion and driving forse. And sometimes a manic obsession in details and expectations that led his products and his company to what Apple is today. With their unique products that customers all over the world say “they love”. A company that was started with his buddy in his parents’ garage.

Steve Jobs says: “If you don’t got the passion and dedication in what you do, you will give up”

Read the following words from Steve:

“Here’s to the crazy ones -the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently -they’re not fond of rules. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things”

Anybody recognizing themselves here?

Watch the well known speech at Stanford University

Those that stand out and are different – changers

What is it that drives these people to their personal feats and success? There are some general repeating facts and gestures that make them stand out from the crowd.

  • Intense spirit and dedication
  • Never giving up
  • Never stops believing in their own dreams and goals
  • Got a true insight and knowing in what creates their reality

Now this might be something you wanna write down and remind yourself about at times. If you think that your possibilities are limited and that you, your dreams and goals probably can’t happen, for some reason. Then you are in fact right!

Then again, if you got a secret dream, a goal that burns like a tiny flame inside you and never goes away, and think that this can happen and become a reality – then you are also right.

I’m saying this again: If you are a little “crazy” like Steve Jobs, or many other heroes and great personalities, and got some big dreams and goals in your life. Sorry, but most people around you won’t match your energy.

You know, many people find this cynical, ego-minded and cold. But cut off dream-killers and other negative energy-draining people. This is about you, your life, your values and dreams. It does not mean to kill off friends and family and disconnect them. But you don’t have to keep them on your lap all the time!

Unless you are drowning in really heavy negative people, then you actually have to do some sorting out! You may let these people go and have them keep their shitty pond of bud to play in as long as they find this wonderful. Move on and find the well of more sparkling fresh water instead. Start changing your mindset so that you also will follow the track of those who have done great things like the mentors in this blog post.

And you WILL have change.

Be sure to read the second post in this 3 part series here.

Maybe it’s time for YOU to change and do something different.