Learn how to sense energy and changes in your life

What if you could learn how to sense energy and changes that makes up everyday…

Learn to sense energy

Learn to sense energy

When your life unexpectedly shifts and your energy or mood swings up and down like the stock market, you can feel pretty confused, drained, and sick. What if you could learn how to sense energy and changes that makes up everyday life? What if you could see that what you’re feeling is a collective event—that as alone as you may feel, the changes and emotions you’re experiencing are not limited to you and your life.

For several years, I have experienced days, and whole segments of weeks even, that seem to be filled with something best described as a thick fog bringing with it low energy, a bad mood, and plenty of other uphill battles.

On these days, I wake up feeling tired and drained. I feel low on energy, mindlessly limping around my apartment. Everything feels slow and cumbersome. The people and scenery around me seem like stills taken of some sad movie. My eating habits are terrible, and spending time doing my daily training rituals or going out into the forest is the last thing I want to do.

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When I get like this, my brain, being the drama-queen that it is, thinks there must be something wrong with us (my brain and I, that is). So my brain fires neurons that flood my mind with images of me getting sick. Or my brain tells me that we’ve been cursed by some nasty person who is clearly not in sync with the light I’m radiating into the world. Or, worse yet, that everything is going straight to hell—the world is simply coming to an end and everything we are experiencing is only the beginning of the mayhem.

But I knew better and overpowered the confusion

I did this by realizing that there is more going on in “the field” around us than what we experience and feel as individuals.

My mind has been well-trained to expect the worst, a trait carried over from my childhood. But that’s a whole other story, one I’ve even told before.

Before, when I woke with those bad feelings and my brain began its journey down the rabbit hole, and even now on days when I still feel low on energy for no real reason, I check in on the current state of the planet. I talk to people around me—friends, family, and my online community—to assess the overall state of my fellow citizens of the world. And I do this without implying that I myself am feeling anything. I want whoever I’m speaking with to reply honestly, unaffected by my “reading” or other observations.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]On days when I still feel low on energy for no real reason, I check in on the current state of the planet[/tweet_box]

What I discovered over time is that there is, very often, a synchronicity to all of this. That what I felt in my body and mind—that my intiutive sensations, if you will—was also being experienced by other people.

This energy was not something that was going on inside of me alone but rather a collective state of mind.

I educated myself and discovered it was not only me

For several years, I have spent a shitload of time educating myself about various esoteric and metaphysical concepts many people don’t bother themselves with. By doing so, I began to see that there are obvious clues that something has been going on.

And that “something” is part of the grand plan for our planet and the shift that many ancient texts and prophecies have been foretelling of.

No, not Ragnarök—this isn’t Hollywood and I’m not talking about doomsday unfolding and Earth imploding in on itself.

That shift is the upgrade of the spiritual “body” of the planet, and it can be a pretty hefty experience when it first starts to accelerate.

Over the years, [tweet_dis]I have found some interesting sources to follow in order to stay updated about the state of the planet[/tweet_dis]. I compare this information to my own state of being and those around me who I know well.

Learn how to sense energy and observe changes, globally

When I work with people to empower them to leave the old limiting norms and reach a higher level of self-mastery, I often refer to the same sources of information.

That’s because this information represents some of the best data and scientific indicators available to us to demonstrate what’s happening in the time we are now living in. And the data shows that this shift is accelerating.

There are a lot of things I could go into in this article, but there is simply too much for one post.

But I do want to share a few sources of information that you can use in your own daily life to check in on the current state of the planet.

Again, you, [tweet_dis]your electrical/biological body and mind, are part of the whole damn cosmic soup[/tweet_dis]. So if you haven’t already, get that into your head, stop complaining, and educate yourself in a way school will never allow you to.

The shifting of the Schumann resonances around the planet

I have written about the Schumann resonances before, so if you’ve never heard of it, be sure to check out this article.

Changes in the Schumann resonans data

But basically, this global “heartbeat” frequency surrounding the planet was discovered by Winfried Otto Schumann in 1954. It’s a vibrational pulse at 7.83Hz. It was a constant frequency mainly produced by all the lightning strikes taking place around the planet.

The thing is—it’s not constant anymore. This once steady frequency of the planet has shifted and skyrocketed. According to my last check, the frequency measured 38Hz! These waves and shifts of energy are coming and going and have been all year.

You can follow the live data from Russia here:

The solar storms and flares hitting Earth

A couple of years ago, I started to notice another pattern happening to myself. I have days where I simply feel charged, electric, buzzing, and even my hair stands on end. Sometimes I can’t sit still!

Life solar data
NOAA Solar data

I noticed that this happened too often when the sun had powerful eruptions hitting the planet. So, I started to follow Earth’s solar monitors.

You can follow the live solar data here:

The varying data from the Global Consciousness Project

What is the Global Consciousness Project? It started at Princeton University in the US.

Changes in the global consciousness

It monitors random data generated by 0 and 1 from different generators placed around the world. All this random data is fed to Princeton researchers and analyzed.

This data should be completely random, but it’s not alway so. The scientists working on this project have found that large worldwide events make the data more structured.

So, I follow the GCP Dot to see where the “global mind” is moving.

You can follow the live data here:

Be open to the cosmic energies—your own and others

I will be ending this article with this tip: learn to sense more of the energy in you, around you, and in other people. You are not “senseless,” anymore than you decide to be.

Also, be open to the way cosmic events affect the planets, the energy around the world, and our collective mind.

You are not alone. In fact, you’re even a part of me.