Inspiring people -7 success mentors you should follow (2/3)

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Inspiring People Success Mentors


Inspiring people -7 success mentors you should follow

Did you get to read the first part of this blog series of 3 posts on inspiring people? Elon Musk, Will Smith and Steve Jobs are 3 mentors really worth getting to know more about. Their success comes from a huge inner passion and driving force present in all humans, but few actually cultivate.

This time you will get to know 3 new personalities which have created big time success in their lives. Maybe you find them less famous, besides Jim Carrey. But their starting point and history shows courage and gladiator-instinct that really should be something to adapt if you want some changes in your life.

Jim Carrey

Most people know this guy. His face as much as his way of being and the humor are familiar. He is famous for a lot of big hit comedy films, but went more sky-high after his first success movie, Ace Ventura -Pet detective.

But what actually distinguishes Jim Carrey from the herd and into a group of more conscious celebrities is his way of thinking around how we control and manifest the reality we live in. And therefore, our lives. Through thought and intentions.

It’s really nice to listen to his own story on how early in his career he was visualizing his own success and future. So around 1992 he decided to write himself his own check. In this payment check he wrote: “$10.000.000 – for acting services rendered”.

Jim dated his own check 3 years into the future, to around Thanksgiving in 1995. He kept this check all along in his wallet, wearing off more and more to it until it was barely readable.

Just before Thanksgiving in 1995 Jim got a call about his role in one of his first success movies, “Dumb & Dumber”. His salary would be $10.000.000,-

You will hear Jim Carrey talk a lot about his thoughts on the Law of Attraction, how to create your own reality and that what we put our focus on becomes our reality. Either positive or negative by your own choice.


Lewis Howes

Okey, let me now introduce you to other names that might not be just as flashy and well known as in the first blog post, or like Jim Carrey in this one.

Lewis Howes is a well known celebrity blogger, mentor and online business owner. His career both started and stopped taking a big hit and hard impact on the football field during one of his professional matches. His dream as a football athlete got crushed together with his shoulder, which forced him into setting some new goals and finding new dreams. A new career was born.

Like Lewis is saying: “Knowing what is possible in life when I commit to my vision and pursue it with 100% passion… anything is possible”

Without having any business education, background or understanding in how to run a business, he started one for him self. From feeling totally lost, sleeping at his sister’s couch for some time, he now runs his own million dollar business online totally based on his own learning and self education. His programs, seminars and coaching trainings have put him on the top of the list. And his way of being around people, seeing them for what they are and his spirit of giving makes him well known online as a self made millionaire and business owner. A wonderful guy.


Vishen Lakhiani

Probably a name most people haven’t heard about, unless you are in my playing field and business. Or, maybe you have heard about his company, Mindvalley. I wrote an article about them that was published in a couple of mindfulness magazines in Norway and Denmark, well received from the audience because of the fresh and uplifting story about this company in Malaysia.

Couldn’t stand Microsoft

The founder of Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiana started from the ground up as usual. The story begins in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia where his parents pushed him to go through the ordinary route of education followed by an expected success with a cool job and great happiness. So he was shipped to the United States for his computer engineer education.

Later, after he completed education, the next step was to aim high in Silicon Valley, and Microsoft. This sounded awesome. But Vishen embodied a different nature and spirit! After just a few weeks, he got himself fired from the company. The rough and cold work regime, stress and overwhelming demands killed all his work spirit and happiness.

Started from the bottom again, in a shabby apartment

So Vishen started over. As a New York citizen having a pretty shabby apartment in a rather more shady district, he had his own little practice as a meditation instructor. Having his roots from India/Malaysia this was a pretty natural thing for him to do, and he kept this business for 6 years. Over time, he now got the chance to spend time on his own inner passions and dreams, and started building his own Internet business from his apartment. Based on his own core values and worldview, he started building up a company where personal growth, fun, happiness self exploration would be the ideology.

This have now become the company Mindvalley, a business that has turned out to be something other companies compare themselves to and start to copy. Because of their innovative and liberal office culture and work ethics, they now have employees that just love their jobs.

A completely new way of education

With “Mindvalley Academy” Vishen managed to create a really futuristic company, with a lot of online products aimed towards new ways of thinking about education, personal growth and inner strength. The company now have over 200 employees from over 30 different countries. And several times they won the price for having the most creative and liberal work office environment, with a freedom and flexibility that really motivates and makes the employees feel at home.

The company is motivating all their employees towards personal growth when they start in their new job at Mindvalley. This is also the reason the company doesn’t have any expectations of any formal educations, and the word “job” is really not used.

What a guy. What a creation.

Do you have the mindset of these mentors?

Let me remind you of what this blog series of 3 posts is all about. It is all about how humans think, the well established mindset that we drag along with every day.

The most dominating and repetitive thoughts we have define who you are, and therefore your future. If you are not really satisfied with the current thoughts and beliefs you have now, or for the future. It is time to start reprogramming yourself, your mind, to a better set of though-patterns that will benefit you, instead of limiting you.

It’s always a choice, whether you believe it or not.

Read and learn something from these mentors, the enlightened ones, that have walked their path and reach their personal successes. They didn’t just suddenly happen to be there. They GOT there based on their choices, inner focus and intention.

In the next and last blog post in this series you will read about one of the biggest names in coaching, a speaker and trainer with big impact!

Stay well.

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